New Year’s Eve young Pattaya girl sizzles in sensational Jack Corbett video

This New Year’s Eve young Pattaya girl sizzles and so does the dazzling fireworks display lighting up the Pattaya night.  But I’ve heard this young Pattaya  girl is  just twenty.

young Pattaya girl
This is not the young Pattaya girl in the Jack Corbett you tube video. When I took this picture, she was working with Mam at the Frog Bar.

This video’s got an incredible show of fireworks, and it showcases Dick Fitswell as a cartoon entering the video itself.  Which I think is very appropriate because the star character of my book, Dick Fitswell the man in Quest of a Perfect Fit is a cartoonish character.  There’s over 25 short Dick Fitswell stories in the book, but I think Dick Fitswell is too often misunderstood.  When you read the book, just think of him in this video, as a cartoon.

We are celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Koracha Bar.  In this video Kwan is not taking center stage.  Instead, she’s cavorting with our gang.  Which includes several of our girlfriends.

Kwan not Young Pattaya girl in this video
I don’t have any pictures of the young Pattaya girl in the video. But here’s Kwan. The gal in the black dress is one of our girlfriends. Make no mistake, Kwan is the star attraction here, no matter how pretty another girl might be. She might be one of two stars of Drinking Street, but she’s one of our pals also. We would go to Drinking Street to have fun with Kwan. And this is what brought us all here for New Year’s Eve.

The other big star on Drinking Street was Mam.  For awhile Kwan and Mam worked together at the Frog Bar.  Later, Kwan started working at the Koracha Bar a few bars up from Frog Bar.  Back then I think Kwan was around 25.  While Mam was around 29.   We all got to know Kwan a lot better when she moved into my condo buldiing.  But my impression of Kwan when we were getting to know her on Drinking Street is she was much less experienced than Mam.

Mam is no doubt the better dancer than Kwan.  Once Mam showed me a few pictures that had been taken of her in a professional photo shoot and in those pictures she was a knockout.  Although Kwan would wind up being my personal favorite, in many ways I could relate to Mam better.  She was older.  Mam was more mature.  She was also more conniving.

Example in point.  One night my pal, Ross, and I were drinking at the Frog Bar.  Ross wound up with a bar bill of around 1500 baht even though he was only drinking beer and not much at that. I can’t remember what stunt Mam had pulled on him, but neither of us were happy with Mam.

Ross and I went to another Bar.  Still on Drinking Street but a few bars away.  We started smoking a few cigarettes together but we quickly ran out of cigarettes.  So Ross went back to the Frog Bar to borrow cigarettes from Mam.  Not once but two or three times.  And we wound up getting something like 15 cigarettes from Mam.  Then Ross turned towards me and laughed:

“At least it’s something Jack.  A little revenge against Mam is better than nothing.”

After that Mam never tried to pull a stunt on either of us again.  Ross didn’t have enough money to pay his bar bill at the Frog Bar so I paid half of it.  I felt I should have foreseen the stunts Mam would pull on him.

Mam absolutely terrified one of my good friends from my condo.  He thought she was crazier than a loon.  But it takes people a lot scarier than Mam to make me uncomfortable.

But one night Ross and I went to the Frog Bar.  Where I wound up having many drinks with Mam.  We were drinking tequila.  Drunk (and so was I) Mam made some pretty strong sexual advances on me.  And I started responding.  Mam was looking awfully good and she really knew what she was doing.  Well, maybe not.  But my pal Ross persuaded me to leave the bar.

“All eyes are on you,” Jack.  “And you can be sure someone is going to tell your girlfriend about you and Mam.”

Anyway, Mam has moved to Hong Kong.  I’ve heard she’s married now.  And Kwan’s not working the bar on Drinking Street all that often.  The crowd on Drinking Street is now mostly Indians and Arabs.  I’ve heard they prefer fat women.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but now there’s hardly one decent looking gal on Drinking Street.  The music’s about all Da Da now.   This is pure electro noise.  Which is very offensive to my friends and me.  So, Drinking Street is no longer even close to what it was.  With no Mam and hardly any of Kwan,  Drinking Street is no longer a place where we want to all get together.

I still see the old gang, but we are never all together anymore.  What drew us together in a single group was Kwan and Drinking Street.  Drinking Street was very good back then, but now it’s completely unacceptable.

Mam is not the Young Pattaya girl in this video
This is Mam when she was working at the Frog Bar. I have absolutely no pictures of the Young Pattaya girl in the video. But you will see a lot her in the video.



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