Pattaya Coyote dancers taking over Walking Street Go Go Bars

Pattaya Coyote dancers are taking over, and Walking Street is starting to resemble Singapore with huge price increases.

Pattaya coyote dancers

Ten years ago you paid a 500 to 600 baht bar fine.  And 1000 baht for short time with a go go girl and 1500 baht for long time. That meant all night. Now Walking Street go go girls are asking 2000 to 2500 baht short time. One of the main reasons for this price gouging is the invasion of Walking Street go go bars by Pattaya coyote dancers.

The reason Pattaya coyote dancers have recently come into fashion is the difficulty night club owners have keeping quality dancers. To overcome this difficulty many go go bar owners have been getting many of their dancers from a company. This company might charge an owner 15,000 to 20,000 baht per girl per month.

So if a go go bar acquires as few as ten Pattaya coyote dancers through an outside firm this might cost the club 200,000 baht per month, in addition to which the go go bar owner must pay a salary to his remaining girls that is already much pricier than what nearly all beer bar owners pay. That’s a lot of cash for the owner to pay.  So he will attempt to recoup it by requiring hefty drink quotas from his  Pattaya coyote dancers. Whereas years ago most go go dancers tried hard to get bar fines so they could get their 1000 to 1500 baht tips, today’s equation has changed.

High pressure sales tactics to get customers to buy high priced drinks has become the name of the game.  So if a man takes a coyote dancer home with him, he’s looking at a 1500 baht bar fine.  And this is just to take the girl out of the bar. After midnight, the bar fine will go down to 1000 baht. The go go bars impose such punitive bar fines as compensation to the go go bar owner for losing the services of his high pressure drink saleswomen.

So here’s what a customer is looking at. With the bar fine at 1500 baht, he still must bargain with the girl for how much tip he must pay her. So even if the customer and go go girl agree to a 2000 baht short time tip, he’s up to 3500 baht.  And this doesn’t even include the price of a single drink. So if he’s lucky and gets off with just a 500 baht bar tab, he’s still paying 4000 baht to bang the girl. For that kind of money he could have had three Soi Six girls.  And he will have a lot more fun drinking with them than he’d  have with high pressure Walking Street go go dancers.

If you ask me the choice is a no brainer. However, if a man must have a go go dancer, it is best to avoid the coyote scourge that is infesting the entire area.

For example, the bar fine is still 600 baht at Super Girls over on Soi Diamond just off of Walking Street.  And it’s the same price across the soi at its sister club, Super Babes. Except for two or three go go dancers in the club’s Jacuzzi who command a 700 baht bar fine.  But if one has his heart set on one of the bathing beauties, he should bare in mind one thing.  That is the girl who is in the Jazzuzi tonight will be replaced by another girl the following night.  While she will be on the stage as just one more of the go go bar’s regular dancers.

Meanwhile the price for a bottle of beer at the two sister clubs is 120 baht.  Which like the bar fine is identical to what the clubs charged eight years ago. Meanwhile nearby clubs are now asking 135 to 160 baht for a bottle of beer.  While most of these clubs are becoming more and more seriously afflicted by the coyote pestilence.

For some unfathomable reason several of my friends are still addicted by the Walking Street Go Go bars. But it’s over a year now and I’ve not seen even one of them bar fine a go go girl. I suppose they feel being gouged for drinks is a lesser evil than paying ridiculous prices for boom booming Pattaya Coyote dancers.

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