When Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go girls met the best Pattaya beer bar girls

It was a night to remember when Bangkok Soi Cowboy go go girls met the best Pattaya beer bar girls.

Soi Cowboy go go girls
Soi Cowboy go go girls at the Naklua Girl Beer Bar.

It happened several years ago at the Naklua Girl Beer Bar.  Several Germans owned the Naklua Beer Bar in those days.  And as you’d expect from Germany, these owners did just about everything right.

But this was a very special night.  One of the German owners was celebrating his 80th birthday.

So the owners pulled out  all the stops.  The bar would only admit customers who produced special written invitations.  Everything was free.  The owners provided a sumptuous food buffet.   And the invited guests could drink all the beer they wanted.  Or all the Tequila, whiskey, vodka, or mixed drinks they could handle.  Now that was a very special night, but it cost the German bar owners thousands of American dollars to put the extravagant birthday party on.

In those days the Pattaya Girl Bar Bar  had the best beer bar girls.  The bar’s charismatic mamasan  recruited them.  The German bar owners also had a special German friend who put ran th beer bar’s music for free.  He put it all on a computer

and he made sure that the Girl Beer Bar didn’t play any Thai music.  There wasn’t any da da music either.

That’s the kind of noise that comprises just two beats:  “Da Da, Da, Da,  played in rapid succession that is differentiated only by tone.

This is the type of cretin who will put up with Da Da Music. Typically he’s an English soccer hooligan type of lout. You gotta be a complete moron to be wanting to sit in a room where they are playing this crap.

Now, this kind of noise might be favored by certain English hooligan types.  Unfortunately  too many stupid Pattaya bar owners cater to them.

But these were Germans putting this whole show on.  And one thing a lot of people don’t know is that many Germans love the old American and English songs a lot more than their American and English counterparts do.  So this particular group of German bar owners got their music just right.  And then they directed their Thai mamasan to hire only the most exceptional Pattaya bar girls.

The German bar owners brought in a special troupe of Soi Cowboy go go dancers from Bangkok.

At least one of the German bar owners owned a Soi Cowboy go go bar in Bangkok.  Whether this is true or not, I do know that the bar owners brought in a handful of very hot Soi Cowboy go go dancers from Bangkok.  And that they brought them to Pattaya  for this one special night only.

The Naklua Girl Beer Bar already had the best group of bar girls in Pattaya.  So after the German owners brought in the Soi Cowboy go go dancers the end result speaks for itself.  what you get is quite possibly the very finest group of Pattaya bar girls that has ever been assembled before in a Pattaya beer bar.

This video is its result. I think everyone watching it will agree.  In this video perhaps the finest group of Pattaya Bangkok bar girls are together under one roof.

Unfortunately the Girl Beer bar closed down  five or six years ago.  And two weeks ago the old German bar owner died.  He was 87 years old when he died and still sharp as a tack.  The man owned part of the Heidelberg Restaurant, part of the Taverne German Restaurant and still another German restaurant on Naklua Soi 33.

Every now and then, I’d see him in one of his restaurants.  I believe he owned a few more than the ones I just named.  And he did admit finally that he had owned a Bangkok go go bar or two.  And then he’d let me know that he didn’t want to talk about his business affairs.  He was a wise man.

One of my English friends keeps telling me, the Girl Beer Bar was the best bar Pattaya ever had.  He used to go with me every other night or so.  He’s right.  Since coming to Pattaya 12 years ago, I have never found a go go bar or beer bar that even came close to what Tony and his German fellow bar owners created here.



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