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Here you will find the growing list of Pattaya Bar Girl videos.  From  the beer bars, go go bars and  Soi 6.  Stay tuned our list of videos is growing.

Keep in mind the entire Jack Corbett YouTube video channel has been hacked with all videos gone from YouTube.  It’s going to take time to rebuild.

Naklua Pattaya are different sides of the same universe.

Naklua Pattaya are different in so many ways. Naklua’s is mostly residential. Whereas much of Pattaya is party central boasting thousands of bars.

Naklua Pattaya are different kettles of worms
Nikky and Mimi at Northpoint beach

If you go to Pattaya’s Terminal 21 in Pattaya, it takes four lanes of traffic to separate you from Naklua. Which I often call Little Germany. Because much of Pattaya is inhabited by Englishmen. Whereas the largest ethnic group North of North Pattaya Road is German. So, it’s no surprise that Naklua has more than its fair share of German restaurants.

I live here on Wongamat Beach not far from where I took these pictures of Nikky and Mimi at the Glass House restaurant. Which is right out in front of Northpoint condominiums.

Although Naklua Pattaya are different. And although I like them both I much prefer Naklua.

We have Bangkok Pattaya Hospital here in Pattaya and it’s by bar the best in the entire Pattaya area. And in the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort we have the best physical fitness center also. Not to mention the most prestigious hotels.

And although Naklua’s beaches do not measure up to Phuket’s, Krabi’s or Koh Chang’s, they still top Pattaya’s. I might seem very biased towards Naklua. After all I bought a condo here. But I must admit that I prefer the Soi Six Pattaya bars to those in Naklua. With the exception of Nikky’s bar on Naklua Soi 33. And that’s because I feel that Nikky can run a bar better than practically anybody else.

Nikky used to live in the United States for six years. And not just lived there. She used to work hard selling all kinds of stuff to both American adults and children at county fairs all across the United States. And became very good at it. While improving. her English language skills. So, she’s become very adept at pleasing her customers compare to most other bar owners in town.

Naklua Pattaya are different witth Naklua having the tallest buildings
In the background is Naklua’s tallest building.

But each to his own. Although I often enjoy all those noisy raucous Pattaya Bars, I’ve always wanted to live next to the ocean. Thankfully I can do both.

Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six bars.

Which is the way Jack Corbett likes it Nikon moments with two beautiful ladies Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six Bars

Can’t remember for sure what bar we are at, but I think it’s “Where Angels Play.” Mew’s on the far right with Aom to her left. I don’t know the other two girls, but thanks to my two sidekicks Mew and Aom I know them now.
Mew Aom double trouble here at Nikky's birthday party in Naklua
Front row seats at Nikky’s birthday party is Bruno and _________my favorite waiter and waitress at the Colonial Restaurant. In the back row from left to right: Aom, Mew and Koy.
You have no idea how much I needed that. Eight Soi Six bars with Aom and Mew. With my Nikon Z7ii and Nikon 17×28 2.8 lens.

Double trouble Mew and Aom? Not hardly. I have my camera bag along with my Nikon Z7ii camera. And two flashes in case one fails me. I can count on both Mew and Aom to look out for me. We are all getting royally wasted tonight. Along with anyone who comes along. Koy? Yep. Can’t do without her.

I won’t even have to carry my camera bag because either Mew or Aom are going to do it for me.

Aom with her friend at Panda Bar on Soi Six

Mew Aom double trouble? I’ll take this kind of trouble any day of the week. Especially on Pattaya Soi Six.

I think I’ve got some great video here for you, but it’s short. Just stick around to the end because there’s some great photos to come. Helps to be shooting all Nikon equipment in a bar shooting ultra-wide angle at 17 mm.

Aom doing a photo shoot on the beach. So yes, she’s going to be on the upcoming 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

Coming up next will be several new videos straight out of Nikky Bar. But the big news is I’m smack dab in the middle of creating the new 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar.

And this one’s going to be even better than the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar. Mew Aom double trouble here in this video are two of the ladies you will find on the new calendar. This calendar will feature six of the girls from the 2023 calendar along with six new girls I hardly even know. Double trouble Aom Mew is what I mean. Mew’s one of the returning 2023 calendar girls along with Koy, Pon, and several others. Whereas Aom’s one of the six newbies for 2024.

You might want to check out Nikkys Bar here. Because Nikky’s always got a lot going on.