YouTube bans cockfighting video

YouTube bans cockfighting video so you aren’t going to see this short action packed video there but you can see it now thanks to Alpha Productions.

YouTube bans cockfighting video
Shooting as close as three feet from the fighting cocks I was able to get some outstanding action that most people never get to see. Some do gooders might call my video to be glorification of animal cruelty. But I assure you that it’s not. No more than the boxing I did in college. I reveled in it. It’s a male thing. To have an opponent puncture my ear drum during a street fight when I wasn’t looking. And taking him down. This is the kind of thing a lot of us males love doing. So the roosters are no different from many of us.

Now I’m not about to knock most of these these animal rights activists.  But I will call the cretins who reported me to YouTube complete imbeciles.

The original YouTube video I produced was utterly fantastic.  And for the following reasons.  1.  I got up real close to the fighting cocks, oftentimes just 2 or 3 feet away.  2.  This video is totally authentic.  I took it in a northern Thailand village.  And this is what some of these people do.  They pit their prized roosters against a neighbor’s.  They do this for fun.  And sometimes they gamble on the outcome.

3.  No animal was seriously hurt while I was shooting this video.  A few bruises.  A few missing feathers being strewn about.  And a few minor cuts, but that’s it.  The villagers did not put spurs on the roosters in this video.  And if the roosters started really hurting each other the villagers would separate them.

My headline reads YouTube bans cockfighting video

And the reason is I wanted to call attention to how really stupid many people are.  I also want to drive home the point that the YouTube censors usually side with such idiots.

So YouTube bans cockfighting video of mine?  So what.  I just put it on my Alpha Productions web site and it will stream just as well as it does on YouTube.

In another article I described how the music companies were completely destroying the ambiance around us by forcing night clubs and bars to eliminate all background music that’s been copyrighted.  Unless they pay extortionist fees to these greedy music companies.  In Thailand we end up having to listen to Da Da music.  We must listen to this horrid noise in most of the go go bars we visit.  In the beer bars also.  And I even have to listen to this crap while exercising at the expensive fitness center I pay over $1500 a year to.

Thankfully I bring my own usb with my own music on it.  Which I insert into the elliptical machine and exercise like hell in my own musical paradise of copyrighted music.  Here at Alpha Productions we are now free to publish whatever we want.  Regardless of how goodie two shoes censors feel about it.  This includes the finest streaming video we can produce.

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