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This Koh Chang Kacha review Proves that online travel agencies lie

Perhaps I am going too far by claiming this Koh Chang Kacha review proves online travel agencies lie.  Distortion of the truth perhaps?

Koh Chang Kacha Review calls typical room the prison cell”. Note, the bars on all the windows that hide the view, which isn’t so hot anyway.  

Last night my girlfriend and I went out to dinner with our new friends, an Austrian who just moved into our building a few months ago and his girlfriend. The man is a beach lover, just as I am so we started to compare different beach resorts here in Thailand such as Koh Samet, Koh Chang, Koh Larn Island, and Krabi. It turns out he’s had the same awful experience with Koh Chang Kacha my girlfriend and I had. Just as I had he had stayed before at Koh Chang Kacha next to the ocean but the next time the resort put him in their new building across the main road. Turns out he got an inexcusably small room just as I had. We also traded comments on what had happened to our reviews on different resorts and

like me his extremely negative reviews at and other online travel agencies were not posted. Only his good reviews made the grade with the agodas of the Internet world.

What I don’t understand is how this video that tells the real truth about the two Koh Chang Resorts has not gotten 400 views.   It exposes how Agoda and other online travel agencies lie.  And yet anything I put up with sexy Thai women dancing gets thousands of hits in no time.  This goes to show that for most people sex is the be all and end all.  While the attention span for most men only extends as long as the length of their penises.

This video shows our room at Koh Chang Kacha as being hardly larger than a casket.

online travel agencies lie
Note that the bed takes up almost the entire main room. And there’s not even three feet from the end of the bed to the opposite wall.

Agoda lists it as 18 square meters. We had prison type bars across our windows and a really crappy view. It generates a 7.9 rating with Agoda.   But consider this.  When negative reviews are culled by online travel agencies any resort can generate nine out of ten stars.   And it’s not going to matter how bad the rooms are.  Or how crappy the service.  Some people call this a slight distortion of the truth.  While I claim online travel agencies lie.

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