2006 Honda Click and 2006 Honda Air Blade road tests

2006 Honda Air Blade
The 2006 Honda Air Blade I rented at Ao Nang Beach Krabi for the road test

I performed the 2006 Honda Air Blade and Honda Click road tests at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi .

Meanwhile more powerful models have taken over the market place.  Likewise, my comments in this review on competitive motorbikes such as the Yamaha Nouvo also apply to the market place such as it existed in 2006.  Since then the Honda PCX has become Honda’s flagship for this type of motorbike while the Yamaha Nouvo MX I owned back in 2006 has been replaced by my Yamaha Nouvo 135 Elegance, which is a far superior bike to my old 115 c.c. Nouvo.   Meanwhile Honda’s replaced the 110 c.c. Click with a much more powerful 125 c.c. model.  Nevertheless some things never change.  The Honda Click was a bad handling bike back in 2006 and so are the much newer models.

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