Sensational officers kukri from Kuhkuri House represents the Alpha Wolf

So I’m calling this sensational officers Kukri the Alpha Pro kukri because it is a one of a kind superior close quarters weapon that exemplifies the spirit and character of the Alpha Wolf.

Luckily I had help shooting this video of my new sensational officers kukri. I wanted to compare it to my Chinese made Japanese sword so I asked her, “GG, can you please bring me my Chinese Katana from the large bedroom? ”
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sensational officers kukri engraved with alpha wolf picture
This Sensational Officers Kukri is handmade by skilled Nepalese craftsmen goes one step beyond the superior finished kukris ordered by high ranked British officers serving in Asia between World War II. I ordered mine from Khukuri House to represent my alphapro web site by having the image of the alpha wolf engraved on the kukri’s blade just above its its handle.

So I’m calling this hand made Khukuri House Interwar British Officer’s Kukuri the Alpha Pro kukri because it is a one of a kind superior close quarters weapon that exemplifies the spirit and character of the Alpha Wolf.

The male alpha wolf is the strongest male of the pack. He mates for life with the alpha female wolf. While the rest of the pack serves their Alpha leaders.

And so it is with human kind. There’s the alphas, and there’s the betas. The leaders and their followers.

I like to think of myself as an alpha male. I’ve written and published six books. While I’m constantly comparing myself to Ernest Hemingway. But I will admit straight off. As a writer I cannot hold up Ernest Hemingway’s jockstrap. But I have chosen my own models for my book. And shot all their pictures with my digital cameras. I’ve created all my book covers from scratch. I typeset all books. So essentially my books are as close to handmade as it gets.

Hemingway acquired a double barreled elephant gun--a 477 Nitro Express which he kept until the day he died. Which is why I ordered a sensational officers kukri from Kuhkuri House.

Hemingway’s elephant gun was virtually hand made. So like Hemingway, I felt I needed to get a weapon to represent myself even though the weapon will only serve as a decorative ornament. As well as my alphapro web site now going strong for twenty-five years.

Hey, I’m the chairman of this condo community here in Thailand. And I have been chairman for seven years now. I’m the guy who has to protect the other members of the pack. I need to be strong. To be able to make the deadbeats pay their bills on time. And to make sure our condo has its financial affairs in order. Repairs done efficiently and not having to pay too much. My best friend here just died. He was an alpha like myself. He was the glue that held this condo community together. Although I’m the guy who always ran our once a year condo meeting of fellow condo owners. With Richard gone, there are no alphas left.

The question is, like Heminway, I need something as a constant reminder to myself as who I am, and what I need to keep doing to lead this pack of betas living in this building I’ve been called upon to govern.

Do I buy a Japanese katana to represent who I really am and what I believe in? Or a much cheaper Chinese copy of a real Japanese sword?

I shall choose a beautifully crafted Nepalese kukri such as high ranking British officers bought as a symbol of rank while serving in the far East?

One of my best friends is Japanese. When I told Takoi I had two Japanese swords made by the Chinese,

Takoi replied. “They aren’t the real thing. You must buy Japanese sword in Japan. “

The trouble is the few swordsmith’s in Japan are highly paid elite craftsman. The real thing made in Japan costs around $5000 and that’s only a bottom level rock bottom price. What I have in mind is a real Japanese sword that will represent my alphapro web site, the alpha wolf, and myself. In the form of a custom made handle fashioned in the form of a wolf’s head or a special design on its blade featuring the alpha wolf. I thought about joining Takoi in Japan. And that we’d find a Japanese swordsmith who would create a masterpiece for me. But I figure on having to pay $10000 or so.

So how about a custom Chinese made replica of the real deal from Japan?

With all due respect for those Chinese professional swordsmith’s who actually exist where would I find one? And if I did, could I trust the man?

Hey, I’m still chairman of this condo commmunity here on Wongamat Beach in Thailand, and we won’t even buy a Chinese water pump to supply drinking water for the residents. We will always buy an American Hayworth water pump or Australian equivalent for $800 over a $300 pump made in China. We’ve found the Chinese pumps won’t last more than six months or so, their warranties are worthless and parts are unavailable for them.

My two Chinese copies of Japanese swords simply aren’t good enough to represent me or my web site. And even if I would fork over two or three thousand dollars for a Chinese made katana, all of them are basically mass produced. While being likely to fail to live up to my standards for a what represents the alpha wolf and myself.

I decided that my answer would have to come out of Nepal. After all, some of the finest warriors on earth have come out of Nepal.

These are the Gurkhas. Who come from very poor families from the Himalayan Mountains. As soldiers the Gurkhas have a History as tough and courageous soldiers. Even today Great Britain chooses 400 Nepalese Gurkhas out of 7000 applicants to serve in the British Army every year.

The Kukri to the Gurkha warrior is equally sacred as the Katana was to the ruling Samurai in pre 1870 Japan. It is a fearsome lethal weapon which modern day Gurkhas still carry while serving in the English Army.

So I went to the Kuhkuri House web site where I found out that I could custom order any style of Kukri that I could dream up.

And wound up choosing a sensational officers kukri that high level English officers were custom ordering from Nepalese kamis (those making kukris). Kuhkuri House is selling these historically authentic weapons as the British interwar kukri which represent the finest level of fit and finish that British officers serving with the Gurkhas could buy from 1918 to 1940.

But I would transform this interwar Officers kukri into my alphapro special edition limited to just one example. And that would be totally mine featuring the alpha wolf on its blade.

engraved on the bottom of the blade is my alphapro alpha wolf that adorns nearly every page of my web site. This gorgeous Kukri started off as the interwar officers kukri that is offered at Kuhkuri House. But now it’s the alphapro limited edition.

Notice the x that is engraved right below the alpha wolf engraving. This x is the signature of the Kami (master craftsman) who created my special alphapro kukri entirely by hand. He’s signed it with pride.

Notice all the details on the resume Kuhkuri House supplied me of the craftsman (kami( who created my sensational officers kukri. The kami is Rakchhu Dev Biswakarma. He’s signed his own resume with Kuhkuri House. While he’s etched his mark, X, which he carves into every kukri he makes. Obviously Rakchu is very proud of his workmanship. You won’t find such signatures on Chinese copies of real Japanese katanas and if you do they are likely to be fake.

What I especially like about Khukuri House is its unsurpassed level of customer support,

For example, while detailing exactly what I wanted on my custom Interwar officers kukri, Namaste who I’ve been dealing with for years expressed a little doubt about the quality of the alpha wolf image I had sent to Khukuri House. Then after the Rakchhu had finished the kukri Namaste sent me a picture of the kukri he was about to send off to me.

The Kami had put the picture in the middle of the blade. I did not like it. I found a much better picture to send to Khukuri House of an alpha wolf that I had scrimshalled on my Colt 45 Single Action Army revolver.

And sent it off to Khukuri House. The kami repolished the blade of my kukri, and two weeks later Khukuri House sent me an officers kukri that perfectly showed off my alpha wolf design. Fortunately I was good enough in graphics design that I could rip the wolf’s head off my Colt, and edit it in Paintshop Pro. This resulted in a superior image that I could send off to Khukuri House.

My Colt Single Action Army 45 Colt with alpha wolf scrimshalled on its imitation ivory grip A Colt 45 Single Action Army costs roughly $2000. Mine has a very light trigger pull and shoots dead on. I can split cigarettes with it at twenty feet, and have the video to prove it. Unfortunately it’s in the U.S. with the rest of my gun collection. Since I can’t legally keep guns here in Thailand, collecting Roman weapons, bowie knives and kukris is the next best thing. Just as my Colt 45 represents the alpha wolf and my web site at alphapro, this sensational officers kukri represents the spirit, and the strength and courage of the alpha wolf.

I now have ten kukris from three reputable Nepalese companies. Himilayan Imports, Tora Blades and Khukuri House.

I find the integrity of all three companies to be top notch. What I especially like about Khukuri House is it offers an unsurpassed degree of selection. You can get a kukri that’s up to chopping down trees. Or just about any handle material you want. You can specify the length of blade you want and how thick you want it. And you can have it engraved anyway you want it.

About the sharpness of Khukuri House kukris

You will notice that you can specify how sharp you want your kukri to be from Kuhkuri House. My sensational officers kukri comes just shy of being able to shave your face like a razor. But it you want to shave with it, have at it. Khukuri House pulls no punches here by informing its customers that it will not guarantee a blade that the customer insists will be razor sharp.

My alphapro custom interwar officer’s kukri is the lightest out of all ten of my kukris. It exhibits outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. It is every bit as light as un ultra fast fighting bowie. While possessing outstanding lethality. But most important of all, It’s the real deal out of Nepal. If you want to find out why I suggest that you watch this video showing how a kami creates a handmade kukri from scratch.

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