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Lust Bar is one of the best managed bars on Soi Six. For example, about the time of the covid lockdown many bars set up a smart phone which videoed their bar girls in real time. These bars had it all set up that men from all over the world could buy their girls drinks online. Meanwhile customers would come in and the bar girls would ignore them due to their paying too much attention to customers interacting with them online. Lust Bar played a different game, however. Behind the bar was a big screen that had half a dozen or so of its bar girls dancing. Men from across the world could buy drinks for their favorite girls on that screen. But, the girls would be doing those videos for only twenty minutes or so and then they would return to the bar. As the manager of Lust explained to me, “We don’t want our customers to come here and be ignored. Turns out Lust started up another bar on Soi Six. And they used this bar exclusively for shooting videos. Later as Soi Six got busier it reopened the bar and named it Desiree Bar.

Pattaya Lust Bar videos are straight out of Soi Six

Although Lust Bar is one of the top bars on Soi Six I haven’t done nearly enough Pattaya Lust Bar videos yet.

I have Pattaya Lust Bar videos of two of their ex bar girls
Minny (not to be confused with Minny Mouse and Mew waiting for their turn to compete for the April 2 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition at Nikky Bar

This was Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 Nikky and I held on my birthday. In this first competition only one other Soi Six girl showed up. Gee representing Smoke and Kisses. That was over a year ago when Minny was my favorite girl at Lust Bar.

Minny knew me well enough to trust me. Whereas Mew didn’t. I had only met Mew once or twice, buying her a soft drink each time. But something deep in my gut told me I just had to have her at our first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. My friend David living in Rayong was staying with me for that weekend. So we took both of my motorbikes to Soi Six that night. My Yamaha Nmax and my Triumph Street Twin. When we arrived at Lust Bar, Minny was all set to go. Whereas Mew was totally clueless about everything.

But after Minny explained all that she knew about the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition, Mew was eager to give the whole thing her best shot.

To our total surprise Mew took first place which I have captured in the Pattaya Lust Bar videos page and in the Nikky Bar page here at the Funhouse

Which speaks volumes about the quality of Lust Bar. Whose owner told me, “Mew is my best girl. She is not lazy, and she dances practically all the time in the middle of Soi Six in front of my bar.”

Unfortunately, I have lost track of Minny. Of where she is now. And what she’s doing. With Mew, it’s a different story. Because on July 31, 2022 Mew once again took first place as Pattaya’s finest dancer. Winning 13000 baht for best show and for being the best dancer at the competition. While she took top honors a third time at the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on April 2, 2023.

In fact, Lust Bar has been successful enough to convince its owner to start up another bar on Soi Six. Called Desiree bar although I often call it Lust Bar II.

I’ve only shot one video at Lust Bar but I’ve shot a few of Mew winning all three Pattaya Dancing Queen contests at Nikky Bar.

And I shot two more of Minny–the kickboxing video at my condo and the pool shark video at Nikky Bar along with her performance competing at the Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 competition.

The Pattaya Lust Bar Videos

Three contestants in our first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition are together here at Lust Bar–Mini, Mew and Gee.
Minny beating up my punching bag in my condo.
Pool sharks at Nikky Bar.
Minny competing in the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition at Nikky Bar. Although Minny never even placed two ex-American stripper friends of mine rated her performance as the best.
This video shows abbreviated performances of all seven contestants during the Pattaya Dancing Queen competition including Mew’s and Minny’s.
The final showdown at Pattaya Dancing Queen I on April 2, 2022. When the five judges call it a three-way tie between Smoke and Kisses Gee, Lust Bar’s Mew and Nikky Bar’s Apple, there is a final dance off between the three women. Mew will win the dance off with Apple taking 2nd place and Gee finishing up third.

Soi Six Lust Bar Contestant Number five Pattaya Dancing Queen

Was Minny in the April 2nd Pattaya Dancing Queen competition who competed as Soi Six Lust Bar contestant number five

Soi Six Lust Bar Mini kickboxing

Officially Soi Six Lust Bar contestant number five didn’t even place in the top 3 at the April 2nd, 2022 competition we held at Nikky Bar. But here I’m lying when I call Minny second runner up . I was not one of the five judges. So, I can assure everyone that this dancing competition was as fair as it gets. But consider this. Two of my favorite bar girl dancers from the U.S. rated her as the finest dancer in the contest. While one of the top three contestants told me, “Minny should have been number one or number two.”

While speaking for myself, I can only say that before the virus lockdown over two years ago, Minny was my favorite girl at the Soi Six Lust Bar.

Soi Six Lust Bar Contestants Mini and Mew
Soi Six Lust Bar contestant number five, Minny, with Mew who could wind up winning the first Pattaya Dancing
Queen competition and earn 4000 baht.

To put it mildly, Minny was always full of piss and vinegar. Very outgoing, and always up for just about anything she disappeared for two years after the virus lockdown made Pattaya a ghost town. When Pattaya started lifting the lockdown, I found Minny standing in front of her old bar. Looking better than ever.

A few months later I persuaded Minny to compete for the April 2nd, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition.

Several months later, Minny disappeared again. And no one knows where she’s at. Including Mew. But she did the photo shoots that
put her on the Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar.

Minny at Soi Six Lust Bar
Minny at Soi Six Lust Bar over two years ago, before the big lockdown.

Videos Minny appeared in.

Soi Six Lust Bar Contestants
Minny and Mew waiting for the April 2, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Competition to get underway at Naklua’s Nikky Bar.
Spicy kickboxer Mini taking her frustrations out on Jack’s punching bag
Minny representing Soi Six Lust bar competing at the Pattaya Dancing Queen
competition at Naklua Nikky Bar.
Pattaya Bargirl Pool Sharks Minny and Nee Nee at Nikky Bar

Soi Six Lust Bar Contestant

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Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen First Runner up

You will want to follow Flamboyant devil may care and sexy Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen First Runner up’s video’s

Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen

Gee’s Miss March on the 2022 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar.

Gee was the second runner up in the Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition last April 2022. And with Koy, first runner up on the July 31st Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.

The 2022 Pattaya Beaches Eye Calendar’s models are some of the most eye-catching beauties in Pattaya. Which many consider the entertainment capital of the world. While the winners of the two Pattaya Dancing Queen competition are the finest dancers to compete against the other stars.

Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen could have been on the title of her March calendar page. Had it not been for Mew.

Both Mew and Gee are dancing machines. Due to both women dancing at night just about everywhere they go.

Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen
Nikky, owner of Nikky Bar which held both Pattaya Dancing Queen Competitions with Gee on Bamboo Beach with Gee. Nee Nee and Pon were both here with us, during the Bamboo Beach photo shoots.

But Gee brings to the table a raw sensuality that’s way off the charts. Unfortunately, most of you will never get the chance to meet Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen runner up who I cannot begin to describe. But what I can do, is to put up all her videos right here in the Fun House. So you can get a sense of what it’s like being with the real Gee. On your smart phone. Or even better yet, on the big screen on your smart tv.

Gee Pattaya Dancing Queen
When Gee competed for Pattaya Dancing Queen last April 2nd, 2022, her show represented the
very epitome of raw sexuality and reckless abandonment. Now I’ve shot a lot of American strippers
and feature entertainers totally nude. And been surrounded by 100 completely naked entertainers
at Nudes-A-Poppin for two days. But when it comes to sensuality it’s what you don’t see
that is truly sensuous. And this is what Gee does best as she lets her audience’s imaginations
run wild.

Gee’s videos (with more to come as we all party on here in Pattaya world’s number one city for

45 minutes Before Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 begins some of the girls (who will not compete) dance.

incomparable night life.

Gee’s performance for Pattaya Dancing Queen here at Nikky Bar April 2nd, 2022 when she became second runner up.
The final dance off for Pattaya Dancing Queen competition number one between Apple, Gee and Mew. The five judges ruled there to be a three-way tie. And that the three top performers should do one grand finale to determine who’s number one, two and three. It took an hour for the judges to decide on a final dance off. While Gee thinking the competition was over and that she had won started celebrating too early. It’s hard to say but in my opinion Gee’s dance off performance was way off due to the alcohol. So, who knows, had it not been for the alcohol might Gee become Pattaya Dancing Queen?
All seven performances of the seven contestants on April 2, 2022 for Pattaya Dancing Queen.

I take Gee to Lust Bar where we find Me and Minny, two contestants in the 1st Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. (which Mew won).
Gee winning second place during Pattaya Dancing Queen 2 July 31, 2022. The five judges called it a tie between Gee and newcomer, Koy. With Gee and Koy splitting the 2nd place prize money of 6000 baht with each girl pocketing 3000 baht.

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