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Smoke and Kisses is one of the most underrated bars on Soi Six. More bargirls have come out of this bar than any other bar on Soi Six who have gotten involved with me beyond the normal bar girl customer relationship. Now this is extraordinary. Another outstanding plus for Smoke and Kisses is it is much less hyperactive than most of the bars nearby. There’s very little of this “Drink, drink, drink, that so many managers shout out to their bargirls as the bar buys all the girls drinks. As a rule, the music is much better here. With hardly any of that infernal noise that I call Da Da. which so many Thai women like to dance to. But this is electro generated noise consisting of two beats so under anybody’s standards it’s not music at all. And it’s very offensive to my ears and the ears of many of my friends. As far as the girls, most of them are a lot more friendly here than what you will find elsewhere. This is a very comfortable bar to be in.

Smoke and Kisses videos Page 2

You will find more videos from Soi Six Smoke and Kisses up close and personal here at Smoke and Kisses videos page 2.

I started the Smoke and Kisses videos long after I featured this bar in one of my books
Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City is the only book I am aware of that captures the real Soi Soi Six. Much of the action in Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City takes place in Smoke and Kisses. Hopefully my Smoke and Kisses videos Page 2 capture the essence of Smoke and Kisses as faithfully as my book did.
Smoke and Kisses with Mew and Gee
Nikon Momens at Smoke and Kisses with Gee, Mew, and Koy
Mew at Smoke and Kisses
Hitting six Soi Six bars the highpoint is watching a super slender Gee strut her stuff at Smoke and Kisses.

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Soi Six Smoke and Kisses bar is seriously underrated.

Although it less noticeable than Toybox or Repent Soi Six, Smoke and Kisses is one of the most underrated bars in Pattaya.

Two Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar girls worked at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses
I met Phang and Gee, two of the 2023 Pattaya Beaches calendar girls at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses

It’s pretty quiet in Smoke and Kisses when you compare it to its next-door neighbor, Repent Bar. Or Toybox a few bars down the street. Which is a good thing.

The bar’s restaurant is not nearly as busy for one thing. Which when you gotta go, you gotta go. And it’s no fun waiting in line to take care of nature’s needs. Yet, out of all the Soi Six bars, I’ve gotten a lot closer to the Smoke and Kisses girls than I have in any other bar. I would consider Phang to name just one example as the wisest and fairest out of all the bar girls I’ve met. While Jee Jee stayed one month with me during the first lockdown. And Gee (not to be confused with Jee Jee)? Let me put it this way. If Gee didn’t exist, I might just have to invent her.

Soi Six Smoke and Kisses has a lot of continuity that few Soi Six bars have. It’s had the same owner for years. Who also owns Smoke and Mirrors and Lollytop Bar. As well as a new bar in Phuket. While Anna’s been mamasan at Smoke and Kisses for at least seven years. Smoke and Kisses also has the same cashier for years. And like Anna I’ve known the cashier for at least seven years.

I will make no secret of the fact that I immensely prefer small ladies and both Anna and ___ at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses have known this for as long as I remember them.

I know the cashier so well that I think I can tell her my darkest secrets and she won’t tell anyone. And although I’m not as certain about Anna keeping all my secrets, I will never forget how she brought me flowers at the first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. Which Nikky and I held on my 75th birthday. Or how well Anna looked after Gee. Bringing Gee to the competition and taking her home afterwards. Or looking after Gee during the second Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. And taking Koy home after the big party ended.

Just take my word for it. Soi Six Smoke and Kisses is one of the most underrated bars on Soi Six.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch all these videos and decide for yourself.

Who is the number one crazy girl at Soi Six Smoke and Kisses? Phang or Gee?
Soi Six Dancing Machine is Gee from Smoke and Kisses
Mew at Smoke and Kisses but it’s ___ the cashier who appears in this thumbnail.

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Seven Soi Six Bars Offer something different for everyone.

The seven Soi Six Bars are Repent, Playpen, Helicopter, Butterfly, MJ Kitty Bar, Smoke and Kisses and Toybox.

This picture appears on the 2023 Pattaya Eye Candy calendar.

The bars are all different from each other. Although four of them belong to the Night Wish group, each of them has a different vibe.

Unfortunately, You Tube deleted my Jack Corbett YouTube Channel 24 hours ago just 24 hours before I would have completed and published this post.

So stay tuned. The gloves are off. This means war. Today I paid Hostgator $5000 for my own dedicated server. In one week my entire domain will be lightning fast and I will start putting all these videos up on my dedicated server as fast as I can. But it’s going to take time. But war it shall be.

Because YouTube destroyed an entire year’s work of mine without any warning. I got an email from YouTube claiming I had been repeatedly violating its terms of service. Yet, I had not a single strike against me. And which term of service did I violate? Nudity? There never was any in my YouTube videos. Children in my video’s. I was very careful to edit any children out who might have suddenly trespassed into one of my bar videos.

But stay tuned. Because these very same videos YouTube deleted, will be of consistently better quality to what YouTube ever published for me. There will be no advertisements or slowups. And unlike YouTube with its endless greedy pursuit of profits my web site makes no profits whatsoever. This enables me to create the best quality content I am capable of regardless of cost or sales.

Repent bar first out of Eight Soi Six Bars
Birthday party at Repent Bar on 5-15-2023

Altogether there are 20 Night Wish bars on Soi Six. And although one of my fellow condo owners here at Wongamat hates Night Wish, I beg to differ. Tom, that’s the condo owners name contends that all the Night Wish bars are the same. They are too loud and boisterous. While they encourage their bar girls to drink far too much. Which is not good for the girls. As if Tom really cares for the welfare of Pattaya’s bar girls. Because he doesn’t. If he did, he wouldn’t be taking all those sex pictures of them, which he enjoys showing off to his friends.

The Night Wish bars have developed a routine of “Drink, drink, drink, Night Wish, Night Wish, Night Wish, which the manager shouts out. While gathering all his bar girls around him. The bar buys the drinks for the girls every hour or so. While its manager yells out to them, “drink, drink, drink.” I must admit to not being a fan of the practice myself. But it might not be that bad of an idea after all. It brings their spirits up while it encourages them to stay in a party mode.

Of these seven soi six bars the leader of the pack is Repent Bar when it comes to compelling its girls to drink too much.

While neck to neck with Repent is Toy Box. So, I’m going to start with Toy Box.

Toy Box is the first of Seven Soi Six Bars

Toy Box is the most successful out of all the Soi Six bars, I have heard that Night Wish already has 20 bars. Or if it doesn’t Nightwish will soon have 20 bars in its group. But due to all the lockdowns Nightwish closed its bars. But now that it is reopening them, Toy Box is the busiest. I think, because it has done a great job for over ten years, until the lockdowns.

In this video Gee and I head out to Repent Bar, Nightwish Bar and finally Toybox. I only had my Smart Phone with me as this night surprised me. No bar fine that I had to pay. I basically borrowed Gee from Smoke and Kisses and big surprise to me, Gee put on quite a show at the three bars.
I shot this video earlier than the one where I take Gee to three Soi Six Bars. And I brought my Nikon D780 with me so the quality is far better. This was the first night I started to get to know Gee.

I don’t have much video to show off from Toy Box. This was the first night that I ever bar fined Gee out of Smoke and Kisses.

I only had my smart phone with me that night. But Gee took over three Soi Six Bars, starting with Repent Bar, then Nightwish and ended up at Toy Box where she finished getting totally wasted. That was over a year ago. Before Nikky and I hosted our first Pattaya Dancing Queen competition where Gee wound up in third place.

The video quality of this video is terrible. Especially when you compare it to what I’ve recently been doing with my Nikon Z7 camera and $4400 invested in three new lenses I’m using practically every day now. But in this video, much of the music being played is Gee’s because she’s playing DJ on the bars’ YouTube setups.

Much later I designed and produced my 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar and once again Toy Box was a godsend to me.

I cannot say enough good things aboutToybox other than to say I don’t come into the bar often enough due to its often being overcrowded. I’ve brought Nee Nee into Toy Box with me. Nee’s Nee’s to be Miss June and Miss September on the calendar. But I wanted as many Soi Six bars on the calendar I could get.

My 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar became the unofficial Soi Six calendar.

Because I featured nine Soi Six bars in it.

Which now brings me to Repent Bar, the loudest and most boisterous Soi Six Bar of them all.

Repent Bar is in my opinion the wildest bar of them all here on Soi Six. If there is a single picture I took to represent Repent bar this has gotta be it.

I’ve taken many ladies to Repent Bar who either work at other bars on Soi Six or don’t work on Soi Six at all. And every one of them loves the place to death.

Take last night. Repent Bar was the first bar I went to. I had a good friend meeting me on Soi Six. And Repent bar was the first bar we hit. As soon as I came in, Koy came up to me and gave me a big hug. Now, Koy is that very special kind of girl there are not enough of. For one thing she’s on my 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar. She’s also been in something like 45 of my videos. She has competed twice in our Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions at Nikky Bar. Where she tied Gee for second place in the July 31, 2022 competition.

Koy also happens to be the number one girl at Repent. I singled her out nearly a year ago. Then I barfined her and took her to Nikky bar to compete in the 2nd Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. To my surprise she tied Gee and took home 4000-baht prize money.

After that Koy joined us for many parties at Nikky Bar. Where she became friends with Mew, who has won three first place titles as Pattaya’s best dancer. But as good as Mew is, I had many friends tell me Koy would become the next Pattaya Dancing Queen. And that she would beat Mew for the title.

Which never happened. Because no one beats Mew. But Koy is the prettiest girl at Repent. And in my opinion the most dynamic.

Which brings me back to last night. It takes just fhirty minutes for me to down four tequilas and four Thai whiskeys and sodas. And although normally Koy only drinks coca colas and other soft drinks, tonight she’s sitting on my lap. While getting one of her friends to get us one tequila after the other.

Someone, who I don’t even know has bought over twenty tequila shots. They are all on a table. It’s a girl who I never even met. But Koy is getting both of us a lot of free tequilas. And I buy Koy a few drinks. My pal Chris joins us. But after half an hour Chris and I decide that we must hit another four or five bars.

Total Bedlam reigns at Repent Bar.

Soi Six Playpen Bar

Is right next door to Repent. Although it’s a Nightwish Bar, it’s altogether different from Toy Box or Repent bar. And that’s all because of a lot of Frenchmen hang out here.

Thomas with Mew.

The music is better here than it is in most other Soi Six bars. Part of the reason is Playpen’s French regulars keep changing the music on the bar’s computer. I also have the chance to attempt speaking French with the guys here. Although I am hopeless when it comes to speaking French, I studied the language for four years in High School and took one semester of French at Lawrence University. But that was eons ago. Still, I have retained a vocabulary of something like 1000 French words which keep coming back to me as I down one tequila after another.

Most of the Frenchmen here speak excellent English. And although my French is worse than miserable, they know I have spent a lot of time studying their language.

Thomas is Playpen’s best customer. Thomas is a history buff, and there aren’t many History buffs around these days. He’s also a good friend I can count on. For an example, Thomas told me he would help me organize five judges Nikky and I would pick out for the April 2, 2023, Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. This was to be the big night. On my birthday where Nikky and I would host the 2023 Pattaya Dancing Queen competition. I needed a non-voting judge to represent the five voting judges. Who Nikky would choose from her bar’s customers. And Thomas was there for me for the duration. You aren’t going to find many friends like this in Pattaya.

More than that, Thomas was instrumental in talking Mimi to compete in the competition.

Soi Six Playpen videos
Mimi doing an impromptu photo shoot for me at the Playpen.

And Mimi was the right girl to represent the Playpen. She took third place in the competition and won 5000 baht. While coming in just a hair short of taking second place for 15000 baht. The competition was so close for second place that we had a dance off between Mimi and Nee Nee, with Nee Nee barely eking out a win.

Thomas stayed with Mimi for the entire party. Then he told me, “I must take her home. Because I am responsible for her.

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Lust Bar

Pattaya Lust Bar videos include Minni's performances

Might just have the cleverest bar owner on the street. Although there’s no question that the Nightwish group is the leader of the pack on Soi Six. Having twenty bars to prove its recipe has the right ingredients to success, Lust bar might be the real king on Soi Six.

Let me give you one example. A couple of years ago many bars on Soi Six were virtually ignoring its customers when they went online inviting men all across the world to buy drinks for their bar girls. Some of the girls were having men from Cyberland buy them as many as 50 drinks a night.

There would be a table in those bars on which a smart phone would be placed on a stand. The bar girls would all be gathered around the smart phone dancing and chatting with their admirers from across the globe while ignoring the customers who had walked in searching for live entertainment.

Lust Bar never sold out its real customers just to keep a bunch of money hungry bar girls happy.

Instead of catering to a bunch of online morons Lust Bar had a big screen placed above its bar that showed videos of its girls dancing.

Unknownst to me, Lust had bought a second bar. Which is now open to the general public as Desiree Bar. Where it had its bar girls dancing in front of a camera. The video footage was being shown in Lust Bar to all appearances in real time.

One night I was drinking a lot of Tequila with Minny my favorite girl at Lust bar. As we watched a half dozen girls dancing on the t.v. screen I told Minny, “I want to boom boom number 7. Without a word Minny walked to the other end of the bar and brought number 7 up to my bar chair. By this time number 7 was not wearing her number but she was number 7 and she was looking good. I almost told little Miss 7, “Let’s boom boom. I give you 1000 baht.” But my better judgement prevailed, and I didn’t want to lose Minny who was just too much fun for me to want to lose her.

Lust Bar’s manager explained to me, ” We are not doing what all these other bars are doing.”

For one thing the way their girls are doing all that video of their dancing before a cell phone, a lot of customers will appear in the background of these videos, and some of them are going to get very angry at the bar for allowing this to happen. Of equal importance, their bar girls are not taking care of the bars’ customers who actually come to our bars. While we want to take care of our real customers first by having our girls shower all their attention upon them.

As for the Drink drink drink Night Wish screaming of the Night Wish Managers and endless rounds of drinks their bars almost force the girls to drink, Lust Bar oftentimes employs the same tactics to bring up the spirits of its bar girls. But most of the Soi Six bars are doing this now, with the notable exception of Smoke and Kisses.

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Smoke and Kisses for a quiet corner in the nether world

Out of all the bars on Soi Six, I’ve been involved with more women than any other. Obviously, I’ve been involved with Gee on many levels. But before Gee came Phang, the most reliable bar girl I’ve ever met. And the most professional with all that means. Both Gee and Phang are on my 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar. Then there was Jee Jee who spent over a month with me in my condo during the first lockdown. And then there was Opel who spent the entire night with me that night Big Bruce collapsed in his condo and I thought he would die in the hospital that night.

The key figure at Smoke and Kisses has to be Anna who until the last month has been Smoke and Kisses Mamasan for years. Anna will always be my pal no matter what anyone has to say about her. Unfortunately, Anna is off somewhere in Phuket managing the Smoke and Kisses owner’s latest bar. For those who know only a little about Soi Six’s bars, this owner also owns Lollytop Bar and Smoke and Mirrors.

Yet Anna and Gee (I suppose) bought me flowers which they gave me on my birthday party at Nikky Bar on April 2, 2022, when we held our first Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.

Anna was a huge help to both Gee and me that night. My pal David and I had to use both my motorcycles to bring Mew and Minny to the contest. While Anna helped Gee get all dolled up at Smoke and Kisses before bringing her to the competition at Nikky Bar.

Anna once again was a huge help to me during the 2nd Pattaya Dancing Queen competition on July 31, 2022 by once again looking out after Gee. And taking Koy home after the party ended.

It has always been Anna approaching me first every time I walk by Smoke and Kisses. Yelling out at me, “Jack, I have new lady for you. Small lady also.”

Smoke and Kisses is a pretty laid-back Soi Six Bar compared to many nearby bars that always seem to be operating at a frenzied pace.

The music is not ever too loud and anytime I want I can go over and change the music on the computer. As Gee oftentimes does. Which is oftentimes a great thing because Gee really knows her music and hardly ever plays that electronic crap that I call Da Da.

Even though she’s far away in Phuket, I’ve still got Anna On Line and on Messenger. So, if I am ever going to go to Phuket again, I will be off and running to Anna’s bar before I go anywhere else.

Click here for the Smoke and Kisses Videos

Helicopter Bar has a Russian flavor to it.

It’s got a lot of Russians hanging out here. One of them is Andy, a big burly guy with an outsize personality, Andy’s from St. Petersburg. The city of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Pushkin.

Andy and Mew on Andy’s birthday

A few days ago, the last time I went to Helicopter Bar, I encountered a second Russian who I had first met at Repent Bar. I wanted to dance with Mew. And although I had my Nikon along who would shoot the video of us dancing together? I saw a face across the room. Which seemed friendly enough. So, I asked the man to shoot a little video of us and handed him my camera. Much later on I found him at the Butterfly Bar. Then he disappeared for several months.

Mew amd Nueng.
Emmy is one of the Helicopter girls in the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy for June

Mew and Alex., Andy’s from Scotland. Who loves hanging out at Helicopter Bar.

What I am wondering about is when, if ever, they are ever going to expand Helicopter Bar to include its large upstairs. Because if they do, Helicopter bar will become by far the largest bar on Soi Six.

Which would be perfect for Pattaya Dancing Queen IV if I ever decide to do that one again.

Although Mew works in a go-go bar on Walking Street, she still loves to party on Soi Six and Helicopter bar is one of her favorite bars on six.

Butterfly Bar

Ba Ba, x, and Gee

Baba with Gee and one of the Helicopter girls.

Ba Ba and Mew

Recently Butterfly Bar has become one of my favorite Soi Six bars due to its laid-back atmosphere.

MJ Kitty Bar

Is like a go go bar. It has a long stage, and the girls are paid to dance. Where it differs from a go go bar is, if a girl wants to spend time with you, she can stay with you as long as she likes. This makes all the difference to me because I despise go go bars. And I’ll tell you why.

From the left, Gift, Mew and —- at MJ Kitty Bar

In your typical go go bar, a girl will be spending about 10 minutes max at your table before she is called up on stage again. At which point she has to rotate out which is going to take 20 or 30 minutes. To get her to come down from the stage, you must buy her another drink. Which is a total load of crap. Whereas at MJ Kitty Bar what normally happens is the girl sitting with you can sit with you as long as she likes. Which usually amounts to your continuing to buy her drinks.

Gee at MJ Kittys the night Gee took her top off. Unfortunately, I cannot put the video of Gee up on YouTube due to the inner sensitivities the Ultra Moralistic United States. And thank God I do not live there anymore. Gee was extremely drunk but when she strip teased here at Kitty’s she strip teased better than I have ever seen it done before.

At MJ Kitty Bar you and the object of your desires have freedom of choice without either of you having to observe the ridiculous rules of the bar or having a mamasan constantly interfering with your fun.

Left to right Pon, Mew, Nitcha. Pon and Mew don’t work at MJ Kittys and for that matter neither of them works on Soi Six

Another thing that separates MJ Kitty Bar from Walking Street and LK Metros go go bars is, it’s on Soi Six. And trust me, Soi Six bars are lot more fun than most bars on Walking Street or LK Metro. So, if you want to leave Kittys or go there, you have fifty other bars within one block of it.

Pon, Mew and Nitcha

Keeping in mind that the title this post is Seven Soi Six Bars Offer something different for everyone, MJ Kitty Bar offers a unique experience that’s very different from any other bar on Soi Six.