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Smoke and Kisses videos Page 2

You will find more videos from Soi Six Smoke and Kisses up close and personal here at Smoke and Kisses videos page 2.

I started the Smoke and Kisses videos long after I featured this bar in one of my books
Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City is the only book I am aware of that captures the real Soi Soi Six. Much of the action in Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Confessions of Sin City takes place in Smoke and Kisses. Hopefully my Smoke and Kisses videos Page 2 capture the essence of Smoke and Kisses as faithfully as my book did.
Smoke and Kisses with Mew and Gee
Nikon Momens at Smoke and Kisses with Gee, Mew, and Koy
Mew at Smoke and Kisses
Hitting six Soi Six bars the highpoint is watching a super slender Gee strut her stuff at Smoke and Kisses.

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Eye Candy Calendar Girls Kick off Pattaya Eye Candy calendar

While four of the Eye Candy Calendar girls were the top four contestants in the Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions at Nikky Bar.

Click here to buy the calendar at

Eye Candy Calendar Girls
calendar’s front cover

The front cover girl is Mew. Who was our top winner at my birthday party on April 2, 2022. Which was good for 4000 baht. Apple from Nikky Bar finished second. Taking home 2000 baht. While Gee placed third pocketing her 1000 baht. But even Gee felt Minny, representing Soi Six Lust Bar, should have placed in the top three. Unfortunately for Minny, the five judges did not agree.

Looking forward to Pattaya Dancing Queen II on July 31, 2022 both Gee and Mew were going all out preparing themselves for the 10000 baht I’d give to the best dancer. Make no mistake, both Mew and Gee are total professionals when it comes to dancing. Both women are dancing machines. Gee for example can’t stop dancing even when she comes to my condo. While Mew now working at Show GIrls go go on Pattaya LK Metro had become the go go’s top dancer with no one even coming close.

Pattaya Beaches Eye Candy Calendar back Cover

But when the competition ended once again Mew took first place. Which out of all the Eye Candy Calendar Girls entitles her to be on the calendar’s front cover.

All five judges ruling Mew was the best of the best. While deciding that Mew had the best show by far. Winning Mew another 4000 baht on top of the 10000 baht for being the best dancer.

But the biggest surprise out of all these Eye Candy Calendar Girls was Koy who tied Gee for second place. Compared to the likes of Gee and Mew, Koy was a complete newbie. So, I was shocked when the judges decided Koy was just as good as Gee.

Another surprise from these Eye Candy Calendar Girls was Nee Nee who took third place. Which earned her 4000 baht. While Pon didn’t even place. Dancing to one of Gee’s favorite songs, “Sexy GIrl’s, Nee Nee danced so much like Gee in Pattaya Dancing Queen 1 that I accused Nee Nee of copying Gee’s dancing style. Nee Nee wisely did not reply.

Nikky had two dancing poles at her first bar on Naklua Soi 33. But the powers that be took boarded off that entire section of Soi 33. Where they are now building a condominium plex.

Had Nikky been able to keep that first bar of hers, there’s no doubt in my mind that Pon would have won first place.

She’s that good on a dancing pole. What a lot of people don’t know about Pon is, she wakes up early every morning to work her real job cleaning hotel rooms. She’s got this wiry little body weighing just 36 kilos. And very strong arms and legs from all that cleaning he does.

Pon also happens to be my favorite drinking companion. Because you never know what she’s going to do next.

And when I take her to Showgirls to visit Mew, when she goes up on that pole and flips herself upside down, Mew and all the go go dancers are just blown away.

These Eye Candy Calendar Girls are truly, “Great Eye Candy”. With each one of them offers something special that you will hardly ever find in a bar. Or for that matter working in a restaurant or any kind of so-called normal job.

But you will probably never have the chance to meet any of them. Due to your being either unwilling or unable to visit Pattaya.

So on each of the Eye Candy Calendar girls calendar page, who have been in my videos, I’m putting her video links. Both on YouTube and here in the Fun House.

And we expect to be doing even more videos starting with Nikky’s upcoming Halloween Party here at Nikky Bar this October 31. So, you will be able to follow the future antics of your favorite Eye Candy Calendar Girls.

You can start now over on my YouTube Channel.

But I’m going to do one better than that. By putting all the videos of each one of the Eye Candy Calendar Girls here in the Fun House.

For example, on Mew’s calendar pages, there’s a simple url. Go there and you will find all of Mew’s present and future videos. Or look up Pon at Although I am putting up most of these videos on YouTube, I have not listed a lot of them because I’m not using my best camera equipment. Resorting to my phone to shoot spontaneous video. Which comes down to your having to go to my Funhouse blog on my website to get all the videos.

While some of the video I am shooting I’m putting directly on my website due to their not conforming to YouTubes rules and regulations.

Ok. It’s time to start meeting the calendar girls. And keeping up with their latest adventures, misadventures and dancing performances.

Starting With Gee where you can find all of her present and future videos on a single page.

Second up is Koy with all her videos present and future

And here’s Mew, the champion and winner of both Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions

Next up is Pon, my favorite drinking partner and best pole dancer I know.

Nee Nee June 2022 calendar girl and runner up for Pattaya Dancing Queen July 31, 2022

Mali July 2022 calendar girl

Mini contestant number five representing the Pattaya Soi Six Lust Bar in the April 2nd, 2022 Pattaya Dancing Queen Competition.

Jack Corbett lap dancing King thanks to Delirious Delilah

Ha ha ha, We did it just for fun, Renee and me, and then Renee made me Jack Corbett lap dancing King at Stimmelators 555

Jack Corbett lap dancing King thanks to Renee
Renee later to become Delirious Delilah will later be the back cover girl for Jack Corbett’s latest book Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer
Renee and I nearly got kicked out of Stimmelators for this. Even though I was spending the weekend with Sam Stimmel the club owner and my good friend.
Renee and I while she was working at Stimmelators. Renee only worked as a dancer for a year or two before settling down with Lee to live in small town America.

So what does this video of Jack lap dancing Renee have to do with Renee making Jack Corbett lap dancing king?

And why is Renee’s picture so dim on the back cover of Life of an Exotic Entertainment Photographer? Or why is Skie backing a mirror on the books front cover?

When you look at Skie’s picture facing the mirror you see two different views of her. Skie is two people with two separate lives in the picture. There’s the beautiful stripper. But beneath the face her customers see in their fantasies is the real Skie.

I’ve taken many pictures of Renee that are equal to the best I’ve ever taken. But after a lot of deliberation I’ve left her back cover picture almost unviewable. To present the enigmatic Renee as the unknowable beautiful showgirl.

As far as I’m concerned, Renee was the queen of them all, and I knew hundreds of feature entertainers and strippers all over the United States. While embodying the finest qualities any woman could have.

Thanks to Renee I became Jack Corbett lap dancing king of Stimmelators. I had brought Angel my best friend to Stimmelators. Which amounted to a 420 mile drive from where Angel and I were living in the Saint Louis Metro East.

By this time Renee had become Delirious Delilah after I had her running a news group I had created on my web site. I took this picture up in MIchigan while visiting Renee and Lee.

While Renee had driven down 72 miles from Michigan with her husband to meet Angel and me at Stimmelators. Angel was an alcoholic in those days and had gone without alcohol for 3 weeks when we met up with Renee.

So here’s Renee, Angel and I sitting at a table at the Stimmelators Strip club, and there’s a lot of Stimmelators dancers coming up to us.

Most of them extremely happy to see Renee who had quit stripping and was now living a normal life with her husband and four children.

And that’s when Renee tried to make me the Jack Corbett lap dancing King of Stimmelators. By trying to sell lap dances to the Stimmelators dancers. Who would have the privilege of having me squirm all over their laps for twenty bucks.

Meanwhile Renee’s husband had run off somewhere in the bar to drink beer with his beer drinking friends. Which was just like Lee. And one of the things I really liked about him.

An ex stripper friend of Renee’s had just bought a desktop computer and asked Renee to repair it for her. But when Renee and I drove to her girlfriend’s apartment, the girlfriend never showed up and had locked us out of her apartment, which did not stop Renee.
Renee repairing her friend’s computer. Renee and I were not happy with her friends unreliability. And believe me, we got our revenge.

Lee knew that Renee and I had this incredible bond. Due to our nearly identical anything goes sense of humor. I’d come up with a totally insane idea and Renee would just roll with it and take it one step further. And vice versa.

And here was poor Angel sitting next to Renee and me looking glum and very jealous. We were drinking a lot with the other Stimmelators dancers drinking with us. While poor Angel had to just sit there drinking coca colas.

After our night out at Stimmelators slowly faded away. And after my pal Tornado had driven down from South Bend, Indiana to join us. I took Angel to Renee and Lees home in Michigan. With Tornado joining us. Where we all stayed all night with Renee and Lee. That was in Buchanon, Michigan where Renee had settled down to live a normal life as a wife and mother in small town Americana.

I certainly could not be playing the role of Jack Corbett lap lancing King in small town Americana. But we certainly could take over one bar. And we did.

While sitting on the beach with Volkmar only 200 yards from my Pattaya condo, I’m thinking of all those old friends from the strip clubs in the U.S. Who are no longer with us. And not just Angel, but big Howard manager at Dollies Playhouse, Selenda from Visions, Doctor Doom who would later help Sam Stimmel manage Stimmelators and now less than a year ago, Sam Stimmel.

This is one of the finest videos I’ve ever done. I’m sitting in the present, 8000 miles away from my last home in the U.S. on the beach just 200 yards from my condo here in Naklua, Thailand with Volmar, one of my best friends.

Volkmar’s German. And one the best educated and smartest men I know. He served on the committee with me running our condo community.

In the video we are having dinner together the Surf and Turf Restaurant watching the sun go down. The restaurant is playing music. While I’m thinking far in the past of those years long gone by.

When I partied long and hard with the finest group of women I ever knew. All of them American strippers or ex strippers like Renee.

When you watch this video the waves of the Gulf of Thailand are slowly ebbing back and forth. But it’s not video. While a couple of men are slowly walking on the beach in front of us. But that’s not video either. It’s a series of pictures I’ve taken with my Nikon DSLR.

And as I’m drinking and talking with Volkmar, I’m thinking about Renee and Angel and all those good times I will never forget. And how Angel is no longer with us. Dead at the age of 36 from a lung disease she was born with.

I’m incredibly sad. But so glad to be with Volkmar here on the beach. While I’m thinking of how Angel, Tornado, Lee, and Renee , Renee’s sister and I all took over that small town Michigan bar.

We take over the bar while the girls take over the toilet. We call it Michigan Trendy Toilet Sex after Dollies Trendy Toilet Sex we all used to do at the Dollies Playhouse over near East Saint Louis.

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