Jack Corbett’s Expats Blog includes Thailand video.

Subjects in my Jack Corbett’s expats blog include Pattaya Thailand bar girls, motorcycles, edged weapons, Muay Thai, Western boxing. 


The first name I chose for the Jack Corbett’s Expats Blog was “Welcome to the Fun House” to commemorate my second novel as an American retiree living in Thailand.   Welcome to the Fun House probably saved me from spending my remaining years as a complete idiot pursuing whatever feels good at the moment.

Pattaya is like no other place on earth.

There’s more beautiful available women here than anywhere else. The excitement never ends in Pattaya.  It’s probably got more bars, night clubs, restaurants, and atm’s per square meter than anywhere else.  It’s dangerous.   People get killed crossing the street here.  Its streets and roads are the 2nd most lethal on earth.   But if you’re like me you probably aren’t going to want to live anywhere else.

Writing saved me from a life of total depravity

Special columnist, Uncle Bufford of the Jack Corbett Pattaya Expats Blog
Uncle Bufford is a very special columnist for the Jack Corbett Thailand Expats Blog.  Bufford’s the quintessential hedonist who typifies so many expats here in Sin City.  Uncle Bufford’s column focuses upon Walking Street go go dancers, Soi Six bar girls and how both are essential to what truly matters to the average Pattaya expat

I noticed that my fellow retirees, who had bought condos in my building, were similar to the party animals I had known in college.  But they were even more depraved.  Think Animal House. Think John Belushi and multiply him by ten.  Because I’ve been observing ten different versions of John Belushi in my fellow inmates.  All focusing on their carnal desires.  And getting and staying drunk.   But unlike my neighbors who had completely devoted themselves to a life of dissipation, I turned to writing about my experiences and those of all the reprobates I had around me.   Which brings us to the main subjects of this blog.

Most important are  Pattaya Thailand bar girls.

Why are Pattaya Thailand bar girls so important?  It’s because they will end up taking up so much of your time and money.  And because they are so beautiful and charming.  But most of all because nearly all of you will end up leaving your brains at the airport as soon as you arrive in Thailand.   Thais have a name for most of you.  It’s Kwai, which means buffalo.

Nevertheless, I still had to dedicate myself to a lot of hedonistic indulgence.  Because if I didn’t, you would all think that I don’t know what I am talking about when it comes to Pattaya Thailand Bar girls.

Jack Corbett’s Expats blog recommends the best motorcycles for Thailand

Most men who come here to stay, wind up buying small motorcycles.  More often they are called motorbikes.  For most of you, they are far more useful than cars.  So, you will probably end up buying one.  Much of this forum is devoted to my in-depth revues of small motorbikes that are suitable for Thailand.   Especially for Pattaya everyday driving.

Edged Weapons

I love guns.  But since I cannot own one here in Pattaya, I’ve collected a good assortment of Nepalese kukris, a Roman and a Spartan sword, bowie knives, and even a Roman Pila (spear). You will find my video reviews on these deadly edged weapons here in the Jack Corbett expats blog.

Thailand  Bar Girl Videos

Kwan is one of the hottest Thailand bar girls

You will find over two-hundred videos here.  A lot of my videos show Thailand bar girls strutting their stuff on stage.  But there’s a huge variety of video here.   Most of it is mine, but there’s even a concentration of prize fighting videos of the greatest boxing champions since the 1920’s.

The Jack Corbett  Expats Blog includes a lot of MuayThai boxing.

Lately I’ve been shooting a lot of Muay Thai video at the Pattaya Max Muay Thai stadium.  I’ve got a front row seat shooting them. These are the same fights you have been watching on the International Fight television channel.

Western Boxing

Here you will find my articles about many of the great Western boxing champions such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Rocky MarcianoMax Baer, and Sonny Liston along with such new stars of the ring as Andre Ward, Sergey Kovalev, and Gennady Golovkin.

So what’s it really like living in Fun City?

What’s it like selling one’s home and car in the U.S. and taking the big leap into buying a condo here in Pattaya? Or to be in charge of managing a condo in a foreign land where the values are 180 degrees different from one’s own?  That’s the most important subject of all in the Jack Corbett Pattaya Expats Blog.

Why Alpha Productions is so important to this blog?

Alpha Productions is the parent site for this blog.  It’s gone non-stop for over 25 years so you can just imagine how much content is there.  Of huge importance is the custom google search engine at Alphapro.com.  If you go to the main alphapro.com pageyou can easily find all content in this blog as well as 20 years of alphapro.com content that you would never find here.

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