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Playpen Bar is right next to Repent, but it has its own unique ambience that separates it from its neighbor

Eve of Koys birthday Part 4 Playpen and Panda Bars

Introducing Soi Six Panda Bar on the Eve of Koys birthday. Mew and I started at Repent, then Playpen bar and now it’s Pandas.

picture of Aom during the Eve of Koys birthday

Panda Bar’s a new bar on Soi Six. And Mew and I just have to head there after celebrating the Eve of Koys birthday party at Repent and Playpen bars on Soi Six.

Here we meet up with Aom, a tall, slender, vivacious lady who fits right in Mew and the Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar girls.

Until now, I have done nothing with Panda Bar. It’s that new. It does differ vastly from most other Soi Six bars I frequent. And that’s a good thing.

In a lot of circles Soi Six is viewed negatively. But Mew is living proof that Soi Six is the most fun in all Pattaya. And that’s saying a lot. Mew works in the go-go bars on LK Metro and Walking Street. But she loves to party down on Soi Six best of all I believe.

Playpen Koys birthday party can’t wait till tomorrow episode 3

On the eve of Playpen Koys birthday party Koy, Mew and I meet a new girl who might be a new model for upcoming 2023 calendar.

Playpen Koys birthday party introduces us to new potential calendar girl

Thing is Koy does not work at the Playpen. But it seems she’s getting to be about like Mew and me. That is, she’s starting to like Playpen a lot.

She will have her birthday party tomorrow night. And I will be there. Drinking tequila with her. But Mew and I are hitting a few Soi Six bars together tonight. And when we leave Repent to go to Playpen, here’s Koy, right behind us.

Now Mew, she’s really something.

Not only has she won all three Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions. She’s become my favorite drinking partner now that Pon’s left party town. She enjoys shooting video with my Nikon for starters. And I really do need someone who’s capable of getting video and pictures when I’m to be in them. And she really looks out for me. Not only carrying my camera bag or checking the bar bill, but in helping me meet new ladies. Ladies to join us in our videos, as drinking partners or as future models.

While Koy was terrific tonight. Playpen Koys birthday party just couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Koy is really in party mode tonight. And equally the center of attention as Mew. Between Mew and Koy, meeting the new girl was inevitable. She’s tall. Just as tall as me. And very cute. But see for yourself in these videos how cute this new girl is.