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Helicopter bar has the best potential of any Soi Six Bar without exception. It is the largest bar unless my eyesight is failing, and I am missing something. There is an upstairs as large as Helicopter’s downstairs. Which is already twice the size of your average beer bar or Soi Six Bar. SInce, the beginning of time, there must have been a go-go bar upstairs at Helicopter bar. Because several years ago when Helicopter bar was Nature bar the manager and I found two dancing poles. We even had a pole dancing competition. But the poles are now gone. There still remains the foundations that seated the poles, however. There’s still a bar upstairs. Although the bar stools have long ago been removed. There are also several large mirrors. The upstairs can easily be restored and made into a go go bar or similar establishment. To cap all this off there’s still a wide door that opens out into a balcony that overlooks the entire Soi Six. The bars owners tell me that it’s going to take 40 bar girls to make restoration of the upstairs feasible.

Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six bars.

Which is the way Jack Corbett likes it Nikon moments with two beautiful ladies Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six Bars

Mew Aom double trouble at Soi Six Three Angels Bar
Can’t remember for sure what bar we are at, but I think it’s “Where Angels Play.” Mew’s on the far right with Aom to her left. I don’t know the other two girls, but thanks to my two sidekicks Mew and Aom I know them now.
Mew Aom double trouble here at Nikky's birthday party in Naklua
Front row seats at Nikky’s birthday party is Bruno and _________my favorite waiter and waitress at the Colonial Restaurant. In the back row from left to right: Aom, Mew and Koy.
You have no idea how much I needed that. Eight Soi Six bars with Aom and Mew. With my Nikon Z7ii and Nikon 17×28 2.8 lens.

Double trouble Mew and Aom? Not hardly. I have my camera bag along with my Nikon Z7ii camera. And two flashes in case one fails me. I can count on both Mew and Aom to look out for me. We are all getting royally wasted tonight. Along with anyone who comes along. Koy? Yep. Can’t do without her.

I won’t even have to carry my camera bag because either Mew or Aom are going to do it for me.

Mew Aom double trouble at Soi Six Panda Bar
Aom with her friend at Panda Bar on Soi Six

Mew Aom double trouble? I’ll take this kind of trouble any day of the week. Especially on Pattaya Soi Six.

I think I’ve got some great video here for you, but it’s short. Just stick around to the end because there’s some great photos to come. Helps to be shooting all Nikon equipment in a bar shooting ultra-wide angle at 17 mm.

Aom doing a photo shoot on the beach. So yes, she’s going to be on the upcoming 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

Coming up next will be several new videos straight out of Nikky Bar. But the big news is I’m smack dab in the middle of creating the new 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar.

And this one’s going to be even better than the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar. Mew Aom double trouble here in this video are two of the ladies you will find on the new calendar. This calendar will feature six of the girls from the 2023 calendar along with six new girls I hardly even know. Double trouble Aom Mew is what I mean. Mew’s one of the returning 2023 calendar girls along with Koy, Pon, and several others. Whereas Aom’s one of the six newbies for 2024.

You might want to check out Nikkys Bar here. Because Nikky’s always got a lot going on.

Helicopter Bar Videos Page Two

Helicopter Bar Videos Page Two
Mew with Helicopter Bar’s best customer, Alex

Mew, Gee and I start out at Shabushi on Terminal 21. Then Mew and I go to Helicopter Bar where Mew buys Andy five drinks on her dime. Later Gee catches up with us at the Playpen.
Mew and I start off at Helicopter Bar for King Andy’s birthday. But most of this video takes place at MJ Kitty Bar.
Mew and I hit several Soi Six bars looking for possible contestants who can beat her in the upcoming Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on April 2, 2023. At Helicopter Bar we meet Nueng for the first time. And Nueng puts on a show for us.

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MJ Kitty page two only go-go bar on Soi Six

MJ Kitty page two continues superlative video expected here at the only go-go bar on Soi Six that’s not a go-go,

MJ Kitty page two picture Dowel and sexy lady
On the left is Dowel. With her is a new girl whose name I haven’t gotten yet. But will for sure asap.

By now you are probably asking yourselves, how can I call MJ Kittys the only go-go bar on Soi Six? When it’s not a go-go bar.

For me, MJ Kitty Bar offers some of the best features of a go-go bar. While eliminating the worse. It’s got a stage. Upon which the girls dance. It has a DJ which hardly any beer bars or Soi Six bars provide. While it has a better selection of women than what you will find in your typical Soi Six Bar.

I will be honest. I do not like most go-go bars. While I find most of their customers to be either total newbie tourists or men who cannot think for themselves. The tourists simply don’t know any better, While the men who cannot think for themselves cannot get it through their thick heads that there are bar better options than go-go bars.

Your typical Go-Go bar has a totally rigid system of doing things that imposes itself on its customers that insults men who can think for themselves.

And this is where MJ Kitty bar shines. First, go-go bars typically inflict an inflexible money hungry protocall on both their customers and bar girls. There are two or three shifts at most go-go bars. The first shift is allowed so many minutes on stage. And then the second shift replaces it. Or one girl after the other steps off the stage to be replaced by another girl who is presently not on the stage.

The go-go bars allow customers only so many minutes to spend with the bar girls they favor. Before she MUST return to the stage. To get his favorite girl to join him off the stage the customer must buy her another drink. Or he must wait up to a half hour before she is free to join him.

At MJ Kitty Bar the girls are allowed to go up on the stage whenever they want. Or come off the stage to join a customer.

This amounts to the customer being allowed as much quality time with his favorite bar girl as he wants. NOT WHAT THE BAR WANTS, But what he wants. So long as his favorite bar girl obeys the mamasan. And she’s happy with the customer she’s spending her time with. Of course, the customer’s going to buy drinks and tip the lady he chooses but it’s all up to him and the girl. how much he tips or how many drinks he buys.

Go-go bars fail to observe the first and most important rule that all successful businesses need to observe. And that is Customer is number one.

The key difference between them and MJ Kittys is at Kitty’s it’s all up to Kitty’s bar girls and their customers so long as they don’t cross the bar’s owner or mamasan.

After leaving the Playpen Jack and Mew visit MJ Kitty Bar looking for contestants to compete in the upcoming April 2, 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.
Ning’s first visit to Soi Six Act 3 at MJ Kitty Bar
Pon and I hit three Soi Six bars on 12-18-2022 winding up at MJ Kitty Bar.

Mew dancing with Nitcha at MJ Kitty Bar while Pon does the directing.
Night out on Soi Six with Mew. After the Smoke and Kisses birthday party we go to Helicopter Bar, then MJ Kittys.

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