Jack Corbett’s Looking Glass Thailand Motorcycle Reviews

Thailand Motorcycle Reviews
Drinking Street 2-17-2015.  Kwan with my Yamaha SR 400 motorcycle

For still more Thailand motorcycle reviews on such bikes as the Honda Air Blade, PCX, 250 CBR,  the Honda 150 CBR, Yamaha Filano and Nouvo Elegance.  Just click here for the Looking Glass articles.

Why should you read my Thailand Motorcycle Reviews?

Because most road tests of small motorbikes suitable for Thailand’s cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya are total rubbish.

Now don’t get me wrong.  There are a lot of excellent motorcycle magazines out there.  Both in print and online that are terrific.  But my key point is, “suitable for Thailand’s cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya”.

Take my review of the Honda PCX 150 vs the Yamaha Nmax 155 for example.   I don’t think you will find a road test anywhere that shows which of these two bikes is faster.  I stop watched my girlfriend’s PCX 150 against my Yamaha Nmax 155 to find out which bike goes faster from zero to 50 kph.  Then I stop watched the two bikes from zero to 80 kph.  Then I tested both bikes to find out their top speeds.

Okay.  What about the Yamaha SR400 in the picture above?  For a 400 it’s very slow.  It vibrates.  You must kick start it.  But did you know that it’s going to get more attention than a Porsche?  That it’s supremely comfortable driving in the city.  Or that it can slice and dice through heavy city traffic almost as well as a small scooter?

But as beautiful as my Yamaha SR400 is, I hardly drive it these days.  And the reason is

As of 12-14-2017 the Yamaha Nmax is the finest motorbike you can get to handle nearly all conditions in cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya

At any price and yet, it costs just 80000 baht.  And I cannot even begin to describe how much fun it is to drive.

Sometimes I think about trading in my Yamaha SR400 for a Triumph speed twin.  Ah, the visceral feeling I’d get from just listening to the sound of that Triumph.  I’ve got the money to burn.  But it’s going to sit in the parking lot most of the time, just like my SR400.  My Yamaha Nmax 155 would be much more fun to drive in nearly all conditions I encounter here in Pattaya,  And it’s going to beat that Triumph’s ass in this neck of the woods.

Or how about the Honda Click 125i?

It’s one of the most popular bikes here in Thailand.  But when you read my Thailand Motorcycle Reviews you are going to find out the Honda Click is an awful bike.

My Thailand Motorcycle Reviews focus on the motorbikes that really matter when it comes to the daily driving most of us do in Thailand.  I have no interest in 1000 c.c. motorcycles that do well on American interstates.  Or a German autobahn.  And neither should you if most of your driving is in a city.  Or an urban environment.

That’s why you need the Jack Corbett Thailand Motorcycle Reviews,



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