Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen is Pattaya Beaches Calendar cover

None other than Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen makes the front cover of the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen
Minny (contestant number 5) and Mew 45 minutes between Pattaya Dancing Queen 1

Why is Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen?

Obviously, what makes Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen she’s won both competitions we’ve held here at Naklua’s Nikky Bar. Winning 4000 baht back in April 2022. While defending her title on July 31, 2022, when all five judges awarded her 10000 baht for being the best dancer. And another 4000 baht for best show.

But there’s a lot more to being a queen than being the best performer. A real queen has impeccable manners. I had spoken to Mew for something like 20 minutes when I first met her. But something inside me told me to enter her into the April 2nd, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition Nikky and I held at her bar. Having no idea how well she could perform. After Mew won, I put up the video onto my YouTube channel. And entitled it, “Mew Lust Bar’s Enigma is the Girl we never knew.”

But now that I’m getting to know Mew much better, I’ve learned to appreciate the fine qualities that’s made Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen.

And not just once, but twice. Mew like any good queen who measures up to her title consistently shows gratitude to those who have treated her well.

Examples of how Mew shows gratitude is when we go bar hopping together. And how before we leave for the next bar Mew seeks out the bar’s manager or owner to thank him for his hospitality.

Or when the bar girls keep asking me to buy them drinks. Truth is most bar girls are gold diggers who don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone outside their families. Which is why when a bar girl I’ve never met before asks me where I come from, I reply, ‘I come from Naklua sip hok. I same same Khung Thai.” And then when the girl asks me my name I reply, “My name ATM.” And that’s how most bar girls view us foreigners (falang). ATM’s. They push the right buttons, and we give them money.

Mew understands this. And appreciates the integrity of my money.

A fact that Mew pointed out to me at Repent Bar when one of the bar girls asked me to buy her a drink. Both Mew and I ignored the bar girl, and then Mew told me, “Notice that I’m not asking you to buy these girls drinks.”

I find that most bar girls are totally unable to plan more than 12 hours in advance. Most are totally unreliable. Unless you are paying them shitloads of money. And totally clueless about being on time.

But that’s not Mew. For example after we had gotten to know each other a lot better.

Nkky Bar’s Twin sisters celebrating their birthday party with Mew and Nee Nee
Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen winner with other contestants first competition
The contestants for the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on April 2, 2022. From
left to right, Apple, Pon, Mea, Minny, and Nee Nee. Gee’s somewhere else so she does not
appear in this picture.
Mew winning the Pattaya Dancing Queen title on April 2, 2022

Unbelievably the judges decide it’s a three-way tie between Apple, Gee and Mew and rule
there will be a three way dance off between the three winners.
Mew, Apple and Gee getting their prize money after being announced Mew Dancing Queen, Apple runner up and Gee second runner-up.
Mew defends her title to become Pattaya Dancing Queen again on July 31, 2022

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