Most dangerous Bar is Soi Six Repent Bar

Because someone is ordering six tequilas straight off, Repent Bar is the most dangerous bar on Soi Six.

six tequilas for four of us makes Repent bar Soi Six's most dangerous Bar
Koy and Koy makes Soi 6 Repent Bar the most dangerous bar

The sheer quantity of tequila Koy and Koy bring us makes Repent Bar the most dangerous bar on Soi Six.

Here I am quoting Mali, all 34 kilos of her. We have just had one Long Island tea at Pattaya’s Centara Grand Mirage Resort each to go with our Japanese food. That’s six shots of alcohol in each of our glasses. So when Koy joins us at Repent Bar, I start warning Mali, “Are you sure you want to start off drinking so much tequila?” Mali does, but I already know what’s going to happen to us.

Suddenly six shots of tequila are placed in front of us. Courtesy of Koy and Koy. Koy number one’s the cashier, while Koy number two is the girl I had always figured was the pick of the litter here at Repent bar. This is the younger of the two Koy’s who at the tender age of 24 tied Gee in the second Pattaya Dancing Queen competition we held at Nikky’s bar on Naklua Soi 33.

Mali gets three sheets to the wind early; thanks to all those tequilas we drank early on. Koy and Koy buying several of them for us. Of course, Mali and I buy more in return but it’s the principle here that counts. Most bar girls never buy customers drinks. Which is a huge factor that makes Repent Bar the most dangerous bar in Pattaya. For us. But Koy’s not working tonight. And although Repent bar is Koy’s bar after a few tequilas she tells Mali and me that she’s free to go anywhere with us. Which means I don’t have to pay any barfines.

So, the three of us head to Sex in the City.

Because one of Koy’s best friends just stopped working at Repent Bar and started working at Sex in the City. Which suits me just fine because I have always liked this particular girl. She’s pretty for one thing with a dynamite little body that’s unlike any I’ve ever seen on Soi Six. Or anywhere else. She also has a lot of attitude. That separates her from the rest of the pack.

You won’t see a lot her in this video, however. If any. But it’s Koy, even more than Mali we will see the most of in this video. And it is Koy who will stay with me for two hours after I’ve put Mali on a motorbike taxi to take her home. Koy and I will leave Sex in the City and head to Sweet Bar next. Where we immediately join the bar’s manager. Then we head to Playpen where the Playpen girls help Koy get up and down from a table where she puts on a great show. Our final stop is Repent Bar, where we have our last shots of tequila and whatever else I ordered.

Get Down Saturday Night dancing contest Ideas for 7/7/2024

These two videos show how we would do at Get Down Saturday Night dancing contest to be held July 7 on Soi Six

Gene got this picture of us after Mali and I danced to Get Down Saturday Night

When I first saw Oliver Cheatham’s Get Down Saturday Night being performed on Netflix’s “Ex Machina” I was so impressed that I looked up the credentials of Sonoya Mizuno and Oscar Issac. Then I kept asking myself, can Mew dance so well as Sonoya? Mew had won all three dance contests Nikky and I held at Nikky’s bar. So, if any of my Thai lady friends could do it, she’d be the one.

But Mew’s been out of the loop for a spell, and we have no idea of when she’s to return to Pattaya. While lately I’ve reacquainted myself with Mali. Who I’ve found loves to dance and hit the Tequila with me.

And Get Down Saturday Night has captivated Mali as much as it has captivated me.

Now that Nikkys bar no longer exists, I have had nowhere to go to hold my dance contests. While my birthday is coming up way too soon.

Tonight, out of all the nights I’ve watched Mali dance to Get Down Saturday Night pulled some of our ideas together. While ironically the bar partied at was not on Soi Six. But on Soi Chaiyapoon. Nevertheless, we still had a strong Soi Six connection there. Anna, the mamasan of the Crazy Fox had been the long time mamasan at Smoke and Kisses on Soi Six. While Gene who has for years been one of my favorite drinking partners used to live on Soi Six.

But there were four of us meeting together at the Crazy Fox. Mali, Gene, Chris and myself. And I had met Chris at my birthday party when Mew had won 20000 baht for her third Pattaya Dancing Queen win in a row. Since Chris had been one of the five judges, our night out at the Crazy Fox got me thinking again about dance contests.

Mali and ____ at Soi Chaiyapoon’s Crazy Fox.

After my two friends left and I put Mali on a motorbike taxi to take her home, I truly felt I had not drunk nearly enough alcohol. While knowing deep in my heart that Soi Six would be the panacea I needed. Soi Six was waiting for me and I didn’t want to go home until at least 3 a.m.

I found Koy over at Soi Six Repent bar. Then I headed across the street to Hot Shots. To have enough Thai whiskey’s, Tequilas and Yaegar Meisters to get me to do some solid thinking.

Gene shot the following video of Mali and I dancing to Get Down Saturday Night.

picture of Gene who was a great help videoing Mali and I dancing to Get Down Saturday Night
My pal Gene with Mali and ____. Gene was a godsend learning to shoot some great video with my Nikon Z7ii camera.

And this is what I’ve come up with so far. If we hold this contest there will be two competitions. One for the lady who can dance the best to Get Down Saturday Night. While the other would-be a sexy lady pushup contest. Now don’t get me wrong. I have no interest in any Thai lady who has huge muscles and can do the most pushups. I am looking for slender gals with great dancing moves who can put a real sexy show on. And I am willing to pay the girl who wins 5000 baht. And another 5000 baht for the girl who is the best at performing “Get Down Saturday Night”.

Chris playing pool.,

You might also want to watch Mew winning 1st place and 20000 baht at the third Pattaya Dancing Queen contest.

Face in the Crowd from Death on the Wild Side

Tom Petty’s Face ‘in the Crowd was the inspiration for this sample chapter of Jack Corbett’s Death on the Wild Side.

Face in the Crowd inspired the final chapter of Death on the Wild SideDeath on the Wild Side
Jack not only wrote Death on the Wild Side, but he also created it from the typesetting, cover design, the photography. sizing of pages, and graphics arts design. For example, Jack chose Arianna a del as his model. And long after shooting hundreds of pictures of her he picked what he felt was the perfect picture of the alluring stripper whose personality and inner self is totally unknown to her audience. One sees her from the side on the book’s front cover with her body and face turned sideways to the camera. On the book’s back cover, Jack created a transparent image that can barely be seen. Arriana, even though there are two pictures of her on the book’s covers, is still a total enigma.

Then there was Lori. Slender and quick in her movements, she had a mind as agile as her body. She could read a man like a book. Always alert, she listened to everything he said, Yet her eyes would occasionally move about the room like a ferret. Making sure that one of her other customers didn’t walk in and leave without her saying hello or goodbye. She’d smoked cigars and drank a lot of booze with him. She had been serious, and she had been impish. He pushed a cassette into the tape player. It was Tom Petty, who is very appropriate, thought Frank. Lori was a master of her craft. She could make all her customers feel important, always the perfect companion.

Tom Petty’s voice filled the interior of the pickup. He was singing A Face in the Crowd.

It was Frank’s favorite selection on the tape. Definitely not a ballad, it had nevertheless always made him think of the Old West, and for some reason, that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, about Billy the Kid. He had first heard “Face in the Crowd” while visiting a friend in Oregon. The two of them had listened to the audio tape while driving to Mount Hood with their skis in ski racks on top of a Mazda.

The friend was a very good friend–a fearless skier, who had left a secure job in the Midwest, in order to live how he wanted to live in the West. This friend was the only person in the world Frank wrote to, the written word being the form of communication chosen by both men to bridge the 2000 miles separating them. The man had never had a secure job since moving to Oregon, but he had nevertheless carved out a life of his own choosing on his own terms. Larry had been born one hundred-fifty years too late. For that matter so had Frank. The souls of both men were alike in that they did not belong in a century of civilized constraints.

They had driven to the Oregon coast where they stayed several days along the ocean. Where they picked their way around boulders, littering the beach, and hiking through Oregon’s rain forests.

Larry and Frank had drunk lots of beer together in Oregon’s brew pubs where homemade ales were served. They had skied Mount Hood racing each other to see who was the fastest that year. The two men had ridden chair lifts while getting soaked as wet heavy snow fell on them from the skies. And through it all they discussed anything and everything: their marriages, their careers, politics, farming, history, life, death.

Frank couldn’t make out most of the lyrics in A Face in the Crowd. What was important was the impression he got from the music.

It was tied to the West–the Old West–even though no one but Frank would get the connection.

And it was tied to Lori.

The crowd was all those people out there going about their daily business, scurrying about between job and grocery store and all those mundane things and places that most people preoccupy themselves with.

An individual gets lost in the crowd–crying out for someone like him–but the crowd is too busy frantically trodding the treadmills of life to notice or to care. The soul sees a river of faceless people flowing around it and drifts away in lonely isolation. Then a face comes out of the crowd, a light. It takes shape and touches the soul. Perhaps for a fleeting moment, an instant of time only, the isolation is penetrated as one soul touches another. The two recognize one another, and both know that they are not alone.

Buy Death on the Wild Side and anyone of Jack Corbett’s five books at the Jack Corbett bookstore.

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