PCX Elegance tests expose fuel injection limitations

Honda PCX 125 and Nouvo Elegance
In 2011 these were the two flagships for Yamaha and Honda in the 125 c.c. underbone motorbike class. Later Honda would upgrade the 125 c.c. PCX to a more powerful 150 c.c. model whereas Yamaha would replace its 135 c.c. Nouvo Elegance with the less powerful 125 c.c. Nouvo SX.

Despite the rationality of one theory over another or a motorcycle manufacturers claims for the superiority of new technology features they are  introducing in new motorbike models over what’s being offered by their competitors there’s nothing like pitting two or more motorbikes against each other in actual hands on road tests  to  get the right answers.  The Jack Corbett PCX Elegance tests finally settled the controversy that Honda’s fuel injection offered far superior fuel economy to the carbureted Yamaha Elegance .  The test pitted a 125 c.c. Honda PCX motorbike that belonged to a Norwegian friend against my own Yamaha 135 c.c. Nouvo Elegance on a run between Pattaya and Rayong covering a round trip distance of 140 kilometers.   We filled up at the same gasoline station using the same pump and returned to the same pump after returning from Rayong to make certain that the angles both motorbikes were filling up at were exactly the same.

Keep in mind that we conducted this road test in 2011, and that since then the 125 c.c. Honda PCX has been replaced by the larger 150 c.c. model while the carbureted 135 c.c. Yamaha Nouvo Elegance has given way to the newer 125 Yamaha Nouvo SX offering fuel injection.   You will find more up to date road tests of the newer model PCX’s and Yamaha Nouvo’s on this web site .

Meanwhile, let us take you back to 2011 pitting the 125 c.c. Honda PCX versus the 125 c.c. Yamaha Nouvo EleganceJack Corbett Motorbike Reviews

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