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MJ Kittys is a lot like a go=go bar. It has a stage upon which the girls dance. Kittys has a DJ. But that’s where the resemblance stops. Because MJ Kitty Bar one up any go-go bar in Pattaya due to the sense of freedom it allows its girls and guests alike.

MJ Kitty Hyper videos with Mew, Nicha, Dowel and friends

At 9 am Nicha’s doing a photo shoot with me on Centara Beach. At 10 Pm Mew is with us doing MJ Kitty Hyper videos.

picture of Nitcha posing for new calendar on Centara Beach
Nitcha at Centara Grand Mirage Resort Beach posing for beach pictures in the upcoming 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

You are probably wondering why I’m calling these videos from Pattaya Soi Six MJ Kitty bar MJ Kitty Hyper videos. After all, I’ve used adjectives like volcanic, sinsational, sensational to describe videos here before.

But these two videos go a step further because I think all of us went super hyper that night. I’m excited because Nitcha and I did a great photo shoot early in the morning. The pictures we got were outstanding. While later, in the evening I was going to meet Mew for another Soi Six Bar Marathon. And since I planned on getting Nicha and Mew together again, it would be a great night. I’d be with the woman who had won all three Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions. Going from one Soi Six bar to another with her. To meet up finally with Nitcha who’s simply knock down dead gorgeous.

Mew and Nitcha not only exceeded all expectations. A totally unexpected plus was Dowel joining us at MJ Kittys for a drink or three.

And I have never seen either Dowel or Nitcha dance so well as they did that night. I can’t say much about the other girls at Kittys because I don’t them yet. But I’ve known both Dowel and Nitcha for five years now.

So it was no surprise to me that I would end up calling my film clips MJ Kitty Hyper videos.

Picture of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Nitcha and I did our photo shoot before shooting the MJ Kitty Hyper videos

The Centara Grand Mirage Resort is Pattaya’s finest resort in my opinion. Which contributed immensely to a great day and very successful evening. That culminated in two MJ Kitty Hyper videos. I had gotten terrific pictures of the most photogenic Lady I know. At the totally gorgeous Centara Grand Mirage with its lush gardens and spectacular views of the Gulf of Thailand. And ended up having a great time with one of my best drinking partners ever. Who is so charismatic that no one forgets her when she leaves the bar. Any bar.

MJ Kitty Bar page 3

MJ Kitty Bar page 3 continues the superlative video you will find on pages 1 and 2 thanks to the support of Kittys owner.

Two Kittys bar girls cavorting with Mew is the picture at MJ Kitty Bar page 3

On the MJ Kitty Bar’s video pages 1 and 2, I’ve described why I immensely prefer MJ Kitty Bar to Pattaya’s go-go bars.

But now without divulging too much detail I shall point out several other key factors that make Kittys what it is.

MJ Kitty Bar has had the same owner for the past eight years (or possibly even more). I’ve known her for at least eight years. And all I’ve got to say is “she is a real treasure”.

She’s Thai and being Thai she doesn’t have to put up with the interference that comes from boards of directors, corporations and even employees who don’t give her the respect she deserves.

Rightly or wrongly many Thai employees do not respect their falang employers. And this isn’t just a fact here in Thaland, but in many countries around the world.

It alll comes down to “why should be listen to this foreigner?”

MJ Kitty bar doesn’t face this problem. So, what its owner says, goes for everyone. This gives its owner a lot more control over the bar than you will find in so many Pattaya bars.

Of course, a lot of Thai owned bars fail for many reasons. But MJ Kitty Bar has had at least eight years of continued success. Under the same owner. I can go on and on about how much I respect the owner of MJ Kitty Bar. Which won’t amount to much as far as the average customer is concerned. What counts is that over eight years of continued success means that she’s doing a lot of things right.

More action at MJ Kitty Bar with Mew testing Nikon Z 7 camera with Nikon 20 mm 1.8 prime lens.
Gee performing at MJ Kitty Bar on 2/23/2023
Who’s going to become Pattaya’s new dancing queen? Pon struts her stuff 48 hours before the big one.

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MJ Kitty page two only go-go bar on Soi Six

MJ Kitty page two continues superlative video expected here at the only go-go bar on Soi Six that’s not a go-go,

MJ Kitty page two picture Dowel and sexy lady
On the left is Dowel. With her is a new girl whose name I haven’t gotten yet. But will for sure asap.

By now you are probably asking yourselves, how can I call MJ Kittys the only go-go bar on Soi Six? When it’s not a go-go bar.

For me, MJ Kitty Bar offers some of the best features of a go-go bar. While eliminating the worse. It’s got a stage. Upon which the girls dance. It has a DJ which hardly any beer bars or Soi Six bars provide. While it has a better selection of women than what you will find in your typical Soi Six Bar.

I will be honest. I do not like most go-go bars. While I find most of their customers to be either total newbie tourists or men who cannot think for themselves. The tourists simply don’t know any better, While the men who cannot think for themselves cannot get it through their thick heads that there are bar better options than go-go bars.

Your typical Go-Go bar has a totally rigid system of doing things that imposes itself on its customers that insults men who can think for themselves.

And this is where MJ Kitty bar shines. First, go-go bars typically inflict an inflexible money hungry protocall on both their customers and bar girls. There are two or three shifts at most go-go bars. The first shift is allowed so many minutes on stage. And then the second shift replaces it. Or one girl after the other steps off the stage to be replaced by another girl who is presently not on the stage.

The go-go bars allow customers only so many minutes to spend with the bar girls they favor. Before she MUST return to the stage. To get his favorite girl to join him off the stage the customer must buy her another drink. Or he must wait up to a half hour before she is free to join him.

At MJ Kitty Bar the girls are allowed to go up on the stage whenever they want. Or come off the stage to join a customer.

This amounts to the customer being allowed as much quality time with his favorite bar girl as he wants. NOT WHAT THE BAR WANTS, But what he wants. So long as his favorite bar girl obeys the mamasan. And she’s happy with the customer she’s spending her time with. Of course, the customer’s going to buy drinks and tip the lady he chooses but it’s all up to him and the girl. how much he tips or how many drinks he buys.

Go-go bars fail to observe the first and most important rule that all successful businesses need to observe. And that is Customer is number one.

The key difference between them and MJ Kittys is at Kitty’s it’s all up to Kitty’s bar girls and their customers so long as they don’t cross the bar’s owner or mamasan.

After leaving the Playpen Jack and Mew visit MJ Kitty Bar looking for contestants to compete in the upcoming April 2, 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.
Ning’s first visit to Soi Six Act 3 at MJ Kitty Bar
Pon and I hit three Soi Six bars on 12-18-2022 winding up at MJ Kitty Bar.

Mew dancing with Nitcha at MJ Kitty Bar while Pon does the directing.
Night out on Soi Six with Mew. After the Smoke and Kisses birthday party we go to Helicopter Bar, then MJ Kittys.

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