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Pattaya Drinking Street boasted over 22 bars along with two top dancers Mam and Kwan

Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer Kwan’s older sister on Drinking Street

Kwan Mam’s older sister gets most of the attention for good reason but still deserves to be called “Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer”

Mam Pattaya superstar
Our gang continued to party with Kwan, But Mam, might have just been a better dancer than Kwan

Mam deserves being called Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer with good reason. Obviously Mam’s one helluva dancer was you will soon find out. After watching this video and other videos I’ve taken of her.

But being Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer takes a lot more than having a lot of dancing talent.

And I should know having taken over a hundred thousand pictures of American top flight feature entertainers. And after writing and publishing six books about Pattaya and American strip club entertainers.

Aspen Reign performing at Big Al’s in Peoria Illinois. It takes a lot of practice and an exceptional camera and lens to get shots like this.

Take Aspen Reign for example. Who won an unprecedented six Miss Nude World titles. And earning 25000 dollars each time she won. There were other feature entertainers who could dance as well as Aspen. But Aspen was extremely ostentatious. For example, she had her own Aspen Reign touring bus. While spending a huge amount of time preparing her shows. And a lot of money for her costumes and props. Aspen had personality in spades, but so did a lot of other terrific feature entertainers I got to know.

Mam deserves top billing as “Mam Pattaya Superstar Dancer even though she never spent much time preparing her shows. Mam performed spontaneously. Doing whatever came naturally at the moment. And she oftentimes drank a lot of alcohol while she danced.

Besides being an excellent performer Mam’s main virtue was being totally ostentatious.

Which is why I start this video out with “Wild Thing” the number one hit in the US. on July 30, 1966.

Mam was so outrageous that she completely terrified one of my best friends. But she was one of the few Pattaya bar girls who I could have an intelligent conversation with.

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