Soi Six Sweet Bar first videos from Jack Corbett

If you are looking for want better music and more attentive management, Soi Six Sweet Bar is a great alternative to most other bars.

picture of Mali, Mimi and Ninja at Soi Six Sweet Bar

Until now Jack Corbett has never taken a single video at Soi Six Sweet Bar. Which is surprising considering that the Soi Six Sweet Bar has become one of Jack’s favorite bars. Until now. After bringing Mali and Mimi into Sweet Bar for a few tequilas.

Most Soi Six bars play that electro noise that I call Da Da Music. Soi Six Sweet bar doesn’t.

It is a grave mistake for any bar to play that kind of noise. Because a lot of potential customers will immediately leave any bar that does it. Management at Sweet bar understands the kinds of music its best customers enjoy and acts upon it. Take the first video I took here for an example. The bar’s manager knows I like Queen’s “Another one bites the Dust. Within minutes of my fringing Mali and Mimi into his bar, the manager started playing it for me on YouTube. Moments later I had my Nikon camera out shooting video of Mali and Mimi putting on a great performance.

Most people love good music. So why do so many bars play garbage that so many of their potential customers despise?

A picture should illustrate my point more than a thousand words ever can.

Pattaya more than perhaps any other city in the world attracts men who come to Pattaya to pursue tits and ass. And practically nothing else. Especially on Soi Six. For such men it is not going to matter whether a bar has good ambience or not. So long as attractive women are within reach. But there still remains a lot of men. who won’t put up with all that godawful electro noise far too many half-witted bar girls enjoy dancing to.

I firmly believe that the three videos I posted above show that Soi Six Sweet Bar is for those who demand a cut above.

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