Yamaha Nouvo fuel injection controversy

My Yamaha Nouvo ELegance next to the 125 Nouvo SX I rented.
Is fuel injection really all that better than old fashioned carburetor technology. Well, don’t just take anyone’s word for ti. See for yourself when you read exactly what happens when you pit a 135 c.c engine with old school technology against Yamaha’s latest and great fuel injection equipped Nouvo SX. In the Jack Corbett motorbike reviews you will see real fuel economy results when one machine is matched against another along with actual stop watched times for acceleration runs of zero to fifty kph and zero to 80. You will oftentimes see such results in big motorbike reviews. The trouble is most of us who live in Thailand are buying much smaller motorcycles and it is here that most motorcycle reviews are lacking

This review of the Yamaha Nouvo SX vs the Nouvo Elegance settles the Yamaha Nouvo fuel injection controversy that started before Yamaha replaced its carbureted 135 c.c. Nouvo Elegance with its state of the art 125 c.c. fuel injected Nouvo SX.   “Why should Yamaha stick with an old fashioned carburetor for its top of the line small automatic motorbike when everyone else had fuel injection?” the unofficial members of the Honda universal fan club, claimed.   “Why that new space age PCX will get more than 128 miles to the gallon, and all those relics of the past, especially the Yamaha Elegance with its outmoded carburetor, won’t even come close.  Welcome to this new era of small motorbike exotica.  You will look so good and comfy sitting on your fat ass on board this new PCX wunder bike.”

There’s three fundamental truths here.  The first was that the Yamaha Nouvo 135 c.c. Elegance really did have a starting issue with their carburetors.  Leave an Elegance untouched in the parking lot for more than three days, and the bike does start to become a sluggish starter due to the gasoline sitting too long in the carburetor.  And if you don’t start an Elegance for a month while taking a vacation, you will be due for a good thirty seconds of cranking the electric start before you can get underway. However, unless you are a complete buffoon with the electric start, you will eventually get the bike started.  It will take another thirty seconds actually driving the bike before all the bad fuel gets worked out of the fuel system, but it is smooth sailing from then on.  And if the battery runs down before you get it started there’s a kick start that will get you going, battery or no battery.  The second fundamental truth is that 135 c.c. carbureted engine was so good that Yamaha kept it going for six years production.  As for the third fundamental truth,  most people today actually do have fat asses, so for them, perhaps a Honda PCX might be the best choice after all.   But forget about Honda, for the moment.  This is all about two Yamaha Nouvo’s, the old versus the new and about the Yamaha Nouvo fuel injection controversy when everyone and his brother seemed to be marching in lockstep in favor of fuel injection as not only the latest and greatest, but the only thing worth having when it comes to getting gasoline into a motorbike’s combustion chamber.

Dash of the 2008 Yamaha Nouvo Elegance
with its blue illuminated gauges the view of the driver is not all that bad when he’s driving the Nouvo Elegance.

Yamaha listened to all those cries from the wilderness of uninformed disapproval.  The result was the Yamaha Nouvo SX.   Now, the Yamaha Nouvo SX is a nifty little number.  It’s got a smooth starting fuel injected engine that offers quick and smooth power delivery from the moment you turn the key on.  It’s got a neat little array of red illuminated gauges that even tells you how many kilometers you are getting per liter.  It even tells you  your rate of fuel consumption from one second to the next as you apply or reduce throttle.  The Yamaha Nouvo SX costs only sixty thousand baht (less than $2000 U.S.) on the door after you’ve paid the transfer tax and mandatory insurance.  The Nouvo SX handles wonderfully and its power delivery is very smooth and ample for just about any driving condition you will be putting the bike through in the Pattaya Thailand area.  And if all that doesn’t win you over to this beautiful little transportation device, its very capable halogen headlight and tail light will illuminate the world for you.

It’s a wonderful little bike, but its engine is still only 125 c.c.s whereas that the Nouvo Elegance it replaced had a spirited 135 c.c. engine.  And when it comes to car and motorcycle engines bigger is usually better, but not when it comes to fuel economy.  So what’s really going on here?  Is the smaller 125 c.c. engine with state of the art fuel injection really better than the 135 engine of the Elegance?  The Yamaha Nouvo fuel injection controversy still rages on.  But not when you read the Jack Corbett Motorbike Reviews.  Here for the first time, you will get the real numbers that show just how good or bad the Yamaha Nouvo Elegance was for fuel economy.

Yamaha Nouvo Elegance vs Yamaha Nouvo SX

By all means click on the link above to get the main article on the Nouvo Elegance vs the Nouvo SX.  After finishing it you might also want to read this one–Is Yamaha’s Nouvo SX 125 as good as the Nouvo Elegance 135?  Here for the first time you will be able to see just how well the Nouvo Elegance 135 accelerates compared to both its 125 c.c. replacement and most of its main competition.


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