The Honda Click off road on Koh Samet

Honda Click for offroad
You won’t believe how steep the trails and how easily a Honda Click can manage them if this small automatic is outfitted with off road tires

Don’t you ever tell me that your small 125 c.c. motorbike can’t make it up the hills.  Because if you do I’ll tell you a tall tale about taking the Honda Click  off road on Koh Samet.

Now let me tell you that tall rutted trail on the right hand side of the picture is a lot steeper than it appears here.  The rocks and the ruts are a lot larger and deeper too.  But I went up if in with the little Honda Click I rented and a few others just about like it without a single nervous twitch in my body.  It might be too much for you to believe that in many ways that little Honda Click automatic was a better dirt bike than the 185 c.c. Honda XL’s I had down at the farm.  The secret’s all in the special cleated dirt bike tires the Honda Click had been outfitted with, which made something like a 1000 percent difference between a small automatic motorbike with street tires and one wearing dirt bike styled rubber.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Those 185 c.c. Honda XL’s were very good on the farm and I used to do things them that the cleated tired Honda Click couldn’t dream of doing.  First off there’s the matter of ground clearance that allowed my 185 Honda XL’s to jump right into an eight foot deep drainage ditch and propel me right up the far side of the ditch bank which must have been close to 90 degrees.  I’d be going so fast that the bike’s momentum alone would gyrate me right over the other side.  The bike would leave the ground and when I landed the motorcycle’s excellent shocks would keep both me and the bike from falling apart.  With equal aplomb I could survive tile holes over a foot deep on a Honda 185 XL whereas the Honda Click I rented on Koh Samet would have been torn apart due to its lack of ground clearance and inferior shocks.

BUT–those dirt bike tires on the Honda Click rental enabled the small automatic to cling tenaciously to whatever rocks, ruts and small streams I encountered on Koh Samet’s so called dirt roads.   Call those dirt roads, and I’ll tell you my name is Abullah Egypt, that I’m a practicing Moslem who believes in witchcraft.  Those are no ordinary dirt roads.  But never mind, Koh Samet’s a blast to be driving a motorbike on.  Just make sure you rent a bike that’s equipped with the kind of tires that will make the grade.


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