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Pattaya Drinking Street boasted over 22 bars along with two top dancers Mam and Kwan

Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer Kwan’s older sister on Drinking Street

Kwan Mam’s older sister gets most of the attention for good reason but still deserves to be called “Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer”

Mam Pattaya superstar
Our gang continued to party with Kwan, But Mam, might have just been a better dancer than Kwan

Mam deserves being called Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer with good reason. Obviously Mam’s one helluva dancer was you will soon find out. After watching this video and other videos I’ve taken of her.

But being Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer takes a lot more than having a lot of dancing talent.

And I should know having taken over a hundred thousand pictures of American top flight feature entertainers. And after writing and publishing six books about Pattaya and American strip club entertainers.

Aspen Reign performing at Big Al’s in Peoria Illinois. It takes a lot of practice and an exceptional camera and lens to get shots like this.

Take Aspen Reign for example. Who won an unprecedented six Miss Nude World titles. And earning 25000 dollars each time she won. There were other feature entertainers who could dance as well as Aspen. But Aspen was extremely ostentatious. For example, she had her own Aspen Reign touring bus. While spending a huge amount of time preparing her shows. And a lot of money for her costumes and props. Aspen had personality in spades, but so did a lot of other terrific feature entertainers I got to know.

Mam deserves top billing as “Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer even though she never spent much time preparing her shows. Mam performed spontaneously. Doing whatever came naturally at the moment. And she oftentimes drank a lot of alcohol while she danced.

Besides being an excellent performer Mam’s main virtue was being totally ostentatious.

Which is why I start this video out with “Wild Thing” the number one hit in the US. on July 30, 1966.

Mam was so outrageous that she completely terrified one of my best friends. But she was one of the few Pattaya bar girls who I could have an intelligent conversation with.

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Mam dancing at the Frog Bar on Drinking Street

Kwan and Mam

LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan in Pattaya Thailand’s Drinking Street Bar

LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan camera on Pattaya Drinking Street demonstrating the superb video capability of the LX10 camera

Kwan with Lx10 Panasonic

In LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan the first time Big Daddy, Bruce and Kwan finally meet. With Big Daddy and Bruce, co-owners of the Teasers Strip club in Dotham, Alabama already bored here on Thailand’s Drinking Street, I manage to get my two friends to join me at one last bar.

Kwan’s now dancing at Frog Bar where I first met her. And shot a lot of video of her before she switched over to Koracha Bar. Both bars on Drinking Street. While now that Mam’s left Pattaya for Hong Kong, there’s only one superstar left on Drinking Street. And that’s Kwan. But I won’t say very much about Kwan in this post. Because you will be seeing a lot of her on the Jack Corbett Video Channel.

In this post, LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan, I’m going to write about why the LX10 camera still is the finest small camera you can buy and what qualities qualifies Kwan for superstar status.

In LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan Kwan’s dancing abilities are self evident. As in so many videos you will be seeing of her on the Jack Corbett Video Channel.

A lot of Thai bar girls are off the charts gorgeous. But too many of them lack personality. Or warmth. Or the ability to transcend what the other girls are doing. After living in Pattaya for 16 years I find most of them to be incredibly boring.

Whereas Kwan possessed the charisma all the others lacked. When Kwann worked at the Frog bar we all went there. And when she switched over to work at Koracha Bar, Koracha bar became our new meeting place. And only because Kwan worked there.

So who was in our group back in the days during Drinking Street’s heyday?

There was May May, my ex girlfriend who lived with me for six years. And there was Nikky who now owns Nikky Bar just 30 meters from Naklua Soi 33. Ross who was a professional photographer in the United States before he retired in Pattaya. Johannes, an Austrian who had been Johnson and Johnson’s number one salesman in Europe. And Johannes’s girlfriend Anne. Big Tom, who would marry Nikky before they’d break up seven years later. Who retired from the U.S. Airforce after twenty years of distinguished service.

And finally Richard who would join me on my condo’s committee. Who would wind up working with me fifty hours a week in our condo office. As we dealt with our condo’s bookkeeper who embezzled a million baht from our condo community. And lastly PlOne who just happens to be one of the finest computer programmers in the world. Who was my partner in developing my web site twenty-five years ago in the United States.

It’s nine years since I shot my first video of Kwan over on Drinking Street. And I’ve met and been with a lot of terrific looking bar girls ever since my girlfriend and I broke up.

But I have never met a single one of them would jump off her stage to meet me. Whenever I got even close to her bar.

Or who would follow me down the street a quarter of a mile. While she was still working her shift.

Kwan and I, and everyone who had joined us had gotten pretty loaded. But I was still feeling very strong. Intending to walk most of the way back to my condo. But Kwan caught up with me. Telling me, “Let me get you a taxi, Jack.”

By the time my LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan, I had been shooting most of my video’s with my Panasonic LX7. And when I shot the Return of Kwan at the Best Bar on Soi 8, Kwan was already living in my condo building. By then she was taking English classes at AUA. And studying English with my girlfriend in my condo.

Ok enough about Kwan other than to say I got to know her very well.

I’m now going to tell you a little about that LX10 camera which I’ve recently replaced with my new Panasonic LX100. Although I shot most of my Drinking Street videos with a Panasonic LX7. And even shot that Return of Kwan video at the Best Bar with the LX7, I’d probably be using the Panasonic LX10 camera forever if its wasn’t for that fatal Achilles heel its designers built into it.

What made both the Panasonic LX7 and LX10 so exceptional were their 1.4 Leica 24 by 70 zoom lenses. Which gave both cameras unparalleled low light capabilities compared to all other pocketbook size cameras. But the LX10 trumps the LX 10 with its larger sensor and 20 megabyte resolution whereas the LX7 could only manage 10 megabytes.

My new Panasonic LX100 should surpass my LX10 on just about all counts. It’s a bit larger. So it has more mechanical controls on its body that makes it much more easy to use. And it’s got a 4/3 size sensor to the one inch sensor of the LX10.

But even though it’s got a a 1.7 24 by 70 mm zoom lens which should still be great for shooting in low light, the Panasonic LX100 does not even come close to the LX10 in low light.

In this LX10 Panasonic meets Kwan video, you won’t find one hint of the LX10’s fatal flaw. Unfortunately Panasonic’s engineers adopted an automatic lens feature in the LX10 that protects the lens as soon as the camera shuts down. And exposes the lens as soon as the photographer turns the camera on.

I learned about this defect when I visited B & H photo in New York City. B & H photo is a huge photography store that encompasses nearly an entire city block. At B & H photo I found a Panasonic representative who demonstrated the LX10’s fatal flaw. “It’s that automatic lens protector that’s at fault here,” the Panasonic, representative continued. “Because eventually it will get stuck when dirt, sand or other debris collects in the mechanism.”

The Panasonic representative’s warning would come back to haunt me. Eventually the automatic lens protector of my Lx10 would open only half way due to whatever debris accumulated there. I took it to a camera shop to have the debris removed. Resulting in the LX10 working perfectly again. For an entire half hour. Now I prefer my new NIkon D780 which is as close to perfection as it gets. And I carry my new Panasonic LX100 due to its portability and unobtrusiveness.

Gang of Seven on Drinking Street a blast to the Past

Gang of Seven harkens back to the days Drinking Street had over twenty bars and some of Pattaya’s finest bar girls

Drinking Street Gang of Seven video

Not long ago, pre Covid 19, Drinking Street was one of our favorite hangouts. Usually it was Kwan who was the center of our attention. But we often hung around Mam, Kwan’s older sister.

In this video you will experience the Gang of Seven. And a hot dancer at the Yupin Bar. Where the French owner often bought us drinks.

I will be the first to admit that this Gang of Seven video is not the finest video I shot down on Drinking Street. And nowhere close to what I’d do later at Nikky Bar in Naklua. I was using my Panasonic LX7 back then. Which was a great camera back in 2015 or so. But I would replace the LX 7 with the Panasonic LX10 which was a huge step up in performance.

I’ve also been using Nikon DSLRs which are absolutely top shelf.

But this video of the Gang of Seven brings us back to the good ole days when Drinking Street was jam packed with bar girls and customers. It was one of the best places to be in Pattaya. And it had a lot of hot women. But now Drinking Street has been bull dozed over. To be replaced by God knows what kind of atrocity.