Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World on Kindle

Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World is now published on Kindle. Hopefully I can finish a printed version in a month. This is my fourth book and the first I’ve published on Kindle before doing a printed edition first. The book is heavily picture orientated and since a book containing full color images is so expensive to produce I felt Kindle represented a far more affordable way to showcase a work whose primary appeal centers around pictures. So yes, I want to create a copy of this book, but that’s for myself more than it is for those who want to buy the book and have the best possible reading experience possible. I think electronic publishing is the future, but I still want to have my own copy that I can see, feel and touch of something that’s entirely my own that represents a combination of the best that I could do with a camera, or with a Graphics Arts program to design the book itself let alone how well or badly I could write. But the pictures will be much smaller and they will be in black and white so for most of you who are interested in this book, I recommend getting it on Kindle.

The title itself says a lot about this book. For one thing I produced the book within the context of the adult world–that is the adult entertainment world of strippers, topless dancers, feature entertainers and topless clubs. I did some of my photo shoots in topless clubs, And all of my models without a single exception were strippers or feature entertainers. I wrote over twenty of my articles for Xtreme Magazine, a small adult magazine on the East Coast and I did without exception all my own pictures of the models who were used in my articles. Some of the articles never made it into Xtreme for one reason or the other. For one thing I had stopped writing for Xtreme in 2004. The real irony, however, was that I was writing gun articles in an adult magazine in the first place or that I was writing for a magazine on the East Coast when I was living in the Midwest.

Jeremy was the reason I was able to write gun articles for an adult magazine. When I met Jeremy he was Xtreme’s editor. Now he’s in charge of all four of Xtreme’s franchises and has to concentrate on making money for the magazine. But by the time Jeremy asked me to write an article about my .454 Casul revolver, he was writing a large portion of Xtreme’s articles himself. There was the Horror Scope, and no, that is not a misspelling. Jeremy’s horoscopes were insanely funny. And when I first started out writing for Xtreme Jeremy was writing his Adventures of the Backdoor Man in his Search for the Holy Tail, series. By the time he wrote his “The Laundryman Pervert” which he did not publish in Xtreme it was obvious that Jeremy was pretty far out there. My article on my .454 Casul, a revolver that’s so powerful that it would often be used to hunt elephants and Alaskan Brown Bear, represented an abrupt departure from anything that could be expected from an adult magazine focusing on T &A. By the time I completed it there was nothing in it about women. There were no pictures and no mention of them whatsoever. The same was true for my second gun article. For my article about the Uzi, I went to a university library where I dug up a few 1967 articles covering Israel’s Seven Day War. Although I actually put a couple hundred rounds through a fully automatic Uzi submachine gun the article pivoted around the Historical reasons Israel would arm its troops with such a short ranged weapon. It was only after those first two articles that women were brought into the gun articles as models.

There are several aspects about the Xtreme Weapons magazine articles that made them unique . First, they never were written for an audience whose concern is only about guns. Since Xtreme was a free magazine that could be found in topless clubs and other adult venues, it had to be put together in a way that was appealing to a readership that was far less technically inclined than your typical readers of gun magazines. But more than most men, I have a keen interest in History so I’d often bring out the Historical context causing each weapon to evolve the way I did. If anything I departed most from what people might expect from a series of gun articles called Xtreme Weapons and Babes in an Adult World. For the most part the articles are all about guns just as one might expect out of any other gun article. True enough, a lot of time was spent choosing the models for the photo shoots accompanying the articles. There was also a lot of attention to detail during the photo shoots, not only from me, but also from the women posing with the weapons. These are exotic entertainers after all and what most people don’t realize is the women are very professional when it comes to doing pictures. Most women for example might pose in front of a camera for two or three pictures for vacation photos and wind up telling their husband or boyfriend photographer, “That’s enough,” but adult entertainers will insist that two hundred pictures be taken knowing full well that nothing less than perfection will do, and that the lighting for a picture can change at a moment’s notice or the slightest change of expression will ruin a picture not to mention that the most favorable angles need to be taken of a model to show off her figure to her advantage. Typically my photo shoots for the Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World would comprise between one and two hundred pictures.

Above all I wasn’t just some guy out to make a buck who’s snap up a couple of women to shoot pictures of them with guns. I was somewhat of a gun nut myself who truly looked forward to doing each gun article as an opportunity to fully explore the potential of those weapons I was personally interested in. Consider that my first gun was a 30-06 Springfield I worked all summer for when I was just twelve years old. This was no pellet gun or even a .22. It shot three and a half inch shells and it would penetrate right through a thirty inch tree. So when I’d be contemplating what weapon to cover next for Xtreme I’d start thinking about what kind of gun I wanted to shoot next or which gun I had read a lot about, oftentimes from boyhood on, and then I’d set about trying to find a specimen for my next gun article. When it came to the M-1 Garand, I went out and spent eight hundred dollars of my own money just so that I could personally find out all the great things about the M-1 that gave the American infantryman a huge edge over his counterparts during the 2nd World War. The same thing happened to me with the Springfield M-1 A. When I first wrote about the rifle for Xtreme I had taken Darien Ross all the way down to Vic Meyers’ farm so that she could model with his M-15, which was a fully automatic version of the M1’s successor. But I became so intrigued with my own article that I went out and bought my own Springfield M-1 A, which is a commercialized version of the miliary’s M14 and M15’s. The same would prove true with my M-16 article. Again, I took the model, in this case Arianna a del to Vic Meyer’s farm where she could pose with an M-16. But it wasn’t long after Xtreme Published the article that I bought my own M-16 in the form of an AR-15 which is the civilianized version of the military weapon.

I think everyone involved had a terrific time doing those Xtreme Weapons photo shoots that were the heart of the gun articles. The girls loved posing with the guns, oftentimes getting to shoot automatic weapons in the process. And since I didn’t have any automatic weapons which are illegal to own unless one has a specialized license to have or sell them, I was able to get my hands on about anything I wanted because I could offer the gun dealers who had them a part in the photo shoots that centered around a very attractive personable adult entertainer. It took a lot of far sighted fun loving people to get all those photo shoots and magazine articles done starting with an editor who wanted to produce something that was far more interesting than what all the other magazines were printing and it took a group of women who’d be willing to spend a lot of their time getting to and from the photo shoots without receiving any direct cash reimbursement. And then there were the gun dealers. It’s not easy to find a 50 caliber tripod mounted machine gun and then it needs to be set up for the photo shoot. So I owe all of them a lot for all their hard work and time. This is the result of all that went into over two years of all that tremendous effort.

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