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Dick Fitswell, does he anything to do with Pattaya Bar Girls?

Dick Fitswell, the paperback print edition's back cover
Both covers of all the Jack Corbett books were designed and produced by the author.

If Dick Fitswell is the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit, what does the book, Dick Fitswell, the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit, have to do with Pattaya Bar Girls, when the back cover reads, what you are viewing here?  For one thing there’s over five chapters in which Dick Fitswell is prowling through Bangkok or Pattaya.  But there’s much more to Dick Fitswell and the book than just these five chapters.  This excerpt will provide a clue to how much of a critical role Pattaya plays in the entire Dick Fitswell saga.  But I’m cutting the excerpt short.  Otherwise I’d be giving away the farm,  This is just a short teaser to the electrifying conclusion and central message of the Dick Fitswell saga.

So why did I put this short excerpt in this post.  And why will I be adding additional samples of my writing? is doing a great job.  And you can peer into the book’s content by clicking on “look inside” in the Jack Corbett listings on Amazon  You can look at the table of contents, title page and the first chapter or two, and although that’s terrific, it doesn’t always give my readers a true sense of how my books read. And as for Dick Fitswell, no matter how appalling he might seem at first, there’s a subtlety to Dick Fitswell and a sophistication to the book that makes it one of my finest efforts, at least in my estimation.

Click here for the excerpt “Drinking with God on Pattaya Soi 8”

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