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Valentines Day on Soi Six with Mali and Jack

We go to Hots Shots, Illusions and Repent Bars to celebrate Valentines Day on Soi Six with Koy and Silent Bob

Mali and Silent Bob at Hot Shots Valentines Day on Soi Six

We start out with Long Island Teas and Japanese food at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort. For now, we are high so’s, but we will soon be spending Valentines Day on Soi Six. Mali thinks I’m joking about the hi so bit which is what we call Thais who have a lot of money. So, she tells me, we are hi so now, but when we get to Soi Six we are low so’s.

I’m not joking though, and I am going to tell you why. First off, very few people from my condo hit what I call the good restaurants. No matter how much money they have. I’m going to lay the blame on narrowness of thinking. They are either stuck in a rut going to the same Joe Average places. Or they think Centara being a five-star resort is just too expensive or high class for them. agree with them in part. The rooms are very expensive. And i’m not going to pay so much unless I have to. But their physical fitness center is not that expensive when you consider that Centara’s probably got a quarter million dollars of equipment there.

As for Mali, she likes Japanese food and for that matter she’s up for just about anything.

Those who don’t want to eat this or want to eat only that. And I’m talking especially about Thais who only like Thai food. Those people have limited brain capacities. And they are very boring people because they have no appreciation for wanting to try new things.

The girl speaks much better English than the average Thai woman. She’s cute and slim whereas most women are not wherever they come from. While she’s willing to watch just about anything I want to watch on Netflix. Which makes her a lot less boring than most of the others.

Nikky Bar’s last night Mimi and Mali take center stage.

Nikky Bar’s last night. because on February 1 all businesses from Pattaya Dolphin circle to Naklua 33 are closed

Nikky Bar's last night Mali's on the microphone
Mimi and Mali

A lot of us were expecting one last big bash to celebrate Nikky bars last night. But when I talked with Nikky about it, she told me, “I want to go out quietly. And just have a relaxed evening. Nothing special. Which is about the way things turned out. I took Mali out for Japanese food at the Centara Grand Mirage Resort, so we arrived at Nikky bar after 9 p.m. Luckily Mimi was there, and I had brought my Nikon along hoping to get some passable video.

Mali on the microphone on Nikky Bar's last night
Mali sings us a song.
Nikky Bar's last night Mimi, Nikky and Mali
Nikky, Mali and Mimi

Before we started hitting the tequila too hard I had Nikky play “Get down Saturday night”, which Mali loves dancing to.

Now I know a lot of people will be asking me, “Is Nikky going to get another bar? But as of Kikky bar’s last night on January 31, 2024, Nikky was still undecided although if I were to bet, “she won’t. Or at least not in the short term.

So, Naklua’s taken yet another turn for the worse with Nikky Bar’s last night finally here.

Several years ago, Nikky had a much larger bar right on Soi 33 across from Grottinos Pizza. The bar had a pair of dancing poles. Had Nikky been able to keep her first bar our three dancing contests might have turned out dramatically different. Because the best pole dancers might have turned out to be the big winners. But the powers that be cleaned out the entire north side of Soi 33 to make room for a hotel where they could put even more Chinese, Koreans, and high sole Thais. Several good restaurants had to move away. And both Nikky and Cocktail bar had to move off that side of the street.

Gone forever are the Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions which no other Pattaya bar did before. Or it one did, did not do nearly so well. Which is sad. Because Pattaya lose its vibrant night life so that progress that practically no one wants can take place.

Soi Six Vip Bar with Mali and Gee

After watching the girl’s videos, Mali wanted to meet Koy, Mew and Gee. Watch Mali and Gee dancing together at the Soi Six Vip Bar

Soi Six Vip Bar with Mali and Gee video
Mali and Gee dancing at VIP Bar.

Back then I didn’t know little Miss Mali could dance. But she wasn’t too shy about venturing her opinions. about the girls who had contested for Pattaya Dancing Queen contests. For some reason Mali loved Koy’s dancing style and told me after watching the videos of Dancing Queen 2. Koy’s going to win.

I asked her, “You think Koy will really beat Mew?”

“I think she will. Mew’s the best dancer but I think Koy will beat her.”

“I think Koy’s very pretty and she tosses her hair around that makes her look so pretty, but Mew’s always going to find a way to win,” I replied.

I was right and Mali guessed wrong because Mew won Pattaya Dancing Queen the third time in a row.

But I also thought Gee always had a decent chance of winning the title. And now that Mali’s met Koy and Mew, she wanted to meet Gee. So I had Gee meet Mali and I at Hot Shots on Soi Six where Mali and I were downing tequilas on the club’s DJ, Silent Bob.

We soon joined Koy at Repent bar across the street where we tossed a few down with Koy. We were having a great time with Gee and Mali playing DJ when Gee announced, “Thomas is at Soi Six VIP bar. He did so much to help you, Jack, at your birthday party.”

And so it was, with Gee and Mali dancing together for the first time at Soi Six Vip bar. But Gee petered out early while Mali and I went back to Hot Shots do have a few more drinks with Silent Bob.

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