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Butterfly bar on Soi Six distinguishes itself by going the extra mile at making its customers feel right at home. Don’t get me wrong. I love Soi Six and I can’t think of a bar I dislike. And if I have it in me to just hit six bars, I find it very difficult to make a choice between my favorite bars. All that being said, in the last couple months Gee often told me, “Let’s start out at Butterfly Bar.” I did a lot of drinking with Gee. And practically everywhere: in lots of Soi Six bars, on LK Metro, Nikky Bar and in many restaurants near me. But I think Gee felt that Butterfly Bar in particular made a point of making her feel right at home.

Butterfly Bar Videos 2 for even more Butterfly Bar videos.

To make room for all the Butterfly Bar videos we have added Butterfly Bar Videos 2 so you can expect even more video action here.

Butterfly Bar videos 2
Gee on the right with Ba Ba and one of the Butterfly Bar Girls

We will fill you in on more Butterfly Bar action with my Nikon cameras here on the Jack Corbett Video Channel. We also invite you to tune in on Butterfly Bar’s Facebook page.

Compared to Repent Bar, Butterfly Bar is much more relaxed. But you never can tell. Expect anything and everything here. In the meantime, I will be bringing my favorite drinking companions here. Such as Mew.

Ning’s first time on Soi Six. And there’s no better place to start off than at the Butterfly Bar. I met Ning only several days ago at Nikky Bar. And I made no secret of how much I love Soi Six. By the end of the night Ning and I hit seven Soi Six Bars: Butterfly Bar, Helicopter Bar, Smoke and Kisses, Repent Bar, Playpen, MJ Kitty Bar and Lust Bar.
Mew accompanies me to three Soi Six Bars. Starting off here at Butterfly Bar we head to Playpen Bar next and then MJ Kitty Bar
Mew brings a young girlfriend to meet me on Soi Six. This video’s action takes place at Butterfly Bar and the Playpen

For me, and some of my lady friends who accompany me, several of the best aspects of Butterfly is it’s easy for us to play DJ. And be able to play the music we want. Secondly, Butterfly is exceptionally well-managed, which for me translates into top notch service. Keep in mind that you are on Butterfly Bar Videos 2 so be sure to go back to page one.

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Soi Six Butterfly Bar is one of the friendliest Bars in Pattaya

Soi Six Butterfly bar is one of the friendliest bars in Pattaya.

Gee visiting Ba Ba at Soi Six Butterfly bar
On the left is Ba Ba. Center, one of the bar’s special ladies, and Gee on the right. Gee often accompanies me when I visit my favorite Soi Six bars. And great company because no one dances better than Gee when she’s on top of her game. But even more important than that, Gee has excellent taste when it comes to music. And Gee will not hesitate to change a bar’s music whenever she can.

As far as this that picture says a lot. The girl on the right is Gee. Who told me one night, let’s go to Butterfly Bar. Gee didn’t explain anything, but I knew what she was thinking. She liked Butterfly bar because the bar always let her change the music whenever she wanted to play DJ.

Butterfly Bar Videos

Mew and Gee accompany me to Butterfly Bar. when the entire bar erupts in a contagion of some of the best dancing ever seen in a Soi Six Bar. In this video I am using my favorite lens, the Nikon 20 mm 1.8 z prime lens.
Never never underestimate Gee. Gee loves to play DJ, and she has a terrific flair for picking the right music. In this video she shows off her dancing skills that are second to none while getting the Butterfly girls to follow her antics.
Gee shows off her DJ skills again here at Butterfly Bar. And like Pon or Mew how she can win over the girls in just about any bar. Although most of this video takes place at Butterfly Bar Gee and I wind it up at Lust Bar.

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