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Professional Adult Entertainers do a Feature Showcase at Big Als

There are the amateur house dancers and then there are the professional adult entertainers who represent too many virtues to count.

Picture of 19 Professional Adult Entertainers at a Pure Talent Feature Showcase
There were over 12 feature entertainers at Big Als putting on a feature showcase for the Pure Talent Agency. in March 2003. But one year earlier there were 19, each entertainer performing s special show each night for 3 consecutive nights.

Leslie Wells and Tristan Blue gave some of the finest performances ever by American professional adult entertainers.

I have seen and photographed many shows that this dynamic duo performed. But the best was their Elvis Presley show they performed at Big Al’s in Peoria, Illinois. Leslie who I knew was very good did not disappoint the crowd as she played Elvis. While Tristan played the part of a frenzied totally demented Elvis fan to perfection. Unfortunately, I was not shooting much video back in 2003. Because if I did, and if I had the cameras I have now, I could convey to you a sense of what Leslie and Tristan were really like.

Both women were superstars. And while I’ve watched Leslie Wells MC more than several adult events, I’ve only watched Tristan once or twice. But Tristan had a totally irreverent style that you might be able to get a glimpse of in my slide show video below.

Professional Adult Entertainers Tristan Blue and Leslie Wells imitating Elvis Preslie and an adoring fan
Leslie Wells playing Elvis on the left. Tristan Blue playing the part of the devoted fan of Elvis on the right. This duo of Tristan Blue and Leslie Wells in my opinion demonstrates the total dedication not to mention talent of the top feature entertainers in the U.S.

The basic difference between a house dancer and a feature entertainer is a house dancer works for a single bar. Whereas a feature entertainer typically travels across the United States to perform special shows for adult night clubs that are willing to pay premium prices for professional adult entertainers who have established excellent reputations in the adult entertainment industry.

I will try to provide several examples to show the difference between feature entertainers and house dancers. First, I don’t have the slightest clue as to what Leslie Wells pair for her Elvis outfit but it didn’t come cheap. For example, K.C. Cannons paid over $2000 for her robot costume. But I do know that a top-rated talent agency such as Pure Talent expected each one of their feature entertainers to be able to perform at least a dozen choreographed shows. To be able to do this, a feature entertainer had to spend many hours each week planning her shows. But not only that, each feature entertainer had to buy at least a dozen striking costumes to use in her shows.

I cannot say enough about the feature entertainers I got to know.

They were smart. They were ambitious. And they were a lot of fun to be around. While many of them, could successfully M.C. adult events all night long. Most of them had great senses of humor that they loved sharing with their audiences.

Professional Adult Entertainers Picture of Leslie Wells and Tristan Blue doing an Elvis show.
Click on the picture above to watch the video slide show.

Las Vegas Exotic Dancer Expo

Career Moves. Advice I would have given to a house dancer who’s interested in becoming a feature entertainer.

Club Maximus MS Texas is blueprint for Pattaya Dancing Queen 1V

Soi Six for the first time has a real dancing contest just like we did it for the Club Maximus MS Texas pageant.

Club Maximus MS Texas picture of Montana Steele with Winchester lever action rifle

I am the photographer shooting the M.S. Texas pageant for three nights straight.

There are nine contestants here competing for the MS Texas title. Six of them have driven here a long way to compete. And for what? Several of the girls are house dancers calling Maximus their home club. So, they haven’t traveled far to be here. But Raven Raines, Victoria Daniels and Montana Steele certainly have. I don’t recall how far Raven or Victoria have had to travel to be able to compete. But I know Montana’s from Louisville, Kentucky and that’s at least 1000 miles away. As for Raven, Vicki and Montana all three are feature entertainers hoping to compile credits that can add luster to their resumes as feature entertainers hoping for big future pay days from gentlemen’s clubs wanting to feature big name stars in special shows customers are willing to pay top dollar to watch.

I can hardly believe that I’m here. Getting my hotel room and meals paid for plus 10000 baht a night ($300). It’s all like one long dream that started in the airport parking lot in Las Vegas, while waiting for a shuttle bus that would take me to the Mandalay Bag Casino where the Exotic Dancer convention was being held. I had gotten eye contact with a man and went over to talk with him. Only to discover that he was also taking the bus to Mandalay Bay. When he found out I was a photographer going to the adult convention he told me he was the manager of Club Maximus in Wichita Falls, Texas. Within ten minutes of my meeting him, Vic Robinson had hired me to be his photographer for the upcoming M.S. Texas Pagaeant.

It’s pretty exciting shooting the shows of the contestants for Club Maximus MS Texas over three consecutive nights.

There’s a military base close to Club Maximus. This means there’s a lot of young guys who are probably hoping the Maximus house dancers win. Whereas the three feature entertainers are either totally unknowns or almost complete strangers to Maximus’s customers. Paige, who is my opinion that prettiest of the Maximus house dancer and the best dancer is winning on points after the second night.

This leaves Montana Steele way behind in second place but well behind n points as she enters the third days of the Club Maximus MS. Texas competition.

As for myself I am having the time of my life. I’ve got a great table close to the dressing room which gives me great candid views of the contestants when they are not dancing. While I have the club’s cutest waitress sitting next to me. She’s only twenty but for some reason she seems to have taken a peculiar special liking for me. Because she’s using my table as her own special place to relax while not serving the customers where she can watch the proceedings. Several times in betwern the shows of the contestants, Mirage asks me to shoot digital pictures of her dancing on the stage.

While I’ve gotta say that the Texans who work here are the friendliest most helpful club employees I’ve ever encountered.

Starting from the very moment I walk into the club, a total stranger, and the manager’s coming up to me asking me where he can plug my laptop computer in.

Since I drove my own car here, a two-seater Mazda Miata sportscar, I can eat at practically any nearby plase I want. But at least two of the feature entertainers want to come with me so I’ve got four of us in my two-seater sportscar. But on the last night Montana and I have dinner together, just the two of us. Because Montana plans on winning and she wants no distractions to keep our minds off the next night when the judges will decide who is to be M.S. Texas.

We stay up all night together talking about winning strategies for how Montana can come out from behind and win.

Most people don’t begin to realize how many costumes and sets of clothes feature entertainers must buy to remain competitive. Or that each feature entertainer is expected to be able to perform at least twelve different shows. So, when Montana asks me what she should wear, I tell her: Wear your cowboy outfit. And take your saddle and lariat with you when you do your last show. We are in Texas and Texans love their cowboys.

Paige was good. Very good for a house dancer. But she had one major weakness that Montana was able to exploit to a tee. She hung around the entrance to the dressing room way too much. Where she kept socializing with the other house dancers in the club. Whereas Montana kept walking throughout the club chatting up the customers, managers, as well as the other contestants. Despite having no sleep whatsoever, Montana was able to provide everyone with an arousing performance. To the applause of the entire club Montana became the new M.S. Texas.

The club’s general manager, Vic Robinson gave Montana a nice bouquet of flowers for her efforts. While I had a great time, pocketed nearly a thousand dollars, met several new women who would later become close friends. While also meeting the cutest waitress I ever met was an adult photographer. Vic Robinson would win up hiring me two more times to be his photographer for Club Maximus events (there were in all four Maximus clubs). And my waitress would win up winning M.S. Texas West in Abilene a few months later.

M.S. Texas 2002 as covered in the Looking Glass Magazine.

Miraage, 18-year-old waitress wins Miss Nude Teas West.

It looks like after all these years Maximus has moved to Austin Texas

Jack Corbett Adult Entertainment from 1995 to 2005

This sitemap is the key to experiencing 25 years of Jack Corbett adult entertainment in strip clubs and other adult venues. 

Jack Corbett adult entertainment cover girl Adrianna a del

Expect Extreme Writing, Extreme photography and Extreme Behavior from Jack Corbett Adult Entertainment

American Adult EntertainmentBooks by Jack Corbett
Looking Glass MagazineThe Writers Nook  (Strip club stories written while under the
influence of tequila and strippers)
Note.  The Looking Glass Magazine is a vast area that has been replaced by the Jack Corbett Pattaya Expat Blog.  It’s not been updated since December 2013.  But it still had a lot of great information in it.  For example, the “Twelve Jack Corbett Wonders of Pattaya”.  while the Writers Nook has a lot of short stories I wrote eons ago.
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