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On my website at I promised over the top satire and cutting edge photography and video. Here it is, a lot of it in video. While two of the six books I have written and published–“Dick Fitswell the Man in Quest for the Perfect Fit” and “Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City” take no prisoners. In both books nothing is sacred. Especially organized religion.

Russian American Walking Dead of Pattaya Thailand

This video, the Russian American Walking Dead of Pattaya reveals the true character of pro Putin Russians and American supporters of Trump.

It’s now 2023, yet I introduced the Republican Party (Gop) cartoon strip in 2012. Because I was mortified by the ignorance of too many Americans. Today’s Americans will believe anything, As episode 1 of the Gop cartoon strip suggests.
American zombies who vote for Donald Trump, and who deny the fact that Joe Biden won the presidency over Trump.

I had to pick on the Russians. Russia since invading Ukraine has become a pariah nation. With hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians dead or about to die, it deserves condemnation. It deserves being treated as so much sewage. Or does it?

Depends on what we call, “it”. I am a great fan of Russian literature and classical music. And I watch a lot of Russian tv shows and movies on Prime and Netflix. While I treasure my friendships with many good Russian people here in Thailand. It is Putin, and all his henchmen comprising the powers that be who run Russia.

So, it deserves to be mocked, to be vilified, and to be stopped at the Ukrainian border. But I am equally appalled by my own countrymen in the United States. And so much so that I find the only good Republican is an out of office Republican. Yet I am no fan of the Democrats either.

I am calling this video the Russian American Walking dead of Pattaya, Thailand.

See what I mean, meant in 2012. About Donald Trump in frame 3 of this cartoon. “Yep, He will fit in. He’s a liar, a cheat, and a scumbag just like the rest of us.”. Which is what I am getting at in this video. Nearly every Republican in public office today is a scoundrel, so Americans who are stupid enough to vote for them are zombies, which is exactly what I depicted in the Russian American Walking Dead of Pattaya Thailand

Nearly every Republican Congressman is an election denier. Almost every Republican Congressman puts the right-wing fringe of the Republican party above his country. All Congressmen putting their party above country is a traitor. While nearly 50 % of all Americans would vote for Trump again if he were to run for president today. Whereas Putin and his cronies deserve a fate far worse than death, I must say the same for Trump and all his followers. All of them being traitors to the nth degree.

Isn’t it fair then that I name this video the Russian American Walking Dead of Pattaya? All of them, the followers and supporters of Putin and all of Trump’s unprincipled minions are no better than zombies after all.

Living into your nineties, secrets you never heard about before

Eat lots of meat, drink a lot of alcohol is the key to living into your nineties. Here’s the proof you’ve been waiting for.

Lesson One. Eat lots of Meat: Because eating bread will give you Cancer. Follow this advice and you will probably be living into your nineties.

Lesson Two: Drinking Tequila is going to bring out the power within you.

Find the tiger within yourself. This is not all about living into your nineties. But even of greater importance is overcoming your shyness, becoming the life of the party. And getting new friends.

Living into your nineties

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Living into your nineties
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