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These are videos and slide shows I produced in American strip clubs although some of the “strippers” are no longer strippers. Example, Renee from Stimmelators and Angel from the Saint Louis Metro East

Platinum strip club video from St. Louis Metro East

This Platinum strip club video from the St. Louis Metro East shows off the topless dancers and lap dance action from this PT’s favorite. Before moving to Thailand,

 Beautiful Skie from Platinum strip club
Platinum Strip Club dancer Skie.

I was doing the web site for the Platinum Strip club which offered me an unparalleled opportunity to take pictures of this night clubs house dancers and visiting feature entertainers. The Platinum strip club was the finest gentlemen’s club in the St. Louis Metro East back then in my opinion.  And when it came to adult entertainment, the St. Louis East side was where the best action took place. On the Missouri side of the river the bars closed down at 1:00 a.m.  So St. Louisans who wanted to part on crossed the river into Illinois where the night clubs oftentimes stayed open as late 8 in the morning.

Well, let me tell you just how good the clubs in the St. Louis Metro East were. Chicago didn’t even come close.

And forget New York. Forget Los Angeles. When it came to having a terrific time the St. Louis Metro East clubs were tops in the United States. And now that I think about it, you can forget about the San Francisco clubs and even Las Vegas. In the California clubs you couldn’t smoke and you couldn’t drink, but over in on the St. Louis East side you could drink yourself blind with the topless dancers. And if they got to know you well enough you could even take them to other night clubs when their bar closed.

Platinum strip club dancer Skie
Skie would become one of my favorite dancers of them all. I met her in a Collinsville Restaurant where we found out we lived near each other. So every so often she would drop into my apartment where we often did some pictures. Later on she accompanied me all the way to Providence Rhode Island where I was shooting a Pure Talent Showcase. At the Showcase Skie was my photography assistant. She’d run my laptop and take all my pictures from my Nikon memory card and copy them to my hard drive. When she finished she’d take my memory card to me where I was shooting the Pure Talent Feature entertainers. Then she’d take my memory card from my camera which was now full of pictures and take it back to my laptop.

To my way of thinking, the best managed operation was PT’s. PT’s had four clubs back then in the St. Louis Metro East: Diamond Cabaret (now moved to Denver), PT’s Sports, PT’s West in Centreville and Roxys in Brooklyn. Across the street from Roxy’s in Brooklyn was the Platinum Club.

The Platinum strip Club was a gorgeous place with a 360 degree 2nd floor balcony overlooking the club’s stages below.

And the VIP room upstairs? Now that place was sinsational. And it’s in the club’s vip room that the action in this video takes place.

Platinum strip club vip room
Cassandra in the Platinum strip club rip room

The Platinum strip club was so good that Pt’s, seeing a great thing next door to its Roxy’s club decided to buy it from its Kansas City owner. And that ended my career as Platinum Club’s web site creator. Pt’s already had a great web site for its 13 clubs that were scattered throughout the U.S. so my services were unneeded. IT was time to move on. Time to move on to Big Daddy’s Cabaret in Missouri and get involved shooting pictures of nude wrestling for S.P.E.W. (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling) and other projects. Ultimately my pal, Big Daddy, sold his Missouri club and moved up to Iowa to manage the Iowa Playhouse. A year later Big Daddy took me to the promised land of Thailand where I found Pattaya. And that ended my career as an adult photographer in the U.S.

Nuns Take over the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club

Nuns Take over the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club in the Saint Louis Metro East.  That’s the story we told the world on the internet in 1997-1998.

In those days I had my Kodak DC-40 digital camera when practically everyone else was using film. It could only manage around 375,000 pixels. To give you an idea of how inferior this camera was to today’s equipment my present Nikon D-750 will do around 24 million pixels while the top of the line Nikon SLR digital camera will manage around 44 million pixels.  So my new Nikon is 64 times more powerful than my old Kodak D-40 digital camera.

Other photographers derided my Kodak as a toy. Little did they know that film would soon be dead. The Kodak provided instant gratification, and strip club owners, managers, and strippers couldn’t get enough of it.

I’d bring my laptop into the Dollies Playhouse strip club and my digital camera and we’d all start doing these digital skits with everyone hamming it up in the club. I’d come up with a story line and then I’d have all the people in the strip club acting out my crazy scripts. We used to even have Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex in the club’s restrooms.

Crazy Czech in his war paint. Alabama is the good looking blonde in the center. This is what we’d do every Friday night at Dollies Playhouse Strip Club. We’d get as many people in the toilet and see what happens. Then I’d put the pictures in the Lost Angels chat room later on direct from the strip club.The Godfather of Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex was Crazy Czech.  Crazy Czech in real life is a computer software engineer.   He’s American.  If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be as crazy as he is.  Crazy Czeh was to get as many people as possible into one of the toilets and then everyone would start to act weird and I’d start taking pictures. Afterwards I’d go to my digital office in the club which was just five feet from the club’s main stage. Dollies even provided me with my own separate phone line so I could get online with my laptop.

Typical picture from Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex.  Satin on the left, Clylina on top, Marilyn Myxxx to the right. Big Howard getting squashed.

So I’d sit there with all my friends who were mostly strippers and work on my digital images. Then I put them into the Lost Angels chats and people would tune in from all around the country.

Cylina on Big Howard’s lap during Dollies Playhouse Strip Club Trendy Toilet Sex.

In general people are vain. They like to be the center of attention, especially strippers and strip club owners and managers, strip club DJ’s, waitresses, etc.  Dollies Playhouse Strip Club led the pack when it came to all the actors and actresses strutting their stuff.  Those were the best of times.

So if I could get someone’s picture in front of the whole world in half an hour and other photographers using film would tell their fans, “I’ll get them developed and show you the results tomorrow” who is the better photographer?” I’d be drinking beer and tequila with all my friends at Dollies with my faithful laptop in front of me, and man, everybody would go wild.

Click here to get the page,  Nuns Take over the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club which has the links to this slide show-video. I didn’t dare put this up on You Tube because it shows a fair amount of nudity. And it also takes a few pot shots at organized religion.

Big Howard’s one of the main characters in the all those little pantomimes we did at Dollies Playhouse Strip Club.  Big Howard’s my pal.  He was assistant manager at Dollies and we sure drank a lot of tequila and beer together. In this slide show he’s hamming it up in the club’s toilet with a bare breasted stripper who calls herself Diamond.

Cylina and Marilyn Mynxxx at the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club
One of the best classics ever in the entire Dollies Playhouse Strip Club Trendy Toilet Sex escapades. Here Sister Cuervo played by Marilyn Mynxxx spanks Cylina for being a naughty girl in her class.

Then there’s a series of pictures of sexy Cylina I did a photo shoot of in the club’s attic in front of mirrors. Cylina  also plays the part of an unruly high school student in “School Girls” with Obsession. Their teacher is Sister Cuervo, played by Marilyn Mynxxx.  Marilyn’s even wearing a nun’s habit to play her part. Finally Alabama appears as Sister Margarita wearing her habit also.

Alabama at the Dollies Playhouse Strip Club
As one of the two nuns in Dollies trendy toilet sex at Dollies Playhouse Strip Club Alabama looks so innocent. The same cannot be said for the other “nun”, played by Marilyn Mynxxx.

There’s one picture of Alabama serving me a portion of Methyl blue in a Chinese restaurant where we are having a party. The stuff makes anyone who drinks it piss blue, and Alabama drank her portion too so we both peed in technicolor for a few hours.

Lastly, there’s the classic picture of a fully nude Alabama sitting on the toilet at Dollies posing for pictures.

And so it was back then. We were all wild and crazy and my digital camera recorded the strip club action. Back then Tequila was the drink of choice for the ladies and men like Big Howard and me.  I don’t think anyone took digital pictures into strip clubs in those days.  But we did a lot more than just that.  We went totally crazy dramatizing how much fun a strip club can be.  And put the whole thing on the internet here at for the entire world to see.  In those days we were the only game in town.

Strip club digital photography started at Alpha Productions in 1997

Strip club digital photography started at Alpha Productions. In 1997 the San Francisco Chez Paree strip club scorned what we Mid westerners were doing.  In those days this West Coast strip club was renowned for its IRC based chats.   Customers and strippers could chat away on the club’s desktop computer.  Free.  Which was a great idea.  Because customers and strippers could chat from inside the club with other IRC members posting from home.

Alpha Productions strip club digital photography
Here I am in San Franciso’s Chez Paree strip club. Plone took this picture of me in 1997. In 1997 Chez Paree and its fans were using an antiquated text based IRC chat setup that could not begin to compete with what we were doing in two Midwest strip clubs, Dollies Playhouse and Stimmelators, which then called itself Cruisers. Our Alpha Productions group of guys and dolls put strip club digital photography on the map. Which gave us the right to call ourselves the only game in town.

My pal PlOne took this picture of me at the Chez Paree Strip Club in 1997.  But most of the IRC chat members despised me. Because I was just a pretentious Illinois hick farmer who had the audacity to bring something new to  West Coast strip clubs.

I put the Saint Louis Metro East Dollies Playhouse strip club online in 1997.

Here we are at the Dollies Playhouse strip club in Washington Park , Illinois . This picture is from 1997. The club gave me my own private phone line and special table next to it so that I could take digital pictures in the club and post them right into the Lost Angels Chat room.

And have digital pictures to prove it dating from January 1997.  Then Sam Stimmel, who owned Cruisers topless club in Indiana (which Sam changed its name to Stimmelators) . brought his strippers into our chats.  Sam and I soon had the Indiana strippers chatting with the Dollies Playhouse girls.

Then I decided to bring bring Chez Paree into my Alpha Productions digital strip club community

But no one at Chez Paree or its IRC chat group was interested.  My Kodak DC 40 digital camera was just a toy.  The San Franciscans wanted nothing to do with me.  Or my rinky dink toy of a camera.  They were so high and all mighty.  Except for one.  PlOne.  Which stands for Pathetic Loser number one.

The Chez Paree strippers called a lot of their customers pathetic losers.  So, some of the pathetic losers decided to turn the tables.  And started calling each other Pathetic loser 1, pathetic loser 2.

But PlOne soon became my greatest ally and best friend.  PlOne was and still is a very high powered computer programmer from the Bay area.  He had already joined our Lost Angels chat group.  And so had Baron, a writer from WashingtonScarlet the Harlot had also started joining into our chats.

In 1997 Scarlet had become infamous because of her efforts to unionize the San Francisco whores.  Now she’s a writer.

So after getting Scarlet the Harlot into our Lost Angels chats it was time for me to visit my new friends.

First stop was San Francisco where I met PlOne and Scarlet for the first time.   And that’s when PlONe and I became lifelong friends.  With both of us eventually selling our homes and automobiles to buy condos here in Pattaya, Thailand where we live just ten minutes from each other.  PlOne accompanied me to a few San Francisco clubs including Chez Paree.  While I took Scarlet for a nice dinner at Sinbad’s.  Where I found her to be extremely intelligent.  And idealistic.

Back then the Lost Angels chat was pretty rudimentary.  But PlOne’s got a PHD in computer science.  With computers he can do just about anything.  Before long I gave PlONe the password to my web site’s hosting company.  And then PlONe started to do wonders with the Lost Angels chat room.

But when we met each other in the Chez Paree strip club, everyone was totally uninterested in what we had to offer.

We were offering strip club digital photography, something that had never been done before

The strippers from the Dollies Playhouse near East St. Louis were smart enough to know a good thing when they saw it.  And so were the strippers from northern Indiana. The girls from Cruisers which later changed its name to Stimmelators after Sam Stimmel, the club owner.  Four of the Indiana strippers would end up driving over 400 miles just to visit me on my farm.  And to meet their new stripper counterparts from Dollies.  And on at least three occasions I’d bring Dollies Playhouse dancers up to Stimmelators where they would stay at the club owner’s house.

But I need to get back to that 1997 trip to the West Coast

After visiting PlONe and the Chez Paree in San Franciso I flew up to Washington State where the Baron met me at the Seattle airport.  Then we drove up to his little trailer home in the Olympic Mountains.

Every night the Baron and I drank vodka and whiskey together in his small trailer where we talked about just about everything.  We’d take hikes together up in the mountains where we’d plot and scheme about where we wanted to take our Lost Angels chat group.

The Baron envisioned our making Internet movies

In which he wanted to feature Heaven and Katt, two beautiful Indiana strippers who were in the Lost Angels chats nearly every day.

Katt at my farm when Ruby, Marriah , and Katt drove to visit me and Dollies came to visit me. Brandy came also but Brandy didn’t live very far from me.

But there was a third stripper from Stimmelators who I often thought about.  Renee.  But both Sam, her club owner and I were very disappointed in Renee who seemed to take no interest in our chats.

Nevertheless I still envisioned Renee as a major character in our future internet movies.

And kept bringing her up to Baron as we hiked around his favorite mountain lakes.  Renee was something truly special.  I just knew it.  Little did I realize back then that Renee was closely studying whatever I was putting up on my web site.  And eavesdropping every now and then into our Los Angels chats to see what I was up to.

Strippers are only dumb broads who are only interested in milking money out of their customers.


Wrong.  I didn’t know it back in 1997 but Renee could actually build a computer.  And cute little Brandy who I met at Dollies Playhouse when she was 19, became a computer whiz kid.

Brandy and me at Dollies. As a stripper, Brandy only lasted a couple of months. She needed money badly and that’s why she worked a short time at Dollies. We would become fast friends. Brandy had (has) a very high IQ. I bought her a computer as a gift, never intending for her to pay me back. But when she came into a little money, she insisted on paying me back and she did. She rapidly became very adroit on a computer. Even after she quit as a stripper she still came to my farm many times, and also traveled with me to Stimmelators in Indiana. As innocent as Brandy appeared this beautiful little slip of a girl sure could fight. An ex boyfriend of hers got drunk with us and after he verbally disrespected me, she bloodied up his face in my pickup truck.

Well, I’ve learned a lot of things about strippers through the years.  And I’m going to tell you right now that many strippers are some of the finest people on the planet.

The following video is on YouTube although it’s not public, but you can get it here.  It’s one of the absolute best videos I’ve ever done.  I’m on Wongamat Beach at the Surf and Turf Restaurant with a very good German friend of mine.  We are enjoying a few beers together and enjoying the sound of the surf and music.  And I’m thinking of two very dear friends of mine, Renee, and Angel who died a few months ago.  And I’m missing all those stripper and ex stripper friends of mine so much.

Renee and I would become very good friends.  For her pictures and pages here at Alpha Pro Click here.  You will even find a video of me lap dancing Renee.  And then she lap dances me.  Renee’s sense of humor and total irreverence is simply off the charts.

If a stripper really likes you, she will Fight anyone to protect you from harm

And now that I’m living in Thailand, perhaps this video will tell you how much I miss them.

But let me get back to 1997 and another much much earlier slideshow from those days when strip club digital photography was in its infancy.

This slideshow is from 1997 from pictures I took at Cruisers Gentlemen’s Club

when our gang from Dollies Playhouse strip club visited our stripper friends in the North Webster, Indiana Club. In 1997 nobody brought digital cameras into strip clubs and everyone who is in this slide show knows it.

Back then film ruled the day.   And if the photographer put a picture on the internet, a photo shop needed to develop it.  Then he had to scan the photo and save it as an image file.  What’s missing is the instant gratification that digital cameras offer.  My latest and greatest Nikon D750 digital camera takes pictures that measure 24,000,000 pixels.  Whereas my D-40 Kodak could do just 375,000 pixels.  But from the time I started using the toyish Kodak Dc40 our Alpha Productions strip club digital photography ruled.  Professional photographers using film just didn’t get it.

strip club digital photography

Living in those dark ages of film and scanners was not for us.  In this slide show we got our pictures of all those beautiful Indiana stripper friends of ours onto my digital camera.  Then we put them online into the Lost Angels Chat room.   We did this direct from the Indiana club owners office only half an hour after I shot the pictures.

Alpha Productions soon became the only game in town when it came to strip club digital photography

That was in 1997 when everyone else thought digital cameras were only toys, and that real photographers only used film.  Back then Alpha Productions was number one in strip club digital photography, the first  to use those plastic little play toys that wound up killing film forever.

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