Fantastic Pattaya Fireworks Show from the Surf and Turf Restaurant

I shot a fantastic Pattaya Fireworks Show using my Nikon 750 camera at the Surf and Turf Restaurant on Wongamat Beach.

And I did it with my Nikon D750 camera on New Years Eve back in 2018. The video was so good that I don’t think I will ever shoot another fireworks show again. Everything turns out letter perfect. We had a great view of the fireworks going off several miles away at the Pattaya Bali Hi Pier. And I had my Nikon d750 camera. Which if you know anything about cameras nothing beats a good DSLR.

If you watch this video on your big screen and turn the speakers up I think you will find this Pattaya New Year’s Eve fireworks show to be earthshaking.

I had my Nikon 24-70 2.8 lens on the Nikon. And while that lens cost nearly as much as the camera and weighs in at one kilogram, it’s the goddess of all lenses.

I’m not going to disparage Canon, but for me, there’s nothing like a Nikon professional or semi pro Nikon.

It’s very intuitive and it simply fits. And it’s got all the little things we don’t think that much about that makes all the difference. Such as great balance and ultra smooth zooming that you just can’t get on a lesser camera.

And you won’t think about it, and won’t hear it mentioned in so many comprehensive camera reviews. But it’s got not one but two speakers inside the camera.

Which is one of the features of my Nikon 750 that created this fantastic Pattaya fireworks show.

Watching this video on your smartphone just doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. Whenever possible I shoot my digital in full HD resolution at 1920 by 780 pixels. So I can watch my own videos on my 55 inch 4 K television. I turn the volume up and listen to them on all 8 speakers.

This fantastic Pattaya fireworks show is like being on a battlefield being shelled by hundreds of rounds of enemy artillery. Not that I’ve ever been on a battlefield, but I’ve oftentimes found myself in the middle of many ferocious thunderstorms back when I was farming. And I can’t run off to escape it inside a building. Not when you are coming home on an open tractor 7 miles away.

Another thing that made that New Year’s Eve party back in 2018 so special is at midnight as the year changed from 2017 to 2018 I was drinking with a good Russian friend of mine.

And as a matter of fact, practically everyone around me if they weren’t Thai, were Russian.

When you watch this video, you just might form a different opinion of Russian people.

Anatoly waving me over to drink with him. Here at the Surf and Turf on New Year’s Eve, if they are not Thai they are Russian. And contrary
to what you might expect, very stylish. As for the Russian women, so many of them are so beautiful. Watch this video and see for yourself.

Anatoly’s sitting with his beautiful wife and their daughter While I’m sitting a few tables away with my Thai girlfriend who by this time has just met a few Thai women.

Although I’ve got the camera, and the girls know it’s a top of the line camera, I wind up feeling a little left out, until Anatoly rescues me.

They are all speaking in Thai and I’m bored to death. And then on my way to the restroom, Anatoly looks at me, and waves, inviting me to come drink with him.

Despite all the political drama between the U.S. and Russia I just happen to really like most Russians I meet here. So there’s this extra dimension to that fantastic Pattaya fireworks show I shot with my Nikon.

Only thing is, I wound up trading my Nikon D750 camera body in for the even better Nikon D780. Which shoots video just as well as the new mirror less cameras.

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