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Nikon Z7 and Ladyboys at Naklua birthday surprise bar

It’s European soccer night at Nikky bar so it’s time to move onto the Nikon Z7and Ladyboys at another Naklua bar’s birthday Party.

Rick and his two ladies

It’s Europe soccer night at Nikky bar so it’s time to move onto Nikon and Ladyboys at another Naklua bar’s birthday Party.

I’ve got Mali with me and she’s looking pretty good. She’s carrying it on her back in a small backpack. But there’s no music playing at Nikky Bar tonight. A few Europeans have the television playing soccer matches. I forgot that Nikky has Tuesday and Thursday nights all locked up for soccer. Because a few Europeans insist on having the bar all to themselves.

Nikon Z7 and Ladyboys starts with this picture

Soccer might be fun to play, but for spectators I have it to be as boring as a dog taking a dump.

I tell Nikky that I’m not one of those European old men. Who have nothing to do with their lives than to watch one of the most boring sports created by man. Six of us hop into a ten-baht taxi, including Nikky. Which takes us to a small bar owned by one of Nikky’s pals. By the time we leave, more than half of Nikky’s customers and bar girls have joined us. Which speaks volumes for soccer and the men who are addicted to it.

My Nikon Z7 and Ladyboys will come together later. For now, Rick and the two ladies he’s brought with him are my targets. And Mali who I think is the prettiest girl in the bar. And tonight, Rick is in rare form. I suppose it’s all because he has to fly back to the U.S. just two days from now.

Nikon Z7 and Ladyboys produced this picture
Ladyboys from M bar with the birthday girl

A pretty woman soon takes center stage, dancing right next to the band. I try to imagine my being with her. She’s got a great body, but she looks strangely very healthy. And when women look like that, I start to become very afraid.

And then I realize it’s time that my Nikon Z7 and Ladyboys start creating some great video together.

Turns out M Bar is directly across the street from us. And M’s bar girls have not a single female among them.

You can see a lot more of Mali in these videos

When Harvard meets Pattaya there’s going to be a great party

Four outstanding videos are created during Rick’s birthday party here at Nikky Bar when Harvard meets Pattaya.

when Harvard meets Pattaya picture of Rick blowing out the candles

This big party here at Nikky bar resulted in four terrific videos. Thanks to when Harvard meets Pattaya in the form of Rick visiting from East Coast Americana.

Mew, Mimi and Mali's picture together when Harvard meets Pattaya

At this party we have Mali, Mew, and Mimi dancing together. For those who are new here Mali and Mew are two out of the 12 models on the 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar. While Mimi should have been except for her not wanting to be on it. Nevertheless, Mimi did compete in the 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition we held at Nikky bar. Mew won that one with five out of five judges awarding her a first-place finish.

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Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six bars.

Which is the way Jack Corbett likes it Nikon moments with two beautiful ladies Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six Bars

Mew Aom double trouble at Soi Six Three Angels Bar
Can’t remember for sure what bar we are at, but I think it’s “Where Angels Play.” Mew’s on the far right with Aom to her left. I don’t know the other two girls, but thanks to my two sidekicks Mew and Aom I know them now.
Mew Aom double trouble here at Nikky's birthday party in Naklua
Front row seats at Nikky’s birthday party is Bruno and _________my favorite waiter and waitress at the Colonial Restaurant. In the back row from left to right: Aom, Mew and Koy.
You have no idea how much I needed that. Eight Soi Six bars with Aom and Mew. With my Nikon Z7ii and Nikon 17×28 2.8 lens.

Double trouble Mew and Aom? Not hardly. I have my camera bag along with my Nikon Z7ii camera. And two flashes in case one fails me. I can count on both Mew and Aom to look out for me. We are all getting royally wasted tonight. Along with anyone who comes along. Koy? Yep. Can’t do without her.

I won’t even have to carry my camera bag because either Mew or Aom are going to do it for me.

Mew Aom double trouble at Soi Six Panda Bar
Aom with her friend at Panda Bar on Soi Six

Mew Aom double trouble? I’ll take this kind of trouble any day of the week. Especially on Pattaya Soi Six.

I think I’ve got some great video here for you, but it’s short. Just stick around to the end because there’s some great photos to come. Helps to be shooting all Nikon equipment in a bar shooting ultra-wide angle at 17 mm.

Aom doing a photo shoot on the beach. So yes, she’s going to be on the upcoming 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

Coming up next will be several new videos straight out of Nikky Bar. But the big news is I’m smack dab in the middle of creating the new 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar.

And this one’s going to be even better than the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar. Mew Aom double trouble here in this video are two of the ladies you will find on the new calendar. This calendar will feature six of the girls from the 2023 calendar along with six new girls I hardly even know. Double trouble Aom Mew is what I mean. Mew’s one of the returning 2023 calendar girls along with Koy, Pon, and several others. Whereas Aom’s one of the six newbies for 2024.

You might want to check out Nikkys Bar here. Because Nikky’s always got a lot going on.