Koh Chang Katcha Resolution Resorts Good Bad and the Ugly

The Koh Chang Katcha Resolution Resorts reminds me of the good, the bad and the ugly like the movie starring Clint Eastwood.

Map of Koh Chang island showing where Koh Chang Katcha Resolution Resorts are located

But to each his own. But when I think of the reasons I might want to go back to Koh Chang, I think of the good, not the bad.

Which brings us to Koh Chang Katcha Resolution Resorts and how they differ from each other.

Koh Chang Katcha is on Koh Chang’s White Sands Beach. Which has its own little area of bars much like Pattaya has in huge abundance. White Sands Beach is by far Koh Chang’s busiest beach. And for me a beach that is very busy is a bad thing. Because it is polluted with too many people. The good thing about White Sands Beach is it actually has a bar scene where a man can find pretty girls. And it has a fair assortment of shops, restaurants. It’s also not too far from the ferry that connects Koh Chang to the mainland.

But I’ve been living in Naklua right next door to Pattaya. And when it comes to the bar scene Koh Chang doesn’t begin to compare to Pattaya.

Or Pattaya’s shopping or restaurants which rival Bangkok’s. While living in Naklua on Wongamat Beach I have a lot of beaches in my backyard. Granted, Naklua’s beaches are not as clean as Koh Chang,s but they are much more varied and interesting than Koh Chang’s White Sands beach. And I’ve got Koh Larn Island only 5 miles away and only a 30 baht ferry ride that takes me just 40 minutes to get there. Koh Larn’s beaches are clean, and great for swimming but they do not offer the underwater visibility that some other Thai beaches offer. For example off Koh Chang or in the Krabi area.

Which brings up my number one point about Koh Chang Katcha Resolution Resorts good and bad points.

Whenever I’ve gone snorkeling off Koh Chang, I’ve had to take a dive boat out from Bang Bao Beach. Although one can sign up for snorkeling or scuba diving in a number of White Sands beach dive shops. When it comes to getting to your diving or snorkeling destination the shop you are dealing with takes you by bus or taxi all the way down to Bang Bao Beach. The ride to Bang Bao beach takes roughly 45 minutes. And the bus ride back to your White Sands Beach hotel takes another 45 minutes. While in my experience getting to one’s diving or snorkeling destination takes another 45 minutes. That’s 3 hours of travel time. So, for me, Resolution Resort is the perfect place on Koh Chang island.

But if you stay at Bang Bao Beach, you are already there where the dive boats leave the pier. So for beach lovers and diving/snorkeling enthusiasts the Bang Bao area is far superior to White Sands Beach.

In my opinion the White Sands Beach area is for tourists who don’t know better. While the Bang Bao area is for purists. Speaking for myself, my girlfriend and I were so close to the Bang Bao main pier that we didn’t even have to take our car to get there. A ten minute walk did the trick.

Taking a 10 minute walk from Resolution Resort to the Bang Bao pier was a much better experience than taking our car down the heavily rutted dirt road.

Aside from diving or snorkeling excursions the boats that go to Koh Kood and other nearby islands all leave from the Bang Bao pier.

So there you have it. The good, bad and the ugly of the Koh Chang Katcha Resolution Resorts. But again each to his own. Nevertheless you must ask yourself, which of these two resorts would Clint Eastwood give his hard earned money to?

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