Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants all nine their complete shows 7-31-2022

With 24000 baht going to the winners here’s the complete shows of all nine Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants

Mew best of the Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants
Mew’s show good for 1st place and 13000 baht.

Number one cash prize goes once again to Mew. Who won 4000 baht in the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition here at Nikky Bar. on 4/2/2022. This time four months five out of five judges decide it is Mew who will win 10000 baht. While deciding Mew should get 4000 baht for putting on the best show.

That was on my birthday, 4/2/2022, and I had barely spent 15 minutes talking with Mew. I had already decided to take Minny with me to compete for Pattaya Dancing Queen. Because I I already knew her and felt she would do well in the contest. But something inside me told me to ask Mew to compete. And her show was sensational. But the judges had decided Gee and Apple tied Mew for first place.

So the judges decided the three women should have a dance off. Where all three could dance together.

In the dance off which you can view here, it was no contest. Mew simply blew the other two women away.

Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants huge surprise is Koy a total rookie winning second place
Click here to watch Koy tie Gee for 2nd place.

Koy’s the novice in this group of Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants. Koy drinks orange juice or coca colas. But never mind. She’s the cutest woman I’ve seen at Repent Bar. And from what I had seen of her there, she couldn’t dance worth a lick. Unlike all the Nikky Bar girls who had already either competed or watched the other Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants in April. Or Gee and Mew, who are virtual dancing machines. Who had competed against each other before, Koi was pretty clueless about what was expected of her.

Notice that Koi’s choice of music is what I call Da Da. It’s all that electronic “music” they play in so many bars here in Pattaya.

It’s not even music. There’s only two beats. I can only compare it to someone scratching a glass window with his nails. Resulting in a god awful screeching noise. It’s so bad that no one listens to it in the U.S. Not even sixteen year olds. But they play so much of this horrible noise in her bar that she probably thinks it’s normal.

In the group videos I put on YouTube and here in my blog that Koy is seems painfully shy compared to the other girls. But here she’s awesome.

She’s so beautiful. And watch the way she shakes her hair. She’s the girl you might dream about. And for these five judges, her beauty is off the charts. So, I couldn’t believe it when she tied Gee for second place. Good for 6000 baht if there were only one second place winner. So, we decide to split the prize money up between Koi and Gee, each girl taking home 3000 baht.

Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants all nearly outdone by Gee who ties Koy for second place
Click on the picture below to watch Gee tie Koy for 2nd place.

Out of all the Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants Gee represents the epitome of sensuality. Take it from me, no one gets the heart racing the way Gee does. But in several ways Gee and Mew are a lot alike. Both women are professional dancers. If I take Mew or Gee into other bars with me, they will be dancing. With the bar girls inside watching them in awe.

Gee’s first performance in the April Pattaya Dancing Queen contest was pure perfection.

But Gee had never counted on the appearance of a Mew. The contest ends in a three way tie. But it took over an hour for the judges to count all the votes. And decide that the three winners should have to dance against each other in a final show down.

I hadn’t had a single drop to drink. And still didn’t until after the three Pattaya Dancing Queen contestants finished their final act. But in that hour, Gee thought it was all over. And started drinking heavily. So when you watch the final showdown between the final three, you will notice that both Apple and Gee are looking down at their feet. Instead of getting eye contact with their audience and the five judges. And Gee’s not as coordinated as she was in her first show. While Mew, who’s a non drinker, is in total control. She’s charismatic. Her dancing is impeccable. Her eyes take in the crowd. While she blows the other two contestants away.

But Gee’s not going to make the same mistake twice. It turns out she’s near sighted. Which doesn’t help her make eye contact with the audience.

So three nights before the contest she buys contacts. She goes out to buy the perfect outfit that can give her the edge over the other Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants. She spends hours upon hours picking out her music that she will have the band play. This time she doesn’t make a single mistake. She’s better than she ever was before. But so is Mew.

Our of 9 Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants Nee Nee comes in third
Nee Nee contestant number 5
Click on the picture above to watch Nee Nee win third place.

Nee Nee wins a cool 4000 baht for third place. In the April Pattaya Dancing Queen Contest Nee Nee didn’t even come close to placing in the top three. Her performance was completely boring. But I’ve known Nee Nee for over two years now. I know that she exercises everyday in her room. And does a lot of dancing. And then she’d send me these short video clips of her performances. Wearing hair extensions one would hardly recognize her as the Nee Nee with short hair. So I asked her to have her hair long. And Nee Nee listened.

And Nee Nee’s too damn smart to be playing that electro crap Da Da noise. So she chooses her music carefully.

And selects “Sexy Girl” which is Gee’s favorite song.

Right after she finishes her performance I accuse Nee Nee of stealing Gee’s music. But I’ve also noticed that Nee Nee was dancing a lot like Gee in her April 2nd performance. So I accuse Nee Nee of stealing Gee’s dancing style. And Nee Nee doesn’t say a word back to me. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” And as I’ve said before, Nee Nee’s a very smart lady.

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