Pattaya Christmas video on Drinking Street with Kwan and friends

This  Pattaya Christmas video is one of my greatest Pattaya Bar Girl videos ever.  I think you will agree.  Don’t let the title Christmas video fool you because this video sizzles.  This Christmas video is one big drunk with loads of Pattaya bar girl non stop action from a Pattaya Drinking Street favorite bar of ours.

Three or was it four very pretty bar girls show up at the Drinking Street Koracha Bar.  With me and four or five of my pals.  And our favorite bar girl is here.  Kwan, and she’s full of herself.  But Kwan is more than just a favorite of the guys.  The girls we brought with us love Kwan to death and vice versa.

Pattaya Christmas video

The tequila is flowing.  And before long several of Kwan’s bar girl friends are totally wasted.

We even got our condo manager here in this Pattaya Christmas video

But I’m not about to reveal which girl she is.  She’s no bar girl though.

This Pattaya Christmas video moves at a relentless pace.  The action never lags.

Most of our crowd is wearing Santa Claus garb.  The girls keep prodding Kwan.  While Kwan keeps teasing her bar girl friends.  She keeps slapping one of best friends on the ass.  Hard.  One of the older bar girls starts walking across the bar.  She is wobbling. Drunk drunk drunk.  Then Kwan’s dancing on top of the bar.  Showing off in front of over 20 other bars here on Drinking Street.  With her fine ass constantly pulsating.

At last, when Kwan is not looking one of her bar girl friends puts ice down her pants.  At first Kwan doesn’t notice.  But when she finally does, she throws a fit.  In this Pattaya Christmas video you might guess that Kwans got ant in her pants.  But it’s too chilly outside for the insects.

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Drinking Street Kwan performs at Pattaya Best Bar on Soi 18



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