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Mimi from Nikky Bar competed for Pattaya Dancing Queen III on April 2, 2023, and although she did not win, she’s been in a lot of videos since then. Mimi dances with reckless abandon like no other. And if she’s on top of her game is a contender who can win.

Nikky Bar’s last night Mimi and Mali take center stage.

Nikky Bar’s last night. because on February 1 all businesses from Pattaya Dolphin circle to Naklua 33 are closed

Nikky Bar's last night Mali's on the microphone
Mimi and Mali

A lot of us were expecting one last big bash to celebrate Nikky bars last night. But when I talked with Nikky about it, she told me, “I want to go out quietly. And just have a relaxed evening. Nothing special. Which is about the way things turned out. I took Mali out for Japanese food at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort, so we arrived at Nikky bar after 9 p.m. Luckily Mimi was there, and I had brought my Nikon along hoping to get some passable video.

Mali on the microphone on Nikky Bar's last night
Mali sings us a song.
Nikky Bar's last night Mimi, Nikky and Mali
Nikky, Mali and Mimi

Before we started hitting the tequila too hard I had Nikky play “Get down Saturday night”, which Mali loves dancing to.

Now I know a lot of people will be asking me, “Is Nikky going to get another bar? But as of Kikky bar’s last night on January 31, 2024, Nikky was still undecided although if I were to bet, “she won’t. Or at least not in the short term.

So, Naklua’s taken yet another turn for the worse with Nikky Bar’s last night finally here.

Several years ago, Nikky had a much larger bar right on Soi 33 across from Grottinos Pizza. The bar had a pair of dancing poles. Had Nikky been able to keep her first bar our three dancing contests might have turned out dramatically different. Because the best pole dancers might have turned out to be the big winners. But the powers that be cleaned out the entire north side of Soi 33 to make room for a hotel where they could put even more Chinese, Koreans, and high sole Thais. Several good restaurants had to move away. And both Nikky and Cocktail bar had to move off that side of the street.

Gone forever are the Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions which no other Pattaya bar did before. Or it one did, did not do nearly so well. Which is sad. Because Pattaya lose its vibrant night life so that progress that practically no one wants can take place.

End of Naklua Bars last days here at Nikky Bar

I’m calling this the end of Naklua Bars since there’s just 3 days left for Nikkys bar which is being shut down.

But I am trying something different with these two videos and would like to have some feedback on my facebook page which method works better for you.

Click on the picture above to watch act 1 of the Last Days of Nikky Bar
Last Days of Nikkys Bar Act 2

All the bars being closed down between Dolphin Circle and Naklua Soi 33 is part of the ongoing sanitation of Pattaya. But the end of Naklua Bars is nearly completed. With the masses of Chinese tourists arriving, Naklua could well become Little China. While its a haven for wealthy Thais from Bangkok who used to view Pattaya with disdain. But not anymore. Pattaya’ now has just about everything Bangkok has. With an even better Terminal 21. And if it doesn’t at least Pattaya’s Termina 21 has airplanes in it. While Naklua has beaches whereas Bangkok doesn’t.

But the End of Naklua Bars started a long time ago. Gone is the Girl Beer Bar. And Pen and Malai bars. Not to mention Leo blues Bar. And as far as I am concerned there’s not a single exciting Naklua bar out of the few that are left.

So what’s next? Nikkys Bar closes tomorrow. For good. This means Mimi’s relocating to another bar close by. Mali is about the best drinking partner a man can ask for. But Nikky Bar will be missed. We’ve had three Dancing Queen competitions there. The music’s nearly always good here. Which I can’t say the same for most bars here in Pattaya.

I’ve done over 100 videos here at Nikky bar. FIguring roughly 250 videos on the Jack Corbett Video Channel this comprises a good portion of the total videos I’ve done. And considering all the Muay Thai videos I’ve done, bladed weapons video and other non-bar girl videos the Nikky Bar videos probably amount to close to 50 % of all my Pattaya Bar videos.

But stay tuned. The Jack Corbett video channel is not going away.

Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox with Mimi, Mali and the girls

And I’ve got my Nikon Z7 and Nikon 20 mm lense with me to capture some top-notch dancing at the Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox bar.

Click here or on the picture above to watch the video.

Mimi and Mali do not work here at the Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox bar. But Anna does. And Anna was my favorite mamasan on Soi Six at Smoke and Kisses. Which is the bar I’ve had more adventures and misadventures than in any other bar.

Although I’ve known Mali for 2 years now, I never thought she could dance. But over at Naklua’s Nikky Bar, Mimi’s the queen when it comes to putting a great dancing show on. More than any other woman I know Mimi dances like there’s no tomorrow with reckless abandon. While Mali rises to the occasion when she’s around Mimi and then some.

By now you are probably enjoying the video. But do keep in mind that Mali and I are picking out the music the girls will be dancing to.

So here’s my opinion about Pattaya bars and why we are here at Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox tonight.

Most Pattaya bars play shitty music. And most of them that do will not allow my Thai girlfriends and me to change the music. I have at least four friends who will immediately leave any bar that plays that electro crap I call Da Da Music. Most guys who stick around in any bar listening to it are tasteless barbarians in my opinion who I want to stay as far away from as I can.

And any bar owner or manager who allows his bar girls to play such noise is a man with either no balls or the brain of a goldfish.

I cannot begin to count the number of bar owners and bar manages who come up with the same lame excuse—the girls like to dance to it and that’s why I let them play it.

Mimi and Mali have nearly every girl in the bar dancing to the music we selected off of YouTube. Some of it is Thai and some isn’t, but it’s great dancing music. And both Mimi and Mali are excellent dancers.

I will soon be putting up several more videos we did at Nikkys Bar. Which once again shows off Mimi and Mali’s dancing skills.

But we will all be accompanied by a newcomer, this time a man, who gets into the music as much as Mali and Mimi.

Until the next series of video’s, the real reason we are here at the Soi Chaiyapoon Crazy Fox is it’s one of four bars owned by the same Thai lady. Who also owns Smoke and Kisses, Smoke and Mirrors and Lollytop bars on Soi Six. In all four bars my friends and I are allowed to play DJ as much as we like. While just recently I’ve had two managers of Soi Six bars tell me I can’t. One even after I bought both Mali and Mimi into the bar and my superlative Nikon camera. And to add insult to injury I had just about the manager a drink. The two men are not Thai. And you can be sure I won’t be spending much time at their bars.