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Complete shows dancing contestants Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 page 2.

Complete shows dancing contestants Mini, Apple, and Gee in the 4-2-2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition called Pattaya Dancing Queen 1

Complete shows dancing contestants Mew and Mini and more

We had to divide complete shows dancing contestants into two pages to make them load faster.

Mimi representing Lust Bar
Apple representing Nikky Bar

Gee representing Smoke and Kisses.

But it’s a three-way tie for first place in this Pattaya Champion dancing contest.

So there’s a face off with the three top performers dancing together.

But the winner f this Pattaya Champion dancing contest is still in doubt. In this video I’m handing the top three contestants their prize money with Nikky shooting the video with her smart phone.

Of interest to only a few for whom viewing video on their smart phones is not enough.

I’m shooting most of my videos now with my Nikon 780 DSLR. This is a professional camera that my other cameras cannot begin to match. From the reviews I’ve read it can do everything the latest and greatest mirrorless professional cameras can do. Including great low light videos, which dsl cameras before this model cannot begin to equal.

I almost always use the 24-70 Nikon 2.8 lens which is one of the top Nikon lenses. My target is to shoot video that’s going to look great on a 55 inch tv screen. So for now I’m shooting HD quality at 1920 by 1080 pixels. I could shoot in 4k but don’t feel the need to do it now.

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All shows Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants 7-31-2022 page 2

This is page 2 for all shows of the last four contestants in the Pattaya Dancing Queen 7-31-2022 competition.


Out of all the Pattaya Dancing Queen contestants Pon’s the best pole dancer of them all. Unfortunately Nikky’s new bar doesn’t have any dancing poles.

But I’ve watched Pon pole dance many times. In bars on Soi Six and three LK Metro Go go bars. Pon’s so stunning when she does the pole that the other girls watch her in awe. Even Mew.

Pon cleans hotel rooms during the day. And moon lights at Nikky Bar at night. She’s got the trim little body and firm stomach of a drug addict. Except she doesn’t do any drugs. Her 36 kilo body comes from hard back breaking work. But she used to work in the Walking Street go go bars. While as a dancer, she’s so good that she almost makes me look good.

Pon’s also just about the funniest bar girl I’ve ever met.

If I take her into a go go bar. When she’s in the mood she goes right up onto that stage and starts dancing. While I will never forget that time Tutti Fruiti bar right next door to Nikky bar was having a birthday party. Suddenly I see Pon out in the middle of the sidewalk wearing my motorcycle helmet dancing right into the middle of that birthday party next door. Once again, taking another bar completely over. But that’s Pon, you never know what she’s going to do next.

But she didn’t even place. But it’s wasn’t for me to decide. Perhaps the judges don’t like trim little women who I can lift practically over my head with one arm. And it certainly didn’t help her win any votes when she chose Da Da electronic crap for her music. Because I know two of the judges who will walk out of a bar within five minutes when they are playing that kind of noise.

Apple representing Nikky Bar in the Dancing Queen II competition

Although she garnered 2nd place in the April 2nd, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen contest, this time Apple didn’t come close to finish in the top three.

But that’s the way the dice rolls. Nee Nee didn’t come close to winning back in April so I suppose this time it was Apples turn to be left out of the prize money.

But I think Apple knows she was competing against some of Pattaya’s best dancers. She’s smart, and she knows there’s always another time.

Cartoon representing Nikky Bar

Out of all the Pattaya Dancing Queen Contestants I know Cartoon least of all. Until now that I am starting to know her better. I know she’s one of the favorite girls with Nikky Bars customers. Because she’s a lot of fun and gives a terrific massage. But like most of the girls here, she loves Mew. We all do.

Nikky Bar’s Twins perform together in July 31, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition

The Twins representing Nikky Bar during the Dancing Queen II competition. Click on the picture below to see the video.

Featuring Pon dancing with Mew at the Twins Birthday Party at Nikky Bar

The Final Wrap Up.

Anna the mamasan of Smoke and Kisses on Soi Six probably said it best. Make the prize money 10000 for first place and 8000 for second place because there’s hardly any difference in the two top dancers. And Anna’s right. Gee and Mew are on a perpetual quest for perfection. Which puts them into an entirely different league. Nevertheless, it was Mew who finally won. Again.

I think it’s because Mew is a lot more than the best dancer in Pattaya. She’s a true queen. Her charisma is off the charts. And she’s awfully smart. She’s got the golden heart that very few women have. Or men for that matter. Her manners are impeccable. One could take her anywhere. To a presidential ball at the White House for example. Where no lady can outshine her. She’s fearless and proud. And knows exactly what she wants out of life. And what she has to do to get there. While not caring what anyone thinks of her.

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MJ Kitty Bar page 3

MJ Kitty Bar page 3 continues the superlative video you will find on pages 1 and 2 thanks to the support of Kittys owner.

Two Kittys bar girls cavorting with Mew is the picture at MJ Kitty Bar page 3

On the MJ Kitty Bar’s video pages 1 and 2, I’ve described why I immensely prefer MJ Kitty Bar to Pattaya’s go-go bars.

But now without divulging too much detail I shall point out several other key factors that make Kittys what it is.

MJ Kitty Bar has had the same owner for the past eight years (or possibly even more). I’ve known her for at least eight years. And all I’ve got to say is “she is a real treasure”.

She’s Thai and being Thai she doesn’t have to put up with the interference that comes from boards of directors, corporations and even employees who don’t give her the respect she deserves.

Rightly or wrongly many Thai employees do not respect their falang employers. And this isn’t just a fact here in Thaland, but in many countries around the world.

It alll comes down to “why should be listen to this foreigner?”

MJ Kitty bar doesn’t face this problem. So, what its owner says, goes for everyone. This gives its owner a lot more control over the bar than you will find in so many Pattaya bars.

Of course, a lot of Thai owned bars fail for many reasons. But MJ Kitty Bar has had at least eight years of continued success. Under the same owner. I can go on and on about how much I respect the owner of MJ Kitty Bar. Which won’t amount to much as far as the average customer is concerned. What counts is that over eight years of continued success means that she’s doing a lot of things right.

More action at MJ Kitty Bar with Mew testing Nikon Z 7 camera with Nikon 20 mm 1.8 prime lens.
Gee performing at MJ Kitty Bar on 2/23/2023
Who’s going to become Pattaya’s new dancing queen? Pon struts her stuff 48 hours before the big one.

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