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Most go go bars in Pattaya are on Walking Street. Resembling in many ways American strip clubs they come in all flavors from upscale to some really down and dirty dives where it’s all hands on.

Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen is Pattaya Beaches Calendar cover

None other than Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen makes the front cover of the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen
Minny (contestant number 5) and Mew 45 minutes between Pattaya Dancing Queen 1

Why is Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen?

Obviously, what makes Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen she’s won both competitions we’ve held here at Naklua’s Nikky Bar. Winning 4000 baht back in April 2022. While defending her title on July 31, 2022, when all five judges awarded her 10000 baht for being the best dancer. And another 4000 baht for best show.

But there’s a lot more to being a queen than being the best performer. A real queen has impeccable manners. I had spoken to Mew for something like 20 minutes when I first met her. But something inside me told me to enter her into the April 2nd, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition Nikky and I held at her bar. Having no idea how well she could perform. After Mew won, I put up the video onto my YouTube channel. And entitled it, “Mew Lust Bar’s Enigma is the Girl we never knew.”

But now that I’m getting to know Mew much better, I’ve learned to appreciate the fine qualities that’s made Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen.

And not just once, but twice. Mew like any good queen who measures up to her title consistently shows gratitude to those who have treated her well.

Examples of how Mew shows gratitude is when we go bar hopping together. And how before we leave for the next bar Mew seeks out the bar’s manager or owner to thank him for his hospitality.

Or when the bar girls keep asking me to buy them drinks. Truth is most bar girls are gold diggers who don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone outside their families. Which is why when a bar girl I’ve never met before asks me where I come from, I reply, ‘I come from Naklua sip hok. I same same Khung Thai.” And then when the girl asks me my name I reply, “My name ATM.” And that’s how most bar girls view us foreigners (falang). ATM’s. They push the right buttons, and we give them money.

Mew understands this. And appreciates the integrity of my money.

A fact that Mew pointed out to me at Repent Bar when one of the bar girls asked me to buy her a drink. Both Mew and I ignored the bar girl, and then Mew told me, “Notice that I’m not asking you to buy these girls drinks.”

I find that most bar girls are totally unable to plan more than 12 hours in advance. Most are totally unreliable. Unless you are paying them shitloads of money. And totally clueless about being on time.

But that’s not Mew. For example after we had gotten to know each other a lot better.

Nkky Bar’s Twin sisters celebrating their birthday party with Mew and Nee Nee
Mew Pattaya Dancing Queen winner with other contestants first competition
The contestants for the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on April 2, 2022. From
left to right, Apple, Pon, Mea, Minny, and Nee Nee. Gee’s somewhere else so she does not
appear in this picture.
Mew winning the Pattaya Dancing Queen title on April 2, 2022

Unbelievably the judges decide it’s a three-way tie between Apple, Gee and Mew and rule
there will be a three way dance off between the three winners.
Mew, Apple and Gee getting their prize money after being announced Mew Dancing Queen, Apple runner up and Gee second runner-up.
Mew defends her title to become Pattaya Dancing Queen again on July 31, 2022

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The Pattaya Walking Street Pervert

The Pattaya Walking Street Pervert looked like Telly Savalas, except he looked soft and fat.  A doctor with sex instruments for vagina violation.

Pattaya Walking Street Pervert
This picture is of Telly Savalas. Sorry Telly for this unfavorable comparison even though you are now dead. For over an hour this Pattaya Walking Street Pervert violated the privates of at least three Walking Street Go Go dancers with a variety of sex instruments including what appeared to be a slim flashlight, a vibrating device I had never seen before and a dildo.  Not to mention his fingers and tongue

I sat alone up stairs in the Pattaya Walking Street go go bar.  Thinking about my favorite girl.  Who I had just been with for close to seven hours.  Drinking only three beers thinking of only her and how happy I was that she was no longer working in a sex bar.  And how I had so much to do with that.

When she was right, she was one of the prettiest girls I had ever photographed.  But she was soft inside.  A real lady.

But while she was working on Pattaya Soi Six.  She had to boom boom nearly every man who came in her bar.  Some of them just like this Pattaya Walking Street Pervert.

But within one hour after I said goodbye to her.   I was watching this Pattaya Walking Street Pervert operating with all his instruments.  With what might have looked like a doctor’s bag next to his fat ass.

The Pattaya Walking Street Pervert had his ugly face just inches away from the girls’ vaginas.

As he looked deep inside their privates with what looked like a slender flashlight.  He probed and probed.  Sometimes with his fingers.  And sometimes with his tongue.  But most of the time he was inserting various devices.  One of them must have been some kind of vibrator outfitted with its own light.   And a plain ordinary dildo.  I had never seen anything like it before.

But I never considered myself an expert on sex toys either.

But I’m sure he was paying the girls well for putting up with him.  The prettiest girl, pretended to be mildly amused over the whole thing.  Like, “what the fuck is this guy all about?  But I need the money too bad to say no.”

As two other girls sharing her stage watched.  Then he handed a small vibrator to one of them.  Who started vibrating one of the gal’s right breast.

All I could think of was, This Pattaya Walking Street Pervert must have one helluva small dick.

Or one that didn’t function anymore.  By the time I finished three beers, this Pattaya Walking Street Pervert must have performed at least one hour’s worth of sexual violation.

But oh well.  I’m sure the girls were thinking this Pattaya Walking Street Pervert’s close inspection of their privates was just part of the job.  I was just so happy that my favorite ex Soi Six lady wasn’t here in their places.

Pattaya Go Go bar fines reach 2000 baht.

The culprit for Pattaya go go bar fines zooming to 2000 baht is Lady Love Go Go Bar on L.K.  Metro  while Walking Street go go bar fines are almost as bad.

200 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines at Lady Love

2000 baht Pattaya go go bar fines are unacceptable to any self respecting expat

Not only does this run to $63.00 just to get a girl out of the bar.  It’s also likely to cost you 2000 more as your tip to the girl.  Or more.  That’s $130.00 and you haven’t even bought a single drink yet.

So I did I find out about this 2000 baht Pattaya bar fines travesty?  It went like this.  A few years ago I used to see a Soi Six girl.  She was the prettiest girl on Soi Six.  And before working Soi Six she had been working at the Walking Street go go’s.  Cost me 800 baht to her and 300 baht to take her upstairs.  I hadn’t see her in several years go I messaged her.  And we confirmed that I’d be seeing her at Lady Love go go at 9 p.m.

The Motorbike parking in front of all the Soi Lempke go go bars was full.  Showing me that there’s a lot of idiots going to those places

I couldn’t park anywhere so I drove my bike to Soi Bukeao and parked my Nmax there.  Then I walked back to the Lady Love go go bar.  The place was packed inside.

So I ordered a drink, and waited for Noi to show up.    Ten minutes passed and then she found me.  And I bought her a drink.

Now get this picture of Noi.  She’s got over 1000 friends on facebook.  And now she’s got herself a breast job.  So I’m already expecting she’s going to go for a pretty hefty penny. I’m figuring she’s wanting 3000 baht just for short time.  On a more positive note, I don’t think she’s going to be lying to me when I start asking questions.   Down on Soi Six she was only too happy to drink with me both before and after I took her upstairs.  So back then she was not all about money, the way so many of these girls are.

Noi tells me about Pattaya Go Go bar fines skyrocketing to 2000 baht

I was very surprised when Noi told me the bar fine at Lady Love was 2000 baht.  But Noi also told me that she was now unavailable to customers.   She told me she had a boyfriend.  And that she was only dancing and hawking drinks for Lady Love.

And then the second girl suddenly appeared.

The woman was no better than average looking.  But she sure had a big mouth on her.  Here I was talking to an old friend of mine.  When suddenly this gal shows up and starts interrupting our conversation.  And she’s got this horrid Issan loud obnoxious voice.

Noi of course drops our conversation.  After all, any Thai woman is more important than any falang.  But I don’t mean to put Noi down for this.  Almost all Thai women we are likely to meet in the bars are like this.

Thankfully the other go go dancer leaves, but a few minutes later she shows up again like cancer.

Once again I have to listen to the horrible voice of this idiot.  Apparently this gal has some kind of gig going on.  A private show or whatever and Noi is doing it with her.   So Noi runs off with the other girl, and I’m left finishing my beer alone.

But don’t feel sorry for me.  Feel sorry for yourself because you will soon be paying  2000 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines.  Down on Walking Street they now have short time bar fines and long time bar fines that are 1500 baht.  I expect these to reach 2000 baht soon.  But I’m not going to be paying them.

When you start paying  2000 baht Pattaya Go Go bar fines you are getting the worse entertainment experience for your money

Because Pattaya go go bars are high pressuring their girls to extract as many drinks from you as possible in the shortest possible time you start to feel more like a victim than a customer.

Meanwhile your drink tab in the beer bars climbs so much more slowly.  And if you head to Soi Six you are likely to have a leg massage or dick massage while you are discussing the world’s problems drinking with a buddy.

In the go go’s it runs like this

  • Buy me drink
  • Buy me another drink…..(that tequila rose went down in just 15 seconds so now I’m ready for another).
  • Buy sister me a drink (which is almost always a blatant lie)
  • Buy friend me drink (she new lady at bar)
  • Buy mamasan drink
  • Then Mamasan asks you to buy her a drink if one of the girls didn’t ask you first.

The go go bars have turned into a totally high pressure environment.  And you are the sheep surrounded by wolves.

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