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Trump and U Grant Traitor and Patriot

Trump and U Grant pits the worse president in 250 years of American History against perhaps the greatest American patriot of all.

Trump and U Grant human skulls from the battle of Cold Harbor
1250 Union soldiers were killed in the first few minutes at Cold Harbor. When it comes to Trump and U Grant, in spite of Grant’s relentless drive to victory no matter what the cost, Grant was a true patriot who was completely devoted to ending the American Civil War. Which was the deadliest war in American History. Donald Trump is a melomaniac devoted only to himself and holding onto power to the extent of starting a new Civil War between Americans. There’s Fascism, and there’s Communism. And now there’s Trumpism which is the most demonic force in the entire course of American History.

All of us will never understand how diabolical Donald Trump is unless we compare Trump and U Grant who ended the American Civil War

Because you don’t have to do much research to understand how deceitful he is. The man’s more than your normal piece of crap liar. Under his watch the covid 19 virus has already killed more than 300000 Americans. Trump showed Americans they don’t have to wear a mask by example. Nor has his vice president–Mike Pence. The man is obviously a selfish prick. Who is out for Donald Trump number one at the expense of his country. But enough about Trump. Just listen to him talk. No sane rational man can embrace what is so clearly self evident.

But out of all of Trump’s sins the worse thing he’s done is to promote Civil War in the United States while trying to disenfranchise over 60 millions American voters so that he can remain president. His repeated challenges to the will of the American voter by using the courts to invalidate this November 2020 presidential election is a direct attack on American Democracy. It is a whole system of government with all its checks and balances. Thankfully all of his attempts to use the American judiciary to overthrow the will of the American people have failed. Including the latest decision by the Supreme Court to strike down his attempts to sabotage the American voter.

To understand Trump and U Grant I feel compelled to explain who Ulysses S. Grant was and what he achieved to insure the survival of the United States of America.

Because few Americans read books anymore. While very few read real newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal or the Christian Science Monitor. So now I’m going to tell everyone a lot about Ulysses S. Grant and just how great a man he was.

To those who are utterly ignorant of their nations History, the U.S. had a Civil War from 1861-1865. 600000 Americans died. during the Civil war, the most deadly war in our History. The American Civil War pitted the Northern States against the Southern States which established its own separate nation. The main Southern Army was led by Robert E. Lee. who is generally regarded as a military genius who fought the Northern Armies to a standstill.

In spite of the North having 30 to 100 percent more soldiers. But by 1863 the North found a new commander in Ulysses S. Grant who won all his major battles on the Western front in Tennessee and Mississippi. Grant was an alcoholic, the word went out. So when Abraham Lincoln heard the rumors, he remarked, “Find out what kind of whiskey Grant drinks and give it to all my other generals. At least Grant is a fighter.

But Grant never had to face Bobby Lee before.

Eventually President Lincoln made Grant the overall commander of all the Northern armies. And then Grant went after General Robert E Lee. Now I had read over 50 books on the American Civil War by the time I was 14, so I thought I knew a lot about the Civil War back in those days. I imagined Lee as a brilliant handsome leader riding a white horse. The best of the best pulling miracles out of certain defeat. While I saw Grant as a short, unremarkable man wearing a private’s uniform who never showed off. Who was quiet and unflappable under all circumstances. This was a man who never lost his cool while bullets were flying all around him.

If one were to compare Grant to a boxer, you are looking at a Rocky Marciano or a Joe Frazier. Two champions renowned for mounting a relentless attack until they had worn their opponent down.

I had learned from my History books that Grant knew he had twice as many soldiers as Robert E. Lee. And that he had the common sense to understand that he could lose a lot more men than Lee could. But if Lee had as many soldiers as Grant, he would completely destroy him. But lee lost to superior numbers and munitions. In a war the South would later call the Lost Cause. The peerless Robert E. Lee would go down in History to rank with Julius Caesar, Napoleon and other legendary commanders. While Grant would rank no higher than a butcher who knew what he was doing.

Grant was able so assemble a brilliant group of Northern generals and eventually win a war of attrition against Lee. And later serve as president of the U.S. from 1869 to 1877. A few years later, Grant wrote his memoirs while dying of throat cancer. Which is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Several years ago I read a new book which compared Grant to General Lee. Gene Smith’s “Lee and Grant” made a new believer of me.

Because the author concluded that Ulysses Grant a better general than Robert E. Lee.

Whereas Lee was a brilliant tactician, Grant was the far more brilliant strategist of the two. Grant had the unique ability to closely coordinate three or four armies at the same time while Lee couldn’t even couldn’t come close.

So what does this all have to do with any kind of comparison between Trump and U Grant? A lot. But I didn’t know how much until I finished reading Grant’s memoirs. Which comprises not one but two volumes. After completing Grant’s memoirs today, I am completely overwhelmed by how great a man Grant was. Here’s a man living the last year of his life in considerable pain, completing a two volume memoir, that is regarded even today as a well written classic from the horse’s mouth. Just imagine the courage and fortitude of a man dying of cancer writing not one but two volumes giving a bird’s eye view of the Civil War? Well yes, Grant had been fearless in battle. But there had been many other great Civil War generals who had never known the meaning of fear.

What started to impress me the most from reading Grant’s memoirs was that in spite of his having cancer he had retained a nearly photographic memory.

Grant explains in nearly infinite detail every notable landmark in every single battle he was involved in. Including every single creek and river, each river crossing and the details of the fortifications of each army. Straight off I realized that Grant was awesomely brilliant.

But when you compare Trump and U Grant, Trump is all about himself. While Grant is the modest nondescript hero who simply fades into the background.

And yet, there’s something about him that inspires his soldiers to have total confidence in their commander and in their own invincibility.

This is something I had never encountered before in all my previous reading about the American Civil War. That in the final year of the war the northern soldiers fighting for the United States of America truly regarded themselves as invincible.

And in his memoirs Grant explains how the Armies of either the South or the North could defeat any other army in the world.

Grant explains why the armies of either side, Union or Confederate could defeat any Europeans army of the second half of the nineteenth century. Americans fighting during the Civil War were totally devoted to their cause. Whether it be the preservation of slavery. Or in the case of the South, states rights versus the supremacy of the Federal government. The American Civil War was the deadliest war in American History. It lasted over four years with over 600000 Americans dying for their cause. No European Army had the same degree of commitment in those times. No European Army exhibited the tenacity and devotion to a cause greater than subservience to their emperor. As Grant explains so forcefully, even the best trained and skilled European soldiers were mercenaries. Whereas their American Civil War counterparts were true patriots regardless of which side they fought for.

If Trumpism spawns a new Civil War in the U.S. There’s not going to be a devotion to a noteworthy cause. It’s going to be all about me. It’s going to be the white supremist of the Republican Party going violent because “the other side didn’t respect us. Or you hired blacks over whites. And it is Trump urging them on. It’s going to get bad. Really bad. And if Trump and his selfish cohorts get their way, the United States will have destroyed itself from within. Think Hitler. Think Nazism. Because only then will you understand the difference between Trump and U Grant.

There is no excuse for not having hydrogen cars now

There’s no excuse for not having hydrogen cars now.  With a  range of 310 miles,  no need for batteries,  and Toyota starting production in 2015, hydrogen powered cars should have been springing up worldwide like weeds.


From the New York Times

Toyota making hydrogen cars now
Toyota’s FCV concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company plans to sell a car based on the FCV “around 2015.”

Is this article from Erich Pfanner

There should be millions of hydrogen cars now on the roads

1. Why is it taking so long to do this?
2. Why as the New York Times article suggests is getting enough refueling stations across the U.S. such a problem?
3. How long will prohibitive high costs to manufacture such a car going to pose a problem given the economies of scale that will be realized once full mass production is underway?
4. Does this means that all those conspiracy theorists who’ve always blamed the oil companies were right all along?
5. Does this mean that with the U.S. becoming increasing independent of foreign oil due to domestic fracking and other new technologies and now THIS, that we no longer need to have such good friends as Saudi Arabia?
6. Does all this mean that if we no longer need Saudi Arabia we are now free to get along much better with Iran?

We should be thinking about all these questions.   But I do have a couple of thoughts about #2 and #3.

Not having millions of hydrogen cars now because of a lack of filling stations for hydrogen fuel cells is a total crock

Think about it.  If the government suddenly outlawed all gas powered cars, how long do would it take the U.S. to develop an entire infrastructure of such filling stations?  Months?  Maybe a year or two.  Fuel cell filling stations would spring up like mushrooms.  So this excuse has obviously been planted by the oil companies.

As to #3.  Once mass production of hydrogen powered cars got underway, economies of scale would result.  What Economies of scale means is this.  The costs of producing a single car would be prohibitive.  But once a major car manufacturer receives orders for 10,000 cars, then 100,000, and finally a million cars a year,  the price to the consumer plummets dramatically.  Until the price the consumer has to pay is roughly equivalent to what he’s already paying for a gasoline powered car.

Which brings us to #4.  The conspiracy theorists have been right all along.  There is simply no excuse for not having hydrogen cars now?

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