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Pon Pattaya Beach Calendar Girl Naklua’s finest pole dancer

Pon Pattaya Beach Calendar girl is the best pole dancer I know. And when I tell you why I’m sure you will agree

Take a look at her body. At just 36 kilos Pon doesn’t have much mass to hoist up onto a dancing pole. And although I met her in Nikky Bar, Pon is no bar girl. She cleans hotel rooms during the day. And wakes up nearly every morning at 8 am. Pon would easily work most bar girls to death. As you might imagine all that hard work made Pon very strong for her size. But she’s worked the Pattaya bar scene for over fourteen years. And learned to dance in Walking Street go go bars. Or did she? I’m asking this question because most of the time she was cleaning all those go go bars.

Pon Pattaya Beach Calendar girl with Koy
Pon with Koy at Nikky’s birthday party.

Pon Pattaya Beach Calendar Girl for April is totally different from every single Thai woman I ever met.

And she’s my favorite drinking partner, be it male or female. Thai or Falang. She’s more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Because no one knows that she’s going to full next.

Sounds like your typical bar girl, right? Wrong.

Because when it comes to Pon Pattaya Beach Calendar girl who I just might want to be calling Miss April, Pon’s unpredictable behavior is a good thing.

Because Pon is nearly as reliable as a Swiss watch. While being one of the few Pattaya women who actually looks out for me.

Pon’s got charisma out the ying yang. And if you don’t believe me just ask Mew over at the Show Girls go go bar. Or Silent Bob, the Soi 6 DJ at Hot Shots. Or Koy. Who wasn’t all that great as a dancer until Pon came along and took Koy under her wing.

This entire group of Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar girls represents an elite that would be nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Because each Pattaya Beaches calendar girl is vastly different from the girls sharing these calendar pages with her. With Pon Pattaya Beach Calendar girl being whacky as all get out. But with a mind like a steel trap.

I’m going to stop all this verbalizing now and let Pon’s videos do all the talking.

Pon. There’s a party next to Nikky Bar here in Naklua. So Pon decides to crash the party.
Pon outside Nikky bar in the rain wearing my motorcycle helmet.
It’s Nikky’s birthday party here at Nikky Bar. And what’s Pon up to now? Getting
all the girls drunk that she can find.
Nikky Bar’s Twin sisters have a birthday party. Mew joins us. But watch Mew and Pon
dance together. Pon might be the funniest comedian in this group, but her dancing skills
are at the very top.

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