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The purpose of this travel section of my blog is to incorporate all my travel articles and pictures from the Looking Glass Magazine here.

Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue

The Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue  is a completely objective compellation of the writer’s travels in Asia.  Since there’s no monetization involved, you will be getting the truth. 

The reasons for integrating the Looking Glass Magazine with the Jack Corbett Pattaya Expats blog are:

  • I wanted to replace it with the Pattaya Expats blog
  • My focus had completely changed from the American adult entertainment industry to becoming a Thailand Expat.

But there’s a lot of Asian travel  content in the Looking Glass Magazine.  I took hundreds of pictures of my Asian travels.  Most of them are in the Looking Glass.  And I spent a lot of time writing travel articles in the Looking Glass.

There are over 50 issues of the Looking Glass Magazine.  The Jack Corbett Funhouse blog is the Looking Glass Magazine’s replacement.  But there’s still one more reason for integrating the Looking Glass with the Jack Corbett Fun House blog.   Although I no longer have much interest in American strip clubs, many issues of the Looking Glass were all about American strippers, topless clubs, and major adult entertainment events I participated in as a professional photographer and writer.  For those who would like to enjoy all that adult content of the Looking Glass and my web site, this travel section of the Funhouse blog is perhaps the bridge that many of you have been waiting for.

Thailand section Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue

Poda Island Krabi
Krabi is my favorite beach destination in Thailand

The Man Tour of Thailand

Plumeria Serviced apartments on Wongamat Beach

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens

Movie Time at Pattaya Long Beach Hotel

Beachs of  Krabi and  the Phi Phi Islands

North Pattaya’s Garden Cliff Resort

Dirt bike riding on Koh Samet’s rutted trails

Jack Corbett’s Twelve Wonders of Pattaya

Thailand’s best beaches, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands, and Railey

Driving motorbikes on Pattaya Koh Larn Island

Koh Chang Resorts 1 gets an A, the other an F–

Koh Chang’s  hidden jewel–Resolution Resort 

In Search of Thailand’s Perfect Beach

Koh Larn Island Motorbike Video

Vietnam section Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue

Halong Bay in the Jack Corbett Asia Travelogue
On a Vietnamese Junk on Ha Long Bay

Late Date in Vietnam

Return to Hanoi

Places in  Ho Chi Minh City you must Experience

Malaysia  section

Mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson
I spent 2 days looking for the place Jim Thompson was last seen

1967 disappearance of Jim Thompson, Thailand’s Silk King

Hong Kong Macau section

The Casinos of Macau

Five Days in Hong Kong Macau


Taking Full Advantage of the Alpha Productions Web Site

If you enjoyed the slide show on this blog’s homepage, you should take advantage of the Google Search Box at the bottom of the Alpha Productions front page.

You might have to wait for a few seconds for it to load but it will appear at the very bottom.   This google search window is geared to my web site although it will also take you to some sites outside of Alpha Productions.

Alpha Productions Search Engine
This is what the Alpha Productions Search Engine looks like when you go to the Alpha Productions main page. This custom search box also appears on many of the other Alpha Productions pages

I will do almost anything to get the best pictures with my cameras. Take this one. My girlfriend (I can’t remember which one) snorkeling. Had to wade out in the water to get this shot.

This custom Alpha Productions search engine takes you to a lot more than strip club pages.  Use it.  And you will find a lot more at Alpha Productions.

Interested in traveling to Vietnam?

There’s a number of articles on both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi at Alpha Pro.  As well as  Halong Bay and there’s a lot of great pictures to enjoy that I took in Vietnam.   But this custom Alpha Pro search engine also brings you to a unique Alpha Pro travel page.

Are interested in terrific beaches in Thailand?

Railey Beach (it’s just 15 minutes from Ao Nang Beach by boat) is oftentimes extolled as Thailand’s best beach.

You can use that the custom Alpha Pro Google Search engine to look up Krabi, or Ao Nang Beach, Railey, Koh Larne Island, Koh Chang, Koh Samet, etc.  Just keep in mind that although there’s a fair amount of Southeast Asian travel info there,   Alpha Pro has never has been a travel web site per se.  But… will find a lot of good stuff there about guns, and small motorbikes suitable for Thailand use.  And although I’ve now been away from the American adult entertainment scene for nearly 10 years, there’s still a lot on Alpha Productions about strip clubs and topless dancers.

Jack Corbett