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Miss May Eye Candy calendar is Little Miss Mali

In my most recent Nepalese kukri reviews only one fit the part and that was Miss May Eye Candy calendar girl, little Miss Mali

Mali’s cute as a button. And she’s blonde. And even though her blonde hairs from a bottle, she has very light skin which could pass her off as a falang (Westerner). Her English is also quite good due to her having an American stepfather from the time she was six until her tenth birthday. And unlike so many Thai women, she pretty much does as she’s told.

So it had to be Little Miss Mali, our Miss May Eye Candy calendar girl to kick off my last three Kukri and fighting knife YouTube reviews. She’s got the perfect tight little body to fit the part. And a sexy walk that shows shows off her excellent figure.

She had to be childlike but sensuous and very much like Lolita (if you have ever seen the movie) that brings out the worse in any wanna be child molester.

Miss May Eye Candy calendar girl has that too youthful Lolitaish Manner and looks that I needed.

And she did it so well, Being quite daughterlike. Playing the part of my GG (Go Getter). “Bring me my Japanese sword. Now bring me my Mark Morrow bowie knife.”

I can go on and on about Mali, but I will let the video’s do the talking For me.

Mali’s You Tube Videos.

The Bowie Knife the deadliest knife in the world.
Alpha Productions Custom Interwar Officer’s Kukri with the Alpha Wolf inscribed in its blade.
Tora Blades Mark II Kukri, Killing Power in Spades
Testing my new Nikon Z7ii camera on Mali my first victim. I’m using my Signa 1.4 50 mm lens which gets high marks for portrait work due to its outstanding color and boken (ability to blur the background)
Mali, our May cover girl in the Pattaya Beaches Eye Calendar, speaks out.

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