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Koy Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar Girl Dancing Queen Runner Up

Koy tied Gee for second place in the July Pattaya Dancing Queen competition putting the Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar on top.

Koy with Pon at the table Nikky had reserved for “contestants only”.

I was shocked to learn that the five judges had ruled that Koy had tied Gee for second place in the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition Nikky and I held last July 31, 2022. Because pitting Koy against experienced dancers like Gee or Mew was like throwing a rabbit into a lion’s den. Not to mention Pon, who can kick just about anyone’s ass on the pole. Or Nee Nee who didn’t even place in the April 2nd Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. But who I knew could compete with the best of them if she ever got serious.

But Koy would be just about perfect for the Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar I was contemplating. Because Koy is one terrific looker. And with the big Pattaya Dancing Queen competition coming up in July, I was going to go balls out to find the prettiest best dancing contestants I could find.

Nikky, Nee Nee, Pon and even Gee had scoured the LK Metro go go bars looking for potential contestants who had the potential to win.

We went to the Soi Six bars looking for girls who could actually win. We even went to a few beer bars at Tree Town off Soi Bukoi looking for contestants.

Even though the winner would get 10000 baht, not one go go bar girl came forth other than Mew. Who had won first place in the April Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. But I had my heart set on entering Koy even though I felt she had no chance of winning. Nevertheless, she would be great eye candy, I felt. Who I could possibly put on the Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar.

Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar
The girls participating in the July 31 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. Nine of them would actually compete. The others would cheer their friends on. From right to left, Nee Nee from Nikky Bar, Nikky who as bar owner would not be allowed to compete. Koy, Pon, and Cartoon. Neither Gee nor Mew have arrived yet.
Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar
The five judges. On the left is my good friend Gene. With Mike Dun on Gene’s left. In the middle is ___ who helps manage Murphys Law bar
on LK Metro with his wife. On the far right are two of Nikky’s customers I had never met before.

Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar
From left to right, Koy, Gee, and Mew. Nikky would not allow me or any of the judges to come near this table which she had
reserved for “contestants only”. Or any of her customers as we would choose two of the five judges from Nikky’s customers. This was to
Keep any of the contestants from using their feminine ways to influence any of the judges

I’m sure that Koy had practically no clue about how we would run the competition or what we would expect of her. Whereas Mew who was a complete outsider when she took first place during the April Pattaya Dancing Queen competition had joined me at Nikky bar for several parties afterwards. And Gee had come with me to Nikky bar more times than I could count.

The Nikky Bar girls would be sticking together. Feeling a sisterhood among them due to their all working together in the same bar. Which put Koy at a huge disadvantage due to her knowing no one from the bar except for myself. All the girls had bonded together. And even though Mew had started working far away at the Show Girls go go bar, she had become the darling of the entire Nikky bar.

That’s because Mew had already proven herself to be the best of the best.

So, it was no secret that Mew had become the finest dancer at Show Girls. Mew is Mew though. And unlike too many beautiful stars, Mew is not arrogant. Mews a non-condescending little lady. It’s almost impossible not to love Mew.

Had Nikky not been at her wits end trying to be everywhere at once, she would have taken Koy in and made her feel at home.

But when it came time for her to take center stage, Koy simply blew me away.

This time I didn’t shoot any of the pictures or do any of the videos. Because I had hired the owner of a photography print shop to be my backup photographer. But I lent him my Nikon D780 camera, and he ended up doing a wonderful job. Even better than I can, I hate to say.

My hiring a professional photographer allowed me to fully concentrate on how well each contestant was performing.

Watching Koy was like watching a little goddess. It was all about how she tossed her hair or turned her head. I was already thinking, I have to put her on the new Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar.

Whatever she was doing, it was priceless. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Nevertheless, all five judges voted Mew to keep her crown as Pattaya Dancing Queen, earning her 10000 baht as Pattaya’s finest dancer. This came as no surprise although I felt Gee had the potential to take first place. What really surprised me was the judges also awarded Mew another 4000 baht for putting on the best show.

I didn’t know what to do when the judges decided that Koy and Gee tied for second place. I tried to ask Nikky what we should do with the second-place prize money of 6000 baht. Should we have a dance off between Koy and Gee to see who’d get the 6000 baht? But Nikky was so busy. So, she told me, “Have the judges decide.”

I would have had Koy and Gee dance it out for first place. But since they had wound up in a tie for second place, I felt the fairest thing to do was to give each of them 3000 baht.

I am sure that Koy was both surprised and very pleased with the outcome. Because although I really don’t ‘know her very well, I am starting to know her a lot better. I found her to be very shy at first. And in a way a lot like Mew. Being not full of herself. And Pon. Who is, I must admit, is just about my favorite drinking buddy alive. Who keeps telling me, “I love Mew. I love Koy. ” So, just about every time we go out drinking together, we tell each other “Let’s go find Koy, then we go see Mew.”

Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar Koy bonding with Pon
Koy and Pon. I took the picture roughly one month after the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition
at Nikky’s birthday party.

Koy’s videos

Koy’s performance as she ties Gee for second place in the second Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.
Volcanic dancing after the July 31st 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition Ends.
Koy dancing with Cartoon and Pon during Nikky’s birthday party.
Nikky’s Best birthday party ever act 2
Koy with Nee Nee, Pon, Nikky etc. at Nikky’s Birthday Party act 3

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