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The Mothers of a More Boring Nation are at it again persecuting the Devil Incarnate (strip club owner Sam Stimmel)

A few hours after I returned from Macau and Hong Kong I saw this this link a friend of mine posted in the Lost Angels Chat. Sam Stimmel, a very good friend of mine who owned a strip club in North Webster, Indiana has once again enraged some of the stalwart God fearing members of this Indiana community resulting once again in his persecution for owning and running a strip club. Sam was arrested for prostitution, unethical business practices, etc. and bail was set for $100,000. Once again the medieval inquisitors of Indiana have set their racks in motion while gathering the firewood for the witches of their worse nightmares. Sam always was one of the most ethical men I have ever met. I knew him quite well and only wish most men could be as kind and as fair minded as Sam’s been in all the years I’ve known him. It was therefore fitting for me to add my take on this “Devil Incarnate” and to offer it up to the discussion that followed the police raid and subsequent arrest of my friend. What follows is a link to my Devil Incarnate article I wrote for Xtreme a very long time ago about the continuing persecution of my good friend by the god fearing stalwart citizens of Indiana who object to having a strip club in their state.

I wrote The Devil Incarnate years ago for “Extreme Magazine” All of this story is true just as I wrote it. And oh yes,the police officers allowed the two men who maced Stimmelators to get away with their crime and almost jailed Sam Stimmel for protesting thus proving that one of the founding principles of the Mothers for a More Boring Nation is it’s okay to intentionally injure strippers and patrons of a strip club, while it is a cardinal sin to own or operate a strip club. After all Mace comes in a can like container like Raid so it’s just as good on strippers, strip club managers and topless club customers as Raid is on cockroaches, which according to the Mothers for a More Boring Nation are one notch above insects on the evolutionary ladder.

I’ve been living in Thailand for over 8 years. And just yesterday I returned from Macau and Hong Kong where Saturday night my Thai girlfriend and a Canadian friend and I strolled down the Wanchai district, drinking from our 20 oz cans of beer. I cannot imagine the police allowing me to walk down the streets of St. Louis or Indianapolis drinking beer from cans. But this is normal where I now reside in Thailand so if I do not finish a beer in one bar I can stroll down the street beer in hand, sit down at another bar, finish my drink and order another one. As a matter of fact, I can do this in Vietnam as well. But Macau and Hong Kong are now part of China, formerly known as Red (Communist China), and I can assure everyone here that in many ways one has a much greater sense of freedom in Commie Land than one does in the U.S. Believe me when I tell you that the U.S. has become a very sterile and very boring place where spice of any kind is practically non-existent. The U.S. is a police state with a medieval mentality that would have done Hitler’s Nazi kingdom proud.

I am very familiar with Sam Stimmel and Stimmelators going back to its Cruisers days. Although I lived in the St. Louis area I’d visit Sam and his club every six or eight weeks and usually wound up staying at Sam’s house. Sometimes I’d bring friends with me all of whom Sam welcomed into his home for the weekend. The Sam I knew had a heart that was bigger than Texas. And as for his club, it was about as milk toast as it gets, Blue pasties to cover a dancer’s nipples? Pecks on each customers cheeks as each dancer comes off the stage as she comes around the room for dollar tips? This was all pretty innocent stuff compared to the strip clubs I used to hang out at in East St. Louis. And compared to Thailand and much of the rest of this part of the world I’ve visited it was about as innocent as a church. But so it goes, the vendetta against this Devil Incarnate continues while these eyes gazing across over 8000 miles holds any man, and any woman who’s part of this persecution in complete contempt.