The Honda CBR 250 broken collarbone Review

Japanese Oka
Who else would sacrifice his body just to do a little motorbike review of a Honda 250 CBR? Jack broke his collar bone while test driving a Honda CBR 250 from Pattaya to Rayong.

Rain-snow-or just getting maimed? no sacrifice is too great for Jack Corbett when he reviews motorbikes such as this Honda CBR 250 broken collarbone review.

Jack in hospital with broken collarbone
If you absolutely must get injured driving your motorbike the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is your number one choice

Thailand is the 2nd most deadly country in the world to drive in. Only Namidia in Africa where headhunters and cannibals still roam ranks ahead of Thailand.   In ten years living here full time, Jack has never ever seen a motorcyclist stopped by the police for running a read light, driving the wrong way against the flow of traffic, or for reckless driving.  And yet, it is impossible to drive in Pattaya for even ten minutes without encountering at least one Thai driver running a red light or driving against the flow of traffic.

Needless to say, doing these motorbike reviews is extremely dangerous.  But the lure of owning a larger motorbike than a PCX or Yamaha Nouvo lives on.  In spite of his accident and all that pain, Jack nearly bought a Honda CBR 250.  Three years later he bought the Yamaha 400 SR.

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