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I am really starting to dislike Facebook

I have many reasons that I won’t get into now. What’s really setting me off is the constant intrusion of its moderators into my account that has once again resulted in my being blocked from “making friends”– this time for thirty days. This is laughable considering that I haven’t tried to make one new friend for at least 30 days. So, without getting into the many other reasons for disliking Facebook I am going to take a stab at why Facebook’s moderators might have singled me out as a target.

I just returned to Thailand from a two week business trip in the U.S. and while there I tried to log into my Facebook account. I couldn’t, even though I supplied my correct e-mail address and password. Instead of being allowed to access my account I was besieged with several lists of questions along the lines of “Do you know this person, do you know that person”? Accompanying the questions would be a group of photos I could choose from identifying my choices, all of whom I assume were among my 219 friends on my facebook page. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t identify many of them. So I was unable to log into my facebook account until I returned to my condo here in Thailand where I learned that once again I’ve been barred from making new friends, this time for 30 days, with a final warning that I’d soon be permanently barred from adding new friends if the powers that be at Facebook continued to receive complaints about me. Now, I’d really like to know how I could have ever committed a single action in Facebook that would invite condemnation from its moderators if I couldn’t log into my account in the first place?

I can only conjecture at what might have happened here. My best guess is that when I tried to log into Facebook from the U.S. that Facebook recognized that I was trying to log in from a country I don’t normally log in from, flagged me, and then started its grand inquisition to determine whether or not I was the real Jack Corbett. And then when I replied that I didn’t know most of the “friends” through Facebook’s line of questioning, the moderators then asked these “friends of mine” if they knew me or not. Well, to tell you the truth, I was really getting pretty upset with Facebook through putting me through this inquisition in the first place and if I were someone on my friend’s list who was getting the same intrusion from Facebook’s moderators I’d be getting pretty upset also. I just might blame Jack Corbett for putting me through all the unasked for questioning.

So how did I wind up with so many friends who I really don’t know? First off, if it wasn’t for my having a web site and Google I wouldn’t be on Facebook at all. However, as anyone who’s trying his best at improving a web site’s ratings at Google knows, it’s good to get an account at Facebook and once in Facebook any web site administrator who’s worth his salt needs to identify Facebook users who can benefit from his web site and enlist those users as friends. For example, when I go to my control panel at Hostgator which hosts my domain, I can go to SEO tools which I can then use to advice on how to improve my web site’s visibility in the search engines. Then under SEO tips, I can click on the following links at Hostgator 1. Getting started Guide, 2. SEO in 10 Easy Steps, 3. Writing Meta Tags, 4. Using Twitter to Promote Your web site, 5. Using Facebook to promote your web site, 6. Google’s Self Starter Guide, 7. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Hostgator, which I regard as the absolute world’s best web hosting provider also recommends SEO gears to improve its customers web sites search ability, and SEO Gears also shows how Facebook can be used to gain a larger audience for one’s web site.

So off I went to Facebook to get an account, design my Facebook page and to find those who might benefit from my web site here at Alphapro. My first step was to try and find out which Facebook users might benefit from my web site, and what’s provided there. But even before that it was important for me to identify exactly what pages on my web site might be of value for any friends I might make on Facebook. What immediately stood in my mind were the Uncle Bufford Walking Street, Uncle Bufford Naklua Bar, and Uncle Bufford Soi Six Bar Reviews. Another was my You Tube Video channel which currently has 452 subscribers and nearly one million three hundred thousand views of over 35 videos, most of which focus on Thailand’s bars but which also include vacation destinations in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Obviously if I’ve had nearly 1,300,000 views of my Southeast Asian videos, I would think a lot Facebook members would be interested in my content as well. That is, provided I could identify those Facebook members who have a lot in common with the content of my web site. I have also written and published four books, one of which, “Welcome to the Fun House” is all about Pattaya and expats like me who live there. In fact, while writing “Welcome to the Fun House,” I served on a three man committee that was placed in charge of running my condo building and directing the Thai staff, and for several months I was running the building all by myself when one of my fellow committee members quit, another left for a prolonged visit to the U.S. and our hapless Thai manager quit without giving any advanced notice whatsoever. So there I was trying to run our condo building without having a single committee member to help me, without a Thai manager, in clear violation of Thailand’s condo rules and regulations that specified that one had to have at least 50 % of all committee present to be legally run the place. After all that, and writing a book about some of my experiences I felt that yes….I had a lot of inside information very few people had and of those who did, none of them had ever written about it in a book before.

So where to start at Facebook? Obviously with so much of my You Tube content stemming from Pattaya’s bars and my Uncle Bufford Soi Six, Naklua Bar, and Walking Street bar reviews focusing on bars, I would think that customers frequenting these bars might be interested in those portions of my web site centering around those bars along with similar bars. It was a no brainer then for me to seek out go go bars on Walking Street that have accounts with Facebook. I found that Sapphires Go Go had a page at Facebook so I asked Paul Sapphire to be one of my first friends at Facebook. I then found that several Pattaya Soi Six Bars had accounts at Facebook so I added those bars to my list of friend’s requests. Finally I found that the Leo Bar in Naklua had an account at Facebook so I became friends of the Leo Bar, which is less than a mile from my condo and whose owner, Leo, I consider a personal friend of mine.

Okay–since I go to all of these bars which I recently added as friends and which accepted me as their friend, my next step was to approach the friends of these bars to see if they wanted to be “my friend”. I felt that the friends of any of these bars were either customers of the bars or Thai women who worked in them. It must also be kept in mind that many of these customers were men who like myself are expats who live here in Pattaya and who therefore are most likely not interested in what I might have to say about the area’s bars but also in the motorbikes I review, the restaurants I recommend, the hotels I stay at in my Southeast Asian travel experiences, or even where I feel is the best place here in Pattaya to get a watch or a computer repaired. So even though I didn’t personally know most of the people I requested friendships with, I felt that most of them would welcome my requests since we no doubt had a lot in common with each other, and I for one, was supplying a lot of good free content on a variety of subjects they were most likely to be interested in.

The problem started when I put in too many requests for friends too quickly. And that’s when the Facebook moderation team started to notice me. I think that eventually nearly all those I asked to be my friends eventually accepted my requests. I now stand at 219 friends and I seriously doubt if I made many more friends requests than that. Hell, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Because it didn’t take any more than a week for the moderators to put a one week injunction on me that denied me the ability to make any more new friends. And when that initial one week moratorium passed, I slowed way down in adding any new friends. Even so, it didn’t take very long for me to accumulate 195 friends, and once I had 195 friends I said to myself, “That’s enough.” From that point on, the only friends I added were those who asked me to be their friends. The difference between 195 and 219 was not only made up by those who specifically requested me to be their friends but also those who initially ignored my friendship requests to them.

Actually I’ve been pretty dormant over at Facebook for the past month and a half or two months. I’ve put several more videos up over at You Tube and those have appeared on my Facebook page, and I’ve also done several new articles here in my blog which also appeared on my Facebook page.

I’m about 50-50 between deleting my account over at Facebook and keeping it. I have been able to reconnect with Lollytopps because of Facebook after being out of touch ever since I moved to Thailand. Lollytops is one of my models in “Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World” having posed with a Russian SKS rifle for one of my Xtreme Weapons articles. A feature entertainer traveling across the United States who competed at M.S. Texas pageants in Abilene and Wichita Falls, Nudes-A-Poppin and other adult events I covered as a writer and photographer, Lolly Tops suddenly dropped out of the U.S. adult entertainment world just as I had. Our being able to suddenly contact each other after all these years resulted in a two hour phone call during which Lolly Tops also put me in touch through Facebook with another adult photographer, who both of us had the highest regard for. I don’t know if Bob is seeing or reading any of my posts that appear on my Facebook page or not or if he’s gone to any of my you tube links. Hopefully he has. In any case, it’s possible others might eventually find me at Facebook who I’ve lost track of who might never think about trying to track me through a web site.

But—I just got another email from Facebook asking me if I knew Richard____, Bryon_____, or Trevor______, Carline clubredhot, etc. I don’t know any of them. Facebook’s supplied links to each of them so I suppose I can now request them to be my friends. Can I? Will I? I don’t know. Carline appears to be or to have been a stripper and I had a lot of stripper friends. Perhaps Carline knows Lollytopps or Bob, my adult photographer friend. But perhaps Carline will complain to Facebook which will then permanently cut me off from making new friends. After all just two days ago I was getting messages from Facebook informing me I could not make new friends for 30 days and that I was about to be suspended permanently.

Should I or shouldn’t? Will I arise the wrath of the powers that be over at Facebook? Let’s see, Carline is from Wyoming, and on my web site I have the Jack Corbett Guide to Topless Clubs. But of course I have listings for Wyoming. Perhaps Carline would like me to add her club to my list or if I already have listed her club she would like me to change my listing for Club Red Hot. After all, I keep getting such requests from topless clubs across the U.S. from club owners, managers, web site designers and adult entertainers who I’ve never met before and I have never turned any of them into Facebook. But what’s really ironical is when I keep getting requests from strippers across the United States asking me for a job and here I’m living all the way over here in Thailand 8000 miles away.

The truth is my web site over here at Alpha Pro’s been around for over s15 years and in that time it’s grown to encompass a lot of web pages that must be close to 1000 now. There’s one helluva lot of information there, and now that its emphasis has switched over to Thailand from the American Adult Entertainment scene, I would think a lot of Facebook members can get a lot of useful information there. But I won’t be spending a lot of time over at Facebook. It will be spent a lot more productively here at Alphapro where I don’t have to put up with a lot of nonsense and I have the freedom to create and distribute whatever I want.