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Helicopter bar has the best potential of any Soi Six Bar without exception. It is the largest bar unless my eyesight is failing, and I am missing something. There is an upstairs as large as Helicopter’s downstairs. Which is already twice the size of your average beer bar or Soi Six Bar. SInce, the beginning of time, there must have been a go-go bar upstairs at Helicopter bar. Because several years ago when Helicopter bar was Nature bar the manager and I found two dancing poles. We even had a pole dancing competition. But the poles are now gone. There still remains the foundations that seated the poles, however. There’s still a bar upstairs. Although the bar stools have long ago been removed. There are also several large mirrors. The upstairs can easily be restored and made into a go go bar or similar establishment. To cap all this off there’s still a wide door that opens out into a balcony that overlooks the entire Soi Six. The bars owners tell me that it’s going to take 40 bar girls to make restoration of the upstairs feasible.

Pons videos page 7

Who’s the better dancer, Mew or Pon? Watch the videos here on Pons videos page 7 and draw your own conclusions.

Pons videos page 7
Nee Nee, NIkky and Pon

Obviously, you must conclude that Mew’s the better dancer. But is she really? In these videos?

But I will say this. When it comes to a dancing competition when the chips are all on the table, nobody beats Mew. So why then did all the go go girls at Showgirls, including Mew, shout, “she’s number one,” when Pon showed off her pole dancing skills. Because Pon is awesome. That’s why. So let’s just leave it at this. Mew misses Pon more than I can say. And so does Koy. And so do it because Pon was my favorite drinking buddy of all.

Again, watch these videos on Pons videos page 7 to get Pons measure compared to Mew.

A typical night at Nikky Bar for the man who expects a cut above.

A typical night at Nikky Bar that winds up not typical at all.

When the Twin sisters have a birthday party at Niky Bar Mew and Pon put on a great dancing show.
Helicopter bars just reopened several nights ago so we decide to take our own party here. I bring three Pattaya Eye Candy Calendar girls, Pon, Mew and Koy while Nikky brings 7 customers and bar girls from her bar. Things are normal for a while until Mew asks me to change the bar’s music. But I tell Mew, “You play DJ because you know your Thai music much better than me. And then we get Nikky to be the DJ while the bar’s new owners let everything run its course. Soon we have over half the bar’s patrons dancing.
Watch our three calendar girls in action here at Helicopter Bar. With Mew, Pon and Koy show why they are several of Pattaya’s most outstanding dancers.

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Helicopter Bar Videos Page Two

Helicopter Bar Videos Page Two
Mew with Helicopter Bar’s best customer, Alex

Playpen, Helicopter and Repent Bar with Mew.
Mew, Gee and I start out at Shabushi on Terminal 21. Then Mew and I go to Helicopter Bar where Mew buys Andy five drinks on her dime. Later Gee catches up with us at the Playpen.
Mew and I start off at Helicopter Bar for King Andy’s birthday. But most of this video takes place at MJ Kitty Bar.
Mew and I hit several Soi Six bars looking for possible contestants who can beat her in the upcoming Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on April 2, 2023. At Helicopter Bar we meet Nueng for the first time. And Nueng puts on a show for us.

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