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One of the most popular bars in Pattaya is Repent Bar on Soi Six. Although it isn’t always, usually it’s our meeting place. There are only one or two bars on Soi Six that MIGHT HAVE more bar girls. The keywords being MIGHT HAVE. Repent Bar also distinguishes itself by being my best investment of them all. Putting investment in Jack Corbett terms means for every one-thousand baht I pay for drinks; I’m going to get a return of more drinks here than in any other bar in Pattaya..

Soi Six Photo Showcase hints at a lot more to come.

This is a short video featuring Nikky and Mimi at Soi Six Repent bar so the Soi SIx photo showcase comes up at the end.

the first picture in the Soi Six Photo Showcase is at Repent Bar

Although Nikky’s been with me a few times on Soi Six, Mimi never has accompanied me. So, tonight’s kind of special because I am hoping Mimi has a great time. But it’s impossible for any human being to have as good a time as I do on Soi Six, so I’d settle on her liking it half as much as I do.

There’s only three photos here so you have to watch the video to see the rest of the Soi Six photo showcase. When you see the pictures, I think you will agree that it’s a harbinger of good things to come.

Although Mimi, Nikky and I start off at Repent bar where Koy’s working her shift, Koy follows us to Playpen bar next door. Which I think is a good thing. And this is why.

Both Koy and Mimi are outstanding competitors in any dancing contest we might hold later. In her first outing at Nikky Bar Koy tied Gee for second place in the Pattaya Dancing Queen II competition. While Mimi’s first attempt at winning the Pattaya Dancing Queen title was last April 2’s Pattaya Dancing Queen 3 competition. Neither girl made the top three. And as for Mimi, I didn’t even know her last April. So I had no idea what she’s capable of.

Prior to the Pattaya Dancing Queen III competition two bar girl friends of mine predicted Koy would win. But once again Mew was unstoppable.

Both ladies made several critical errors that kept them from making the big money. Mew won 20000 baht after all while Nikky Bar’s Nee Nee took second place for 15000 baht.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Mimi can do much better. She’s capable of winning the title. And so is Koy.

This is a video of Mimi competing for Pattaya Dancing Queen III. While here’s another video of her dancing next to Mew less than one month later at a birthday party Nikky held for one of her German customers. and here’s still one more of Mimi at her own birthday party. I believe that anyone watching these two videos will see a huge difference in Mimi’s performances.

the second picture in the Soi Six Photo Showcase is of Koy, Mimi and Nikky
the third picture in the Soi Six Photo Showcase is of Mimi and Koy

So far, we’ve had three Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions. D;uring Pattaya Dancing Queen II, Koy had no clue what to expect. Now that she’s competed twice and been a a number of parties at Nikky Bar, He face is a familiar one. Whereas at the third Pattaya Dancing Queen competition it was Mimi who was the lone ranger. If we ever have a Pattaya Dancing Queen four, the excitement, the drama and the comradery between the contestants should top everything we’ve seen before.

Koys birthday at Repent Bar and onto Playpen part 1

Mew and I are at Koys birthday in Repent bar on the eve of Koy’s big night and then we party on and on at the Playpen.

But Koy’s birthday at Repent Bar does not last long because most of the action is at Playpen. Before Mew and I go on to Panda Bar. You will be meeting several new ladies in these six videos. Because every night with Mew’s a big night. Because not only is Mew Pattaya’s best dancer. She also takes her turn as photographer-videographer.

This picture is of Koy and Mew at Koys birthday at Repent Bar

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