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Extreme Guns & Babes for an Adult World Questionaire

This is the girl modeling the Walther PPK in the previewIt’s short and I believe it moves along quickly. At 180 pages Exotic Guns and Babes for an Adult World comprises 115 digital photos of over 26 strippers and feature entertainers for 26 gun articles I wrote for Xtreme Magazine.

The book is now available in three flavors from Amazon.com. The 1st edition is in Kindle format at $9.95. The second edition is in full color but since color is so expensive in the printing industry the book will have to sell for around $36.00 although for now it’s retailing for $27.95 or so. This is high but there’s no getting around it and with models such as this the girls look best in full color. The black and white third edition retailing for $13.95 which is a huge difference.

Here’s the link to the preview which amounts to one chapter with pictures and this one’s about the Walther PPK, which was James Bond’s favorite sidearm. The model is a young topless dancer I took pictures of around 10 years ago.

I’m asking five questions from all of you in this preview such as “Would you prefer to read this book in Kindle, Black and White paperback, or full color, would you prefer to see more nudity in the pictures, etc.

In those pictures where there was full nudity I’ve replaced naked breasts and other sensitive areas of the female anatomy with flowers, etc so I doubt very much if anyone will feel the pictures are offensive–erotic, well maybe, but certainly this book is a long way from being pornographic.

Jack Corbett