Pattaya Dancing Queen 3 competition Complete Shows page two

This is page two of shows of all contestants for the April 2, 2023, Pattaya Dancing Queen 3 competition. held on April 2, 2023

Pattaya Dancing Queen 3 competition
From left to right, Mew representing herself, Mimi from Nikky Bar, Nee Nee from Nikky Bar, Phan from MJ Kitty Bar, Koy from Repent Bar, Gee from Smoke and Kisses and Mimi from the Playpen Bar.

About the contestants for Pattaya Dancing Queen 3.

I have Mew representing herself. Because although she represented Lust Bar on Soi Six the first time she competed. And won, she has worked in several go go bars on LK Metro and Walking Street. Mimi (from Nikky Bar) is a friend of Nikky’s, the bar owner, who was not working for Nikky during this competition. Nee Nee free lanced out of NIkky Bar. While Phang works out of MJ Kitty bar (sometimes).

Next is Koy, who I’ve felt for some time is the number one girl from Repent Bar. While Gee is wherever although I originally met her at Smoke and Kisses. Last is Mimi, but I met Mimi at the Playpen Bar. But I have no idea where she is as the latest is Mimi’s working at a go go bar.

Contestant number 4 Nee Nee representing Nikky Bar
Contestant number 5 Pang representing MJ Kitty Bar
Contestant number 6 Nikky Bar’s Mimi
Contestant number 7 Mew winning the title for the third time in a row.

In this video I am handing out the prize money to Mew, Nee Nee, and Playpen bar’s Mimi.

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