Drinking Street number one for Pattaya Drinking Bars

Drinking Street has recently eclipsed Soi 7 and 8 as a number one choice for Pattaya Drinking Bars.

Pattaya Drinking Bars Drinking Street Kwan
We will be putting up a couple of new Kwan and Mam Pattaya Drinking Bars videos soon. Perhaps a slideshow or two also.
drinking street number one for Pattaya video return of Kwan at Best Beer Bar
Our gang heads to Best Bar on Soi 8. Although Kwan has never danced here, she asks me, “Will they let me dance in this bar?” And she did.

 Sizzling Kwan is still at Pattaya Drinking Street but she’s moved over to the Koracha Bar with sensuous Mam still at Drinking Street’s Frog Bar.  The new girl in this video is at one of the bars just kitty corner from the Koracha Bar. So take your pick. Either one will show why Drinking Street has recently become the top choice of Pattaya Drinking Bars.

But stay tuned for some oldies but goodies from Pattaya Drinking Street.  I have found a few videos I’ve not put on You Tube.  These will be classics.  And mainly because Mam is no longer in Pattaya.  The rumors are she’s in Hong Kong.  Meanwhile Kwan shows up every now and then on Drinking Street.  But the crowd has changed on Drinking Street over the past couple of years.  Lots of Arabs there now.  And lots of fat Pattaya bar girls who have taken over.  Then there’s the da da music.  Man….I hate that electro noise.  The United States does not play it.  Americans would not put up with this abomination that many Thai women love to dance to.

Now I’m out of Pattaya drinking bars where can get video good enough to match the old Kwan Mam classics.  And man, am I frustrated

My problem is this.  I can probably meet Kwan on Drinking Street.  But even if she puts on a great show.  That da da music is going to offend me.  So whatever video we produce on Drinking Street is going to be piss poor.

A couple of years ago, we took Kwan to Best Bar on Soi 8.  Kwan had never gone there.  After a couple of tequilas she asked me:  “Can I dance here?”  I got permission and Kwan got right up on the bar and put on a tremendous show.  But the music was Da Da noise.    So here’s what I did.  I got two different versions of “All Along the Watchtower”.  One of these versions was from the Grateful Dead.  Here it is.

Click on link below to get this video (as YouTube has disallowed embedding files)

Click here to get the Grateful Dead Video pictured above.

In my video editing program I mixed both All Along the Watchtower sound tracks with the originally totally shitty da da music.   I got terrific results from this.  No one can really identity the music Kwan was dancing to in my video.  So You tube couldn’t red flag me for copyright violation. You tube has oftentimes done this to my videos before.  Sometimes you tube completely stripped all the audio in my videos.  So I came up with this.  I got music that was worthy of Kwan’s talent.

So where am I doing to go next to shoot great video?  I can’t think of a place where I can find the girls and music to match the old Mam and Kwan classics.   I suppose it’s time to write a new book.  A sequel to Welcome to the Fun House.

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