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One of the most popular bars in Pattaya is Repent Bar on Soi Six. Although it isn’t always, usually it’s our meeting place. There are only one or two bars on Soi Six that MIGHT HAVE more bar girls. The keywords being MIGHT HAVE. Repent Bar also distinguishes itself by being my best investment of them all. Putting investment in Jack Corbett terms means for every one-thousand baht I pay for drinks; I’m going to get a return of more drinks here than in any other bar in Pattaya..

Three Soi Six Bars welcome Koy, Lin Jang and Mali

Repent Bar, Hot Shots and Sweet bars are the three soi six bars that Lin Jang Mali and I visited on July 8.

So, they must be three of my favorite Soi Six bars. Which is not 100 percent true. One night another bar might even be better. Or a favorite lady, mamasan or manager leaves and goes elsewhere. But right now, I visit these three Soi Six Bars more than I visit the others.

Mali keeps telling me, Soi Six is number one. And so does Phang who used to work at Smoke and Kisses and knows about everything there is to know about Pattaya.

HOt Shots is the first of the three Soi Six Bars we visit
Jin Jang, Marc and Mali at Hot Shots.

But I’m not getting to the point of why I took Mali and Yin Yang to three Soi Six bars.

I take Mali to Soi Six pretty often. Because she’s just about the perfect drinking partner and enjoys the bars so much. We will be having a special birthday party at Hot Shots on July 7. And if we have it our way it will be right in the middle of Soi Six in front of Slice Pizza.

We will be having a sexy pushup dancing contest. I’m not sure how much prize money we will be giving away for that one yet. But we will also be giving prize money to the best team of two dancers who will dance to “Get Down Saturday Night” by Oliver Cheatham.

Mali and I both think Lin Jang’s pretty hot. While Lin Jang seemed to really enjoy dancing with us on my birthday. Another reason we wanted to take Lin Jang to Soi Six is she’s a new face with a body that’s not been viewed much on my video channel. We also thought she stood a good chance of doing well at the upcoming contests at Hot Shots. And that she might help bring new contestants to the competition from the Soi Bukoi area.

Watch Get down Saturday Night on YouTube

Watch Mimi and Mali dancing to Get Down Saturday Night at Nikky Bar. (Notice how Mali and Mimi are watching Oscar Issac and Sonoya Mizuno dancing to Get Down Saturday Night on YouTube.

Most dangerous Bar is Soi Six Repent Bar

Because someone is ordering six tequilas straight off, Repent Bar is the most dangerous bar on Soi Six.

six tequilas for four of us makes Repent bar Soi Six's most dangerous Bar
Koy and Koy makes Soi 6 Repent Bar the most dangerous bar

The sheer quantity of tequila Koy and Koy bring us makes Repent Bar the most dangerous bar on Soi Six.

Here I am quoting Mali, all 34 kilos of her. We have just had one Long Island tea at Pattaya’s Centara Grand Mirage Resort each to go with our Japanese food. That’s six shots of alcohol in each of our glasses. So when Koy joins us at Repent Bar, I start warning Mali, “Are you sure you want to start off drinking so much tequila?” Mali does, but I already know what’s going to happen to us.

Suddenly six shots of tequila are placed in front of us. Courtesy of Koy and Koy. Koy number one’s the cashier, while Koy number two is the girl I had always figured was the pick of the litter here at Repent bar. This is the younger of the two Koy’s who at the tender age of 24 tied Gee in the second Pattaya Dancing Queen competition we held at Nikky’s bar on Naklua Soi 33.

Mali gets three sheets to the wind early; thanks to all those tequilas we drank early on. Koy and Koy buying several of them for us. Of course, Mali and I buy more in return but it’s the principle here that counts. Most bar girls never buy customers drinks. Which is a huge factor that makes Repent Bar the most dangerous bar in Pattaya. For us. But Koy’s not working tonight. And although Repent bar is Koy’s bar after a few tequilas she tells Mali and me that she’s free to go anywhere with us. Which means I don’t have to pay any barfines.

So, the three of us head to Sex in the City.

Because one of Koy’s best friends just stopped working at Repent Bar and started working at Sex in the City. Which suits me just fine because I have always liked this particular girl. She’s pretty for one thing with a dynamite little body that’s unlike any I’ve ever seen on Soi Six. Or anywhere else. She also has a lot of attitude. That separates her from the rest of the pack.

You won’t see a lot her in this video, however. If any. But it’s Koy, even more than Mali we will see the most of in this video. And it is Koy who will stay with me for two hours after I’ve put Mali on a motorbike taxi to take her home. Koy and I will leave Sex in the City and head to Sweet Bar next. Where we immediately join the bar’s manager. Then we head to Playpen where the Playpen girls help Koy get up and down from a table where she puts on a great show. Our final stop is Repent Bar, where we have our last shots of tequila and whatever else I ordered.

Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six bars.

Which is the way Jack Corbett likes it Nikon moments with two beautiful ladies Mew Aom double trouble in eight Soi Six Bars

Mew Aom double trouble at Soi Six Three Angels Bar
Can’t remember for sure what bar we are at, but I think it’s “Where Angels Play.” Mew’s on the far right with Aom to her left. I don’t know the other two girls, but thanks to my two sidekicks Mew and Aom I know them now.
Mew Aom double trouble here at Nikky's birthday party in Naklua
Front row seats at Nikky’s birthday party is Bruno and _________my favorite waiter and waitress at the Colonial Restaurant. In the back row from left to right: Aom, Mew and Koy.
You have no idea how much I needed that. Eight Soi Six bars with Aom and Mew. With my Nikon Z7ii and Nikon 17×28 2.8 lens.

Double trouble Mew and Aom? Not hardly. I have my camera bag along with my Nikon Z7ii camera. And two flashes in case one fails me. I can count on both Mew and Aom to look out for me. We are all getting royally wasted tonight. Along with anyone who comes along. Koy? Yep. Can’t do without her.

I won’t even have to carry my camera bag because either Mew or Aom are going to do it for me.

Mew Aom double trouble at Soi Six Panda Bar
Aom with her friend at Panda Bar on Soi Six

Mew Aom double trouble? I’ll take this kind of trouble any day of the week. Especially on Pattaya Soi Six.

I think I’ve got some great video here for you, but it’s short. Just stick around to the end because there’s some great photos to come. Helps to be shooting all Nikon equipment in a bar shooting ultra-wide angle at 17 mm.

Aom doing a photo shoot on the beach. So yes, she’s going to be on the upcoming 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar

Coming up next will be several new videos straight out of Nikky Bar. But the big news is I’m smack dab in the middle of creating the new 2024 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar.

And this one’s going to be even better than the 2023 Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy calendar. Mew Aom double trouble here in this video are two of the ladies you will find on the new calendar. This calendar will feature six of the girls from the 2023 calendar along with six new girls I hardly even know. Double trouble Aom Mew is what I mean. Mew’s one of the returning 2023 calendar girls along with Koy, Pon, and several others. Whereas Aom’s one of the six newbies for 2024.

You might want to check out Nikkys Bar here. Because Nikky’s always got a lot going on.