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This category of the Jack Corbett Blog is all about guns, particularly the guns that appear in my new book, Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World. But here, our focus will be on the guns more than the babes. This doesn’t mean we can’t talk about my models who appeared in my book, it’s just that the book actually has a lot to say about some of the most influential guns that ever existed.

The Roxy’s Bomb Girl and the James Bond Walther PPK

Taylor posing with the James Bond  Walther PPK

Meet Taylor from PT’s Roxy’s, one of the author’s favorite St. Louis area Clubs, as the Roxy’s Bomb Girl posing with the James Bond Walther PPK

With James Bond now well past his prime it might be wise for him to turn to younger women such as Taylor at PT’s Roxys in Brooklyn, Illinois, who not only has got what it takes to wake James up from the many deep fogs ever since he turned sixty. But is also gravely concerned that his choice of weaponry is too antiquated for him to measure up to his better armed 21st century opponents. The guns of our Roxys Topless Club Bond girl, the subject of this review, are the Walther PPK, the Kahr P 9 and the Seecamp 32 A.C.P.

In Ian Flemming’s early Bond novels, 007 is woefully under equipped with a 25-caliber Beretta automatic,

a small semi auto which is useful if it is at all, at only point blank range, and even at that offers very poor stopping power against anything larger than a baby rabbit. Q, James Bond’s chief armorer for the British Secret Service, insists that Bond replace his pathetic .25 Beretta with the much more powerful PPK in 7.65 mm. For the rest of his career in Ian Fleming’s novels, Bond goes about his daily business of shooting the bad guys with his signature pistol. The James Bond Walther PPK. The reader and later the audience in the 007 movies is assured that Bond is adequately armed for whatever awaits him.

The James Bond Walther PPK is a svelte lightweight pocket pistol engineered by the German Walther Arms Company in the 1930’s, which started as the model PP, but was shortened to a handier sized version, the PPK.

The James Bond PPK broke new ground in modern pistol design because it was double action. That is, a bullet could be chambered into the breech, after which one could push a lever that set the trigger in a position so that the gun could not be fired without undertaking a long hard trigger squeeze.

Double action refers to a single squeeze of the trigger that both cocks and fires the pistol. Although later pistol designs such as the Kahr would replace the external hammer with internal striker mechanisms. With the PPK one could also elect to pull the hammer back and fire the piece with an easy pull in single action mode which one accomplishes by pulling the trigger, thus tripping the hammer, which has already been cocked by the shooter, upon the cartridge’s primer. The gun’s inherent design is very safe since it cannot possibly go off unless the shooter pulls the trigger.

During and after World War II, the German military chose the much more powerful 9mm Parabellum for its service pistols for the most part.

The much smaller and lighter PP and PPK models were sometimes used by officers but were more commonly used by the German police, particularly by the Gestapo and other undercover policemen.

A few years ago there were two designs of the PPK on the commercial market. There was the original PPK from Germany in calibers .22, 7.65 mm, and .380 auto. And the slightly larger American PPK/S. PPK’s are no longer manufactured in Germany. Recently Smith and Wesson became the sole manufacturer and distributor of the PPK/S in the U.S. through a licensing agreement with Walther. Smith and Wesson does not produce the more compact PPK and its PPK/S is currently available in 380 auto only. Prior to Smith and Wesson’s involvement, a company called Interarms imported German made Walthers and subcontracted their manufacture here in the U.S. through a company in Alabama

But quality was not up to German standards and Interarms wound up going belly up. Luckily mine is a pristine German-made PPK in .380 auto, which has a lustrous aftermarket black chrome finish, considered to be more durable than the pistol’s original bluing.

The opinion of “gun experts” on the 380 auto’s man-stopping ability is divided into two camps.

Some consider the .380 auto to be the absolute minimum as a reliable stopper for self-defense whereas many consider it to be inadequate.

But nearly everyone who has even a modicum of knowledge about guns deems Bond’s first pistol, his beloved .25 Beretta, to be worse than a .22 as a stopper. Keep in mind though that Bond’s PPK was chambered in 7.65 mm or what is also known as .32 A.C.P., not 380 auto, a bullet that develops roughly 30 percent more muzzle energy than the .32.

In spite of its deficiencies as a reliable man stopper, the PPK made quite a name for itself for many years. Its lines are trim and seductive, which is probably why Flemming chose the PPK for his suave James Bond character. Its sleek lines combined with relatively low weight made it ideal for concealed carry. Quality of manufacture ensured a reliable weapon that its owner could be proud to carry. And if mine is any indication of most PPK’s, its trigger in single action mode is smooth and light compared to most double action semi autos regardless of caliber.

The James Bond Walther PPK is a beautiful gun, but the question is, can James Bond do better as he tackles the 21st century?

Two likely contenders for Bond’s weapon of choice are the Seecamp .32 and the Kahr P-9.

The Kahr P-9 is virtually the same size as the PPK, yet its Polymer frame allows it to weigh in at just 17.7 ounces to the PPK’s 21. Of supreme importance is the P-9’s chambering in 9 mm which depending on ammo develops anywhere from 350 to 450 foot-pounds of muzzle energy to the .380 Walther’s 200.

But Bond didn’t use a PPK in .380, using instead the even less powerful .32 A.C.P., which develops around 150 foot-pounds at the muzzle.

Which brings up the Seecamp in .32 A.C.P. Seecamp is a small family run operation that has decided not to crank up its production to meet public demand for its excellent little weapon. One can easily wait up to one and a half years for a Seecamp in .32 caliber. I’ve seen them only once at gun shows and I immediately snapped one up. I’ve encountered them much more often in .25 auto, which would leave one as poorly armed as James Bond at the start of his career, who should have been called James Bum for carrying the .25 Beretta in the first place. Only 4 and 1/8th inches long and weighing just 10.5 ounces, the Seecamp is virtually the same size and weight as Bond’s hapless Beretta.

Hailed as the absolute finest small last-ditch close defense pistol ever produced, the principle behind the Seecamp design is that even the most powerful handgun is useless unless its owner has it available when the moment of truth arrives.

The Seecamp is so small and unobtrusive, one could carry it to the beach in his swim trunks, hardly noticing it or being noticed carrying it. It doesn’t have sights,

Which can snag in a pocket. It fires in double action mode only, which means a hard long trigger pull, which makes it very safe to carry. There are no external safeties to complicate things or snag in a jacket or pants pocket.

the 32 caliber Seecamp was so highly regarded that there was a 2 year wait for delivery

And although the .32 A.C.P. is not a .45 or a .357 magnum it’s still the same cartridge that Fleming arms Bond with his PPK. The Seecamp is designed around a single hollow point bullet, the 60 grain Winchester Silvertip, which the company guarantees as the only cartridge the Seecamp can fire reliably and this bullet hits more than twice as hard as any .22 or .25 automatic.

Due to its short sighting radius and absence of sights the Seecamp cannot begin to shoot with either the PPK or the Kahr P-9.

Its strong suit is it’s the utmost in conceivability, a fact dramatized when two police officers once searched my pickup truck for weapons. I had my Seecamp rolled up in my pajamas lying on the floor of the truck. The police officers never found the Seecamp.

The Seecamp is therefore a specialized weapon one has no excuse for not carrying along when one is uncomfortable with carrying larger handguns. So how does the 9-mm Kahr stack up against the PPK?

The PPK at first appears to be a much more finely machined pistol than the much more powerful Kahr P-9. Moreover, its sexy lines are prettier than the blocky Kahr.

My Kahr has a parkerized slide riding on a polymer (plastic) frame whereas the Walther’s black chrome finish is impeccable. Worse, the Kahr fires in double action only which would seem to favor the Walther with its smooth light single action option at the range. But the Kahr shoots the piss out of the PPK. One would think the PPK shoots well for a pocket pistol until one shoots the Kahr.

Although the Kahr is double action only, Kahr’s double action pistols are the smoothest around. The Kahr also benefits from excellent white high contrast sights that line up quickly and efficiently. In fact, the Kahr is so good, it’s competitive with many big name full sized pistols, guns considered far easier to shoot accurately because of their heft and longer sight radius. It’s the kind of pistol a shooter can shoot well at twenty-five yards, a distance considered to be outside the range of nearly all pocket pistols.

Although it’s only been in existence for a few years, Kahr Arms sales have made it one of the forerunners in modern pistol design. Its P-9 9 mm pistol is roughly the same size as a PPK, yet weighs significantly less.

Kahr technology has ensured that it’s stone reliable and if the P-9 isn’t small enough for an over the hill Bond, who might be tempted to go back to his pitiful 25 caliber Beretta, Kahr has recently introduced an even smaller and lighter version of its P-9.

But face it, Bond’s getting old, and rumor has it that he’s going for even younger and more beautiful women. With girls as attractive as our Roxys Bomb girl around, it is likely that we will find Bond going around more scantily clad than ever. If James Bond ever clamors for that .25 Beretta again, there’s the Seecamp, at the same size and weight, which is much safer to carry, and just as powerful as his old PPK.

What you have just read about the James Bond Walther PPK is an amended chapter from Jack’s ground breaking book Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World . Read more about it here. Then go to the Jack Corbett Bookstore where you can find all his books.

Baron’s Swedish Mauser was the highlight of my visiting the writer.

Baron’s Swedish Mauser hung on the wall of his narrow trailer above the wood burning stove at his rustic home in Washington State’s Olympic Mountains. The Baron also had a 22 semi automatic rifle and a 12 gauge shotgun hanging his 1996 6.65 mm Swedish bolt action. This is the first time I met the Baron after he became a regular in the Lost Angels Chat. But it is Baron’s Swedish Mauser that became by far the most unforgettable focus of my week long visit to the great writer’s home in the mountains.

Baron's Swedish Mauser is below mine
Every mountaineer’s home must have at least two firearms within easy reach. Baron’s Swedish Mauser appears below the single shot 12 gauge and the 50 caliber black powder Hawken. To make room for the Swedish Mauser I just had to purchase, Baron took down his 22 semi automatic rifle.

When I was 12 years old looking for a Springfield 03 to buy I was intrigued by the surplus Swedish military rifles that were selling for a pittance. They looked cool. But now it’s 1997 and I am visiting Baron in his small single wide trailer. I’m here for one week, and Baron and I have a lot of very interesting times together. Which you can read all about in my latest book, Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer.

It makes sense for a self proclaimed mountain man like Baron to have three or four firearms in his trailer.

He’s got a semi automatic 22 rife which is cheap, fun to shoot and good for small game. His 12 gauge shotgun is indispensable. Because when the chips are down and he has no food, he can always hit birds on the wing or small animals on the run. Good for self defense also, and if he were attacked by a grizzly bear it has stopping power he can count on. But the 50 caliber black powder Hawken? It might have been the cats meow for early 19th century mountain men. But this isn’t the 19th century. But oh well. Each to his own. I will soon have 36 firearms. And not all of them are practical must haves. Of all of his guns, the one that intrigued me the most was Baron’s Swedish Mauser. And it was the one he was the proudest of.

“Believe it or not, it will shoot as flat as a 300 H & H Magnum,” Baron told me.

“Nah. No way,” I replied. That 6.65 mm Swedish round was devised in 1896. And it wasn’t the most powerful round out there. Our 30-06 is a far better cartridge and it was introduced in 1906.”

The Baron had few amenities in his small trailer. He had an old 1500 watt space heater that was so run down that it would produce just half that many watts. He had a supply of firewood on hand for his wood burning stove. But it was soft wood. And each log would last only for a couple of hours. I found myself waking up every couple of hours putting more wood on the fire. But he had a passable internet connection.

And used it to check the ballistics of Baron’s Swedish Mauser.

Although the velocity of a 139 grain bullet was well below a 150 grain 30-06 load, the 6.5 Swede actually shot flatter. And by the time Baron explained to me that the Swedish Mauser was built better than an 1898 German Mauser I had to have one.

“How much do you think I will have to pay for one?” I asked the Baron.

“About a hundred dollars or so,” Baron replied. “And I think there’s a nearby gun shop that will have one in stock.”

I got a rifle that was nearly identical to Baron’s Swedish Mauser the next day. And had to try it out a.s.a.p.

Baron had this old Nissan pickup truck that he used for hauling wood that he cut back to his trailer. And for general transportation. I was surprised that it was two wheel drive and not four wheel drive. Because I had learned in my first several years as a farmer that two wheel drive pickups were as useless as tits on a bore when the going go tough. And those Olympic mountains of Baron’s were no laughing matter. I can’t remember how long it took us to get to that pristine mountain lake. Two hours, three hours? But whatever time it took, I was completely surprised that we didn’t encounter one single motorized vehicle over the last forty-five minutes of our journey. In my many years traveling out West I never encountered an area so devoid of human civilization since spending a month at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains.

Baron's Swedish Mauser
Later I’d buy two Russian capture German Mauser 98’s the Germans used in World War II. I took them apart to improve the wood finish on all three rifles, the Swedish Mauser and the two German 98’s. Baron’s Swedish Mauser was more painstakingly manufactured than either of my German Mausers.

Baron and I shot out Swedish Mausers out to two hundred yards once we got to the lake. We didn’t take any targets with us. So we shot at tree stumps and willows out on the lake, or whatever else was close at hand. The rifle was very easy on my shoulder. Kicking far less than my 30-06 Springfield. And even less than the .243 I had shot in my early teens. But as Baron explained to me, that 6.5 mm Swedish cartridge was a favorite with Swedish moose hunters. And it was equally good on American Moose Baron assured me. So I felt really good about my new rifle. And even if, and that was a very big if. An almost impossible if. A grizzly bear should attack us I had a rifle with the power and penetration that would save our lives.

Recoil of the 6.5 Swedish rifle is soft for a rifle that is capable of taking out Moose and other large animals.

But it would be my fascination with Baron’s Swedish Mauser and my buying one just like his that might soon cost us our lives.

When we decided to head back to a restaurant near Baron’s trailer, we found that Baron’s two wheel drive pickup was stuck in the snow.

Stuck in the snow at the lake.

I used to drive both rear engine and front wheel drive Volkswagens, and always had a shovel along. Baron didn’t. Although he kept a chain saw in his pickup bed which he used for cutting firewood whenever he encountered a fallen tree along the road. The largest potential snow digging implements we could find were a screwdriver and claw hammer. But there was no one around to rescue us. And it was already close to 4 p.m. We could freeze to death our on that lake before anyone would find us. So we had no choice other than making that claw hammer and screwdriver fly. Both were better than using our fingernails.

After we finally hacked and chiseled enough snow away from the pickup’s rear tires, Baron finally gave it a go. But the tires never got a good grip in the snow. I finally noticed the brushwood that filled the bed of Baron’s pickup. On the way to the lake we encountered a small tree that had fallen across the road. An elated Baron, gleefully cried out, “Road Kill.” And used his chainsaw to cut the tree into small pieces that would fit in his stove.

The pickup truck’s back wheels had dug a rut beneath its tires. Which kept getting deeper each time Baron tried to drive his way out of the ruts. I pushed while Baron drove. All to no avail. We were finally able to get the pickup out of the ruts by cramming brushwood underneath its tires.

We were home free a last getting the truck unstuck until Baron almost got us stuck again.

The road “Home” proved to be a road leading higher and higher up into the Olympic mountains. And North, not South. There is heavy snow already to contend with. It soon started to snow heavily. One can just imagine how difficult it would have been turning Baron’s two wheel drive pickup once the now got deeper.

The road was a narrow two lane all covered with snow. But it started snowing before we got a mile away from the lake. Baron seemed totally unconcerned as he relaxed behind the wheel. But I had been there before. Two many times. I’d be driving home to my farm house from a party. And it would start to snow. Snowing harder and harder until my front wheel drive car would get stuck in a drift before I had gone thirty miles.

I watched the snow falling harder and harder down on that road when I asked Baron.

“I’m hungry. How far is Port Townsend?

“Not very far,” Baron replied. We should be there within half an hour.”

“Is Port Townsend North or South of us?” I asked.

“It’s South of us.”

“So we are traveling South, right Baron?”


“Baron, even though it’s snowing I can still see a bit of the sun to our left.”

“That’s good.”

“Baron, it is 4 p.m. So if we are traveling South should the sun be on our left or on our right.”

“On our right, Jack.”

“Baron, the sun is on our left. Which puts the sun West of us So we are going North, not South and we are heading uphill where the snow will be falling a lot harder. We are going to get stuck again unless you turn around.”

That night Baron and I got in the Lost Angels Chat while we had a nice dinner and drank a lot of beer together.

PlOne and several of the Dollies strippers were in the chat room with us, when Baron described our day getting stuck in the snow.

“We might have died in those mountains if we had gotten my truck stuck again. There was no one on that road but us. So if we had gotten stuck chances are no one might have come by to help us. That jack. He saved the day. Jack is the Greatest Mountain man that ever lived. Greater than Daniel Boone and even Abraham Lincoln.”

Jack Corbett Books proudly presents two Sensational Hardback Editions

Jack Corbett Books now offers two books in sensational 9 by 12 inch full color hardback editions. Starting with Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer, this new edition set what I sincerely hope will set a new standard in the book publishing industry. When I first saw and touched it I felt it was so good that I just had to equal it with still another edition of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World.

Note how the hardback edition of Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer at 9 by 6 inches is significantly larger than the paperback edition. As printed by Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon), both the full color paperback and hardback editions are printed on 60 weight paper vs the less expensive 40 weight in the black and white editions. Amazon KDP also uses a much more costly premium ink for the full color paperback and hardback versions of Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer. Either way you get over 75 full color pictures of outstanding quality. However, the hardback is less expensive, more durable and even more spectacular.

Is it hyperbole to compare both new hardback editions to the creation of an exquisite Japanese swords? I think so because I designed both or them.

On the left is the old back cover in the full color paperback edition. On the right is the new back cover for the larger hardback edition of Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World. The paperback editions now being replaced aren’t all that bad, but they just weren’t good enough.
And here’s the front cover with the old edition on the left and the new hardback edition on the right. Notice that the 9 by 6 inch hardback is significantly larger than the 8.5 by 5.5 inch paperbacks. This enabled me to resize the pictures in the hardback to provide more visual impact.
Which allowed me to meticulously upsize the pictures inside the book. They appear blurred here. In the books they are as sharp as all get out of exceptional quality.
On the new hardback edition back cover on the left, right cover on the far right with the book’s spine in the middle. In the near future all editions of Extreme Guns and babes for an Adult World will have these covers.

From start to finish. I chose the models. Then I took pictures of them with the finest camera lenses I could buy. Wrote all the chapters myself, which is what one would expect from any true writer.

While most writers have a publisher do all his typesetting for him, I did all of them. Sized the pictures, the captions, and created all my covers by my lonesome on Paintshop Pro and other graphics arts programs I’ve learned to use. So In my own mind I was much more than a writer, or even a photographer. Like a skilled craftsman creating a Katana from scratch, I had also started from scratch. While doing my meticulous best to create the finest books I could make.

I don’t know if I succeeded or not. That’s for you to decide. But here are my thoughts. Suppose I only wrote a book. And someone else designed the book’s covers. There is no way this someone else would do it the way I would have wanted it done. While having been an adult photographer and writer, I also learned how to use graphics arts programs like Photoshop. I did my own promo, promoting night clubs I was doing business with. Or touching up the pictures I had shot of feature entertainers. So I developed my own way of doing things. And whether I’m right or wrong, I live by the credo, “If you want to do something well, do it yourself”.

Make no mistake. Although the models are breathtaking this is a serious book for those who are very serious about firearms. These are only a quick snapshots of four pages in the hardback edition which unlike these images are of excellent quality.

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