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New Year as young Thai girl and Dick Fitswell take the stage

December 31, 2013 brings the new year with fireworks, a sexy 20 year old Thai girl and the cartoonish Dick Fitswell taking Pattaya Drinking Street’s beer bars out of control, but Fitswell’s far more than a cartoon. He’s in a Jack Corbett Book on a Quest for the Perfect Fit.

Christmas with the bar girls at the Koracha Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street–the short and the long versions.

I want to know, which is better, the short version of the Drinking Street Christmas video above or the long one that comes later? 12 minutes or 21, that is the question? Instant gratification or the longer view of what it’s really like partying with some of Pattaya’s most fun loving entertainers and bar girls from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. It’s Tequila time for some of us and some of the partiers could hardly stand up at the end when it was time to go home.

I am not releasing these two videos on You Tube just quite yet. I am still waiting to see how well the East St. Louis Cement Mixer meets Pattaya’s Bar Girls will be doing. Presently it’s at over 200 views a day and I’m still looking for the video that will match or exceed the Skytop video that was once doing over 6000 views a day.

The more I look at these videos, particularly these two the more I’m starting to think that perhaps Drinking Street will become the number one place where Thailand’s super star entertainers will be discovered. Drinking Street is a bar complex of over 40 beer bars but each of these bars has a single centralized sound system pumping out the same music to each bar. This is not the case with Soi 7 and Soi 8 where the bars are closely packed together but there’s a different song blaring out at the customers from all sides. The bars are also stretched over an entire city block and each bar is too small to provide high level entertainment for a critical mass of customers. Drinking Street is like one large amphitheater where most of the customers at all 40 bars have a view of all the other bars. One could have for example a dancing competition at any one of these bars and broadcast it on the television sets which are in each bar. But the television sets are all focusing an English soccer, Tennis and other sporting events such as even more English soccer. But just imagine if a single bar hosted a pageant and cash prizes were given out to the winners of the dancing competitions and all the bars were in on this together. All 40 television sets could be covering the event while a single D.J. constantly gave updates on the pageant’s activities. But even without the bars cooperating with each other, consider this. Presently I have over 100,000 You Tube views on my Drinking Street videos alone. This could easily be brought up to over 1,000,000. Think about it, my Skytop video got over 600,000 views and it didn’t begin to have the quality of talent that’s already over at Drinking Street.

Walking Street with all its go go bars couldn’t begin to compete with what could happen here. The problem starts with once again the limited seating capacity at each go-go bar. And as for Bangkok, it’s been out of the running for a long time. The go go beer bar scene there simply does not begin to compare with what Pattaya has to offer. And with all these political disturbances going on with no end in sight, it’s only going to get worse.

Watch these videos and it will be very clear that already one superstar has emerged. She’s at her bar nearly every night, she has a lot of dancing talent, she’s tall and good looking and she’s got all the charisma in the world. Her personality is infectious, she’s tuned into the Internet and she welcomes all the publicity she can get. She’s driven. As time goes on, I am thinking that she won’t be alone. Thailand’s got just too many extremely beautiful talented women.

As for myself, I am wondering which approach is the best, the shorter videos that tend to grab and hold the audience’s attention longer or a longer video such as the 21 minute version of this Christmas video or the East Cement Mixer video. This video in particular has got a lot of action in it and more than several beautiful women to look at. It has a lot of fade ins and outs and camera zoom ins at the beer bars across from the Koracha Bar that I am hoping keeps things interesting. There also is I think more of a natural flow throughout the video that makes it a more realistic depiction of all the good times we are all having here. The short version of this same video must have about 50 separate video clips in it due to my constantly cutting them down to a much shorter size. But this causes the whole thing to seem more artificial to me. When these two videos become fully public at You Tube I suppose the tallying of the number of views for each video will tell me the real story. In the meantime I will appreciate any constructive comments as to why you might prefer the short version over the longer one or vice versa.